Steve Jobs at D8 video: Google chose to compete against Apple

Steve Jobs doesn't see platform wars (maybe that's why they lost to Microsoft over PCs!), they just want to make the best products. Google has decided to compete with Apple. Apple took a tiny open source browser (he means KHTML/Konquerer) and made WebKit and left it open source, which is unusual for Apple. Now competitors use it too, WebKit is leading in mobile.

Nokia is still number one in smartphone, RIM number two. Apple still has Google services on iPhone and iPad. Just because they're competing with someone doesn't mean they have to be rude. (Wait, was that a zing at Adobe's ads or Google's I/O trash-talk... or both?)

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: Google chose to compete against Apple


Apple didn't "make" webkit, KDE has that honor.
Google didn't enter Apple's business. How could you enter something that was nonexistent when they first started.
Good day. Great interview though.

@iDavey I love Jobs i was here first mentality when Google was announced to buy Android before the iPhone was even though of. It was even a month or few before the Motorola Rockr w/ iTunes was released

I want say it was bought before it was thought of. They apparently had that in mind for awhile.
But the fact he feels nobody should venture out into a market they're in is silly. Google wants a piece of everything. They're not trying to kill Apple contrary to Jobs paranoia.

wow that made me laugh...."we never saw ourselves in a platform war with Microsoft maybe that's why we lost"
I am such a Mac fan Girl ;)