Steve Jobs to meet with US President Obama

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is set to once again meet with US President Barak Obama this evening, along with Google's Eric Schmidt and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

“The president and the business leaders will discuss our shared goal of promoting American innovation, and discuss his commitment to new investments in research and development, education and clean energy,” a White House official said.

President Obama previously called Jobs an example of American wealth.

Anything you'd like to see taken from Apple and used to enhance technology in the country? Pay your taxes via iTunes? Genius Bars at all DMV locations? Johnny Ive to re-design all the money in the

[ABC News]

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Reader comments

Steve Jobs to meet with US President Obama


Was that the stupidest most insensitive thing I've heard so far this year?! I think that it just may be! Even if you were sincere some things, you just don't say! You deserve to have a 16 wheeler driven directly off I-95 straight up you a$$ at full speed!

Your English is bad and on top of that, you embarrassed yourself. It was a legit comment. If you have been around someone who is going through treatments, you would realize that CA to DC is no easy trip.

Well, it's slightly easier with 24-7 private doctors, nurses, executive assistants, drivers, the invitation of the president of the United States, and a luxury jet.

Bathrobe...can I call you Bathrobe? Eitherway Bathrobe, I don't really think the comment was made to be insensitive. I think you need to untwist your undergarments. I think the commenter was referencing the fact that Steve is a busy man in his daily life, even busier with his leave of health and it's impressive that he managed to set aside the time. Of course, I don't really see someone telling the President of the United States "That day just doesn't work for me. We'll find another time."
Eitherway Bathrobe, just relax. Not every comment in the world merits an angry mother toned response.

Probably because as a large corporations head he can't exactly miss out on these types of talks. Remember, usually we don't know 100% of what's going on behind closed doors. And with other prominents, not to say rival, heads like Schmidt there he can't afford to not get his word in that could benefit Apple, while giving the facade of helping the country as a whole

If Mubarak from Egypt was a dictator, then so is Steve Jobs! Hey Obama, how about telling Jobs to give us freedom!

Hi George! I'm someone with a brain slightly larger than a peanut, and disagree with your bogus analogy. I'd like you to take a few minutes to explain the parallels between Steve Jobs and Hosni Mubarak.

Steve Jobs is not a dictator? Sure he doesn't physically harm people, but he is a virtual dictator, or an edictator. He tells you what you can or cannot do witha device that YOU OWN! He tells you how you can or cannot dress (themes). If you try to break a law (jailbreak), they do everything that they can to put you back in jail (firmware upgrades with patches for the holes). If a member of the opposition party (Sony, Adobe, Google) try to create an app that he doesn't like, then he just says no, and that's it, nothing anyone can do about it, even though the people want it.
He tells you what is good for consumers or iphone users instead of letting you decide.

How ironic. One is set to destroy the economy by pushing his socialist agenda while the other is building it through capitalism. This is just another one of those "optics" to show people on one hand that he is for free market capitalism while his other hand is draining the economy by pushing a 3,700,000,000.00 budget.

How ironic! A poster known as "Jewel" complaining about the economy! That's like having the name "Cheeseburger" and complaining about world hunger.
I like it.

Can we not bring politics into this blog. Its a meeting to discuss job creation and innovation. And somehow you found the need to delve into socialist blah blah blah and capitalist yada yada yada.
Lets not. Lets just not right now.

Well, capitalism is job creation and innovation, and socialism is the destruction of it. The blog itself is about Obama, taxes and the government. What do you want me to talk about, Obama is excited about iPad 2?

Obama isn't a socialist. Isn't there a tea bagger function somewhere you should be attending? I weep for your ignorance, which you are probably bestowing on your children.

I find it ironic that your hero the capitalist supported and voted for your arch enemy the "socialist".
By the way, Obama is not a socialist. I wish he was.

Rene...don't even JOKE about paying taxes thru iTunes. The horror that would be imagined thru that. Ugh.

Lets not make this politics. And even then, every system has their uses. None out currently is the best solution on the other hand. Although the world doesn't have a "true" democratic nation yet. (The United States is a very very young Republic currently terminology propaganda or no)
Anyways yeah looks like these big business people are getting in this. While we're on Steve Jobs. Why don't we discuss Schmidt. Google aren't saints either, although their over saturation of the mobile market move was brilliant. They beat Microsoft at their own game. With an OS that doesn't crash every other hour. (WM 7 looks promising. From an UI perspective.)

Does anyone know if Obama's meeting with Steve will be televised? I hope Steve is going well, especially after those terrible pictures appeared yesterday accross the internet. Everyone might not always agree with Steve about certain things, but one thing I think most can agree on is that he is an innovator and he literally changed the world of computing and mobile phones. I know that his medical issues are not very good, but I hope the best for him and hope that he is around for a long time.

Jobs is an example for american wealth. America is nearly bankrupt, i refer to the max public debt quota needing to go up not to go bankrupt. The capitalism as promoted by the American emperialism is resulting in its self-destruction. The world is now having new strong powers, amongst them is China.
Obama wants to strengthen its global economical position and the economical situation of its people. This trough innovation.
Obama is in the office of tremendously sinking ship, and wants to talk to these folks about their point of view: how do they see the idea of innovation as a key factor to stronghold the American position in the world. If America would have an innovation on the public level of its economy as it has in its military one, that would be a rather smart approach.
To even think they would waste their time on taxes on the ios platform is utterly hilarious!!

To close my loop of thoughts: Jobs once was in charges of Apple going down, now Apple has a pile of cash. All trough thinking different, by innovating. The ambition of Jobs has been prosperity rather than to sit on his arse in a office spending cash everywhere.
He is definitely a better person to talk to than all the politicians that want but can not. And even then think they have to speak as if the can. Better than any analyst that knows a lot but never has done what Jobs achieved.
Jobs got forward using his brain to achieve a goal, and with a ohilosofy and wisdom many just don't get with their simplistic idea of wanting a lot of others. Now that has been the collapse of the American economy.
Mubarak also filled his pockets with other peops money.
Capitalism is not per se greed... And greed is unfortinately what runs trough the veins of the American economy...
If Obama fails in the long run, i want to see an American revolution. I want to see the federation collapse... Now that would really make my day!!!

I am definitely not American, definitely don't see the link with Russia nor Afganistan neither.
I would love the above just for the thrill of it. The American identity is history, remake it or trash it. I hope the best for Obama, but the leak is not mendable I'm affraid.