Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt Take Coffee, Talk Shop


Gizmodo has just posted up some candids of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt taking tasty beverages together and talking shop at the Calafia in the Town and Country, Pal Alto, which is owned by former Google chef Charlie Ayers. Reportedly Jobs was overheard saying:

  • "They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it."
  • "Let's go discuss this somewhere more private."

What the "it" and the "this" are precisely, we don't know. Could this be the first tender, fragile steps towards reconciliation? Was the public setting intentional?

And what were they discussing? Search in Safari? Google Voice? The HTC lawsuit? Random Android ballon assault? How much Ballmer sweats? What?!

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Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt Take Coffee, Talk Shop


This was all a well-thought-out game for attention for both companies. Looks like they love it. Almost enough for a movie.

Does Jobs have just the 1 outfit? It's ok but for the dark socks. Peds, he needs peds with that ensemble. White socks would be too Archie Bunker. Do we know whose Benz it was? Can you imagine having that kind of cash and driving a Benz? WTF?

Wassup with the gay like crossing of the legs? And where does one find a black turtleneck in socal?

They are discussion who will play Eric in the film "Pirates of Silicon Valley 2: Electric Boogaloo", since they know Noah Wiley will reprise the role of Jobs

SJobs: "Ha! You lost to the Pre."
ESchmidt: "And you're losing to the Blackberry"
ESchmidt: "Besides, I still got the Droid and the Cliq in there. You? just got that one..."
SJobs: "Do you have any idea how painful I can twist your nipples, Not that big of a deal really."
ESchmidt: "..."

No, more like this: Eric: Come on Steve. You taked me into buying this dam iPhone, now when are you going to update it??? Steve: When I'm good and ready. Eric: But Steve, this OS is getting stale and old. Steve, with the death stare: Eric, no it isn't. Eric: But Steve, HTC 4G!!!!! Steve: Look Eric, I control what people want in a smart phone. Me and Me alone!!! Now shut up and drink your latte........

This whole feud that is occurring is just hurting the consumer. For example, until their matters are resolved, we will not see Google Navigation for iPhone.

I'm thinking about going with the one outfit thing. Just think about how easy it would be to wake up and put the same thing on everyday. The black turtle neck isn't nearly as creepy as Jay Leno's button up denim shirts.

Unless Steve has taken to coloring his hair lately, and gained some weight since the Oscars, this photo is pretty old. Most likely taken when Schmidt first joined Apple's board.

• “They’re going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it.”

This is about porn.

• “Let’s go discuss this somewhere more private.”

This is about porn.

hehe, funny!
yes, Steve must just have hundreds of those black long shirts, but i think he will thank you for recommending jeans.
Seems there are an ipad on the table, well, learn more apple ipad and iphone info, you can go to "ifunia ipad column".

My God you people are retarted so what and who cares what he wears how he sits and who he talks to! They are getting ready for what may be a new partnership on both ends grow up you bunch of infants....

It sucks that this is news.
Imagine if you couldn't sit down and have coffee without vagrant drains on society shamelessly snapping pictures of you and listening in on every word of your conversation.
I thought that was limited to large breasted singers & celebrities.

Apple & Google have pushed a false premise of mutual hatred to the public. Sites like tipb ate it up and you lemmings believed it.
Motive: to get the FTC & DOJ off their backs. Steve Jobs and Eric Schmitt illegally colluded to conspire against Microsoft. When it became too obvious, Jobs pretended to throw Schmitt off the Board.
Where there is smoke, there is fire. An investigative reporter needs to follow this story. They will be rewarded with the scoop of the century -if they do not lose their life first. Google has Russian mafia connections and we know how journalist fare over there. Be careful, but be brave. This is a great veil waiting to be pierced. The Pulitzer Prize awaits you.

What if that is the Android version of Ipad... Dragontab running on A8 apple process, which is why they got together. They might compete on smartphones, but that does not mean they can get together and knock off the tablet competition....