Sent from Steve Jobs' iPhone: No Google Picasa Support for iPad


Once again 9to5Mac reports on Steve Jobs answering Apple users' questions, this time regarding iPad support for Google's Picasa. The question:

...Are there any plans to support Picasa's faces and albums in iTunes, so I can take full advantage of the [iPad] Photos application, since Photoshop Album is long discontinued. If not, please can you look into supporting the Picasa library format?

And the response from Steve Jobs:

No, but iPhone on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.

Sent from my iPhone

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Sent from Steve Jobs' iPhone: No Google Picasa Support for iPad


simple, to the point, and a little shameless (or shameful) plug.
Picasa is a great program, but if you are already a Mac user, I cannot recommend it over iPhoto.

If Adobe no longer continue develop Photoshop Elements, then Apple should kick off Photo Elements in iTunes and replace it to Picasa to let those PC users have various choices to organize their photos to iPhone.

To post a comment on this article, I would like to rephrase something Nilay Patel from Engadget tweeted a few days back. Here goes :-
I like how Steve Jobs has turned "Sent from my iPhone" into the middle finger of email.

Biggest dick is google's ceo. For copying everythin of apple. First nexus one- now google tablet- n google tv. R they nuts or what. Steve job must sue them

So to take full advantage of the iPad I must buy a Mac? Hehe I'll pass tyvm.
I haven't used Core2Duo machine in a while lol and no, I'm not getting a $4000 Mac Pro when my i7 PC running sweet Win7 cost me $1200.
It will be 2018 before Mac support USB 3.0 lol

I really don't understand why someone would think there would be Picassa support in the iPad. There isn't any support with the iPhone, and iPhoto is fantastic. I think it's actually amazing Jobs even responded to that email.

Jack: Of course, just like how to take full advantage of a Courier you will more than likely need a Windows machine. Same with the Zune. Do you see any official Zune software for the Mac? Nope.

I'm getting an iPad because I'm a gadget geek but this is the kind of annoying stuff that made me switch the Nexus One. I love the Apple eco-system and all but the sort of arrogance that Apple has with respect to not giving its users alternative options get annoying sometimes. We spend a ton on Apple hardware. In the end, this competition with Google is healthy and maybe in a year Google will develop an even better Tablet / Pad.

"Can I use the iPad to surf the Internet?"

  • Sure, but you cannot find anything since Google's search engine will no longer run on Apple devices.

Sent via Gmail
-Eric Schmidt
CEO, Google

But iPhoto is not available on windows. That's the problem. They should add windows support. I dreaded having no albums on
my iPhone before my MacBook Pro

Hey Andy Z how's that Nexus one looking for ya? My friend has it and after playing with it for ten minutes and hearing all the problems he has syncing.. it makes me so much happier to be an iPhone owner :)
People who switched from the iPhone to the nexus must be kicking themselves.

Gino - Nexus One working fantastic. not sure what synch problems your friend is having but he's probably just not very smart. I can sync anything in my contacts, calendar, music, photos, etc. No problems. Did not say the iPhone was bad, but Nexus One is just better in that the OS is more flexible.

anyone notice that the question was about the ipad and the response of steve really do not answer the question...

This is nothing new. This is simply the way Apple does business. They control the hardware, the software, and tell their blind sheep exactly what to do and when to do it. And the ones who have drunk the kook-aid will upgrade/replace current equipment and max out every credit card to keep up with the Jones'.
I've always been a PC fanboy and I really wasn't aware of this cult like fanaticism until I bought an iPhone. If it wasn't for jailbreak, I probably would have left for Android long ago.
I still think the iPhone is the best phone on the market however I think the iPad isn't going to be as successful as a lot of people think.

I hope when people dump their iPhones things will go back to the way the were in the good old days when there were simply "Apple users" and "non-Apple users".
Unfortunately, since the iPhone launch, we've had to put up with "Whaa!! None of my oddball freakware works well with my iPhone! Whaa!! Apple needs to open its platform to everyone else's garbage! Whaa!!"
Suggestion: Either dump your iDevices and crawl back to third-class... or get a Mac... because you're never going to have a seamless experience with your cheapskate Frankenstein setups.
Problem solved.

I agree 1000% with fastLane, too many people feel like Apple owes them something, where did this entitlement come from???? If it doesn't have two cameras you feel cheated, go get a DAMN NOKIA!!!!!!!
How is it that the oldest kid on the block still beats out all of this new innovation, how many iPhone killers are still around?? It's really sad how Apple can release a firmware update and be lightyears ahead all over again, unless of course you need a metal detector for some strange reason...
When Apple finally gets notifications, multitasking, and a few other things right, all of which can be fixed with firmware updates, the competition will be scrambling to add in new gimmick features.. (Droid 2 with windshield wiperzzzz) smh

I'm also with fastLane. And remember that Steve Jobs said at the internal iPad launch event for the company, that 4.0 will be an "A+" upgrade.

If You want to turn this into a Nexus One thread, it has its problems but I am fully digging it. Sold my iPhone (had every version) and haven't missed it once. Mac user for 4yrs and am synching Address Book and iCal just fine.

While I'm not expecting native support for Picasa, I will stand up for its ease of use and excellence as a web and sharing archive. I pay Google $50/yr for gigs and gigs (50GB?) of photo storage -- I forget the exact amount but I remember the day they cut my price and more than doubled the capacity without my needing to ask for it.
The Picasa software runs on anything and seems much better for me than a MobileMe/iPhoto combo would.

IPhoto is way better than Picasa anyway, but Picasa is free so hey.. but who on Earth would've expected any other repsonse. The man wants to sell Apple products!
Its just one of lifes little dilemmas. You either want to sync Picasa on your phone, or you put up with the fact you can't and get an iPhone. problem is these days, people want everything and they sulk when they can't have it.

as far as i have been using iphoto application on my macbook, i'm greatly pleased by the application, and recently i have upgraded to aperture 3 n it has got so much better features. Since.. as said it comes with native iphoto application, i dont believe picasa is that necessary for ipad coz iphoto comes with excellent faces and places features along with easy sharing.....

The funniest thing is that everyone that Is all anti apple and complains about stupid things are really just jealous of apples (mostly) superior offerings. Then someday they switch and it's all good. lol

WHEN WILL THIS CHILDISH FEUD WITH GOOGLE END!!! It's SAD really. The only ones who suffer in this are your (soon to be ex) customers.

Sometime when I read a story about Steve Jobs actually answering his email address, I picture a room full of Steve Jobs clones in a room, with iPhones in each hand, just furiously thumb typing all these emails and sending them while stomping on Nexus One's on the floor.
It's probably not too far from what actually happens.

PeeCaCa. Indeed. Apple already works with Flickr, why would they want/need to work with Picasa as well? Aren't there plug ins? And if someone really want it that bad, just write a plug in for iPhoto or Aperture or a native iPhone app. Gees. Big babies.

It's got nothing to do with whether Picasa is better, worse or the same as iPhoto. This has everything to do with Apple and Jobs blocking software seen as competition and not offering people a true choice. I was planning on buying an iPad but this really cheeses me off.

Q : "Will it be possible to use Flash with the Ipad or Iphone in the Future. Please if not, a honest answer, why?"
Steve Jobs :
"We wanted a fully optimized Flash Player for the Iphone which should be run smoother than on any other Device, such Android, Windows Mobile, but Adobe was "too lazy" to create one. They really wanted Money from us for an optimized Flash Player for the Iphone. They really must be crazy, we are Apple, wo don't pay for such thing."
Sent from my Iphone

I'm a recent picasa convert as I found I had more and more pictures that I didn't want to lose eg: pictures of my son.
Add to that that I sync my calendar, contacts and email with google and I'm more inclined to go down the android route in 6 months when this iPhone is done. Not because of Steve jobs specifically, although I must admit his and apples almost complete disregard at times to feedback is off-putting, but mostly for that integration. And let's be honest. Apple integrate well with apple. They don't do PC's or anyone elses stuff.

If we're on the issue of everyone copying everyone else's ideas and code, I'd like to point out that Mac OS X uses the Darwin Linux Kernel. So your beloved holy grail of a mac* OS is just linux with an expensive GUI. Talk about ripping off code...... I will admit the Mac hardware is gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh.. or aluminum really.
BTW.. bought iphone 4 today. Miles better than everything else out there, minus the EVO of course. ;)

I’ve tried the new updated app and so far I like it. One unfortunate thing however is that if you and your spouse both use the app on two iPhones than you have to purchase two annual traffic subscriptions. I really like the iPod controls in-app and the music fade rather than pause.

Sometime when I read a story about Steve Jobs actually answering his email address, I picture a room full of Steve Jobs clones in a room, with iPhones in each hand, just furiously thumb typing all these emails and sending them while stomping on Nexus One’s on the floor.

Hallo, bin nach langer Zeit mal wieder auf deiner HP gelandet,
Wollte mal Guten Tag sagen! und gucken ob es was Neues gibt.
Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag