Steve Jobs mentioned during U.S. State of the Union Address

Steve Jobs mentioned during U.S. State of the Union Address

Steve Jobs, the late founder and CEO of Apple, was mentioned tonight by U.S. president Obama during the 2012 State of the Union address. As Laurene Powell Jobs watched on from the First Lady's box, Obama said:

we should support everyone who is willing to work, and every risk-taker and entrepreneur who aspires to become the next Steve Jobs

A beautiful tribute and a fitting one, no doubt. Though we bet any entrepreneur with that type of universe-denting ambitions have no desire to be the next anybody, even Jobs. They want to be bigger, better, and have even more of an impact. They want to be the first of their kind.

UPDATE: The republican response from Gov. Mitch Daniels batted the Steve Jobs references right back, including a play on the name "jobs". It was... a

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Reader comments

Steve Jobs mentioned during U.S. State of the Union Address


it's an election "year". Anything to get some votes.
But really, to call this one line "a beautiful tribute and a fitting one" is a bit over the top, no?
Kudos to APPL for a great quarter, but easy on the drivel.

somewhat overstated, perhaps. but he is the president of the united states, it was an important address, and he certainly did NOT have to mention steve jobs at all. so, while I agree it wasn't "beautiful," per se, it was still a notable, if brief, tribute.

Maybe Obama has a soft spot in his heart for Steve and Apple. I doubt Barry was trying to get Apple users to vote for him - I'd say he already has a high percentage behind him. The irony was that when asked, Steve told Barack that "those jobs aren't coming back" from China. Wouldn't it nice if Obama could succeed policy-wise in making it possible for some Apple devices to be made in the US? (Yes I read this weeks report on how flexible the chinese "labor" force is, etc.)

Amen to that @John Miller. Let's (creatively) bring some of those jobs back, and maybe be a little generous and provide a dividend to the investors?

makes me wonder...if steve jobs hadn't died, what would obama be saying - about apple, technology and the future leaders. nonetheless, good state of the union address by the president.