Sphero iPhone, iPad controlled robot - TiPb at CES 2011

Sphero by Orbotix is a robotic ball you can control with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You can swipe, you can use the gyro and accelerometer, and since they've opened up the API developers can create pretty much any games they can think of.

Availability is later this year. Fun factor is high. We just hope they don't become self-aware too quickly...


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Sphero iPhone, iPad controlled robot - TiPb at CES 2011


Just a little more detail work and Sphero could be an awesome way for baseball pitchers to cheat. The ball could start out as a high "home run" fastball down the middle, then reverse its its spin to drop down to low and inside. Or start out as a knuckleball and end up as a slider. Whiff.

Or, you could install a scaled-up Sphero in a bowling ball, then put it in the rack at your local bowling alley. Or two bowling balls. You and a friend could see who causes their hapless bowlers to get the lowest score.