Steve Jobs: High order bits

Almost all of Steve Jobs' appearances, talks, and keynotes are memorable in one way or another. Below are some of those that resonated with us the most over the years, the ones we've watched again and again, and the ones we've gleaned the most insight from, such as we can, into the mind of the man behind Apple.

Memory & Imagination: New Pathways to the Library of Congress: Computers are the bicycles of the mind.

1997 WWDC Q&A

1997 Think different spot, "Here's to the crazy ones", narrated by Steve Jobs

2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

2010 Special Event, Steve Jobs introduces the iPad

2010 WWDC Keynote, Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone 4

2011 Special Event, Steve Jobs introduces the iPad 2

2011 WWDC Keynote, Steve Jobs' last.

2003-2010 D: All Things Digital, full videos of Steve Jobs interviews

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Reader comments

Steve Jobs: High order bits


It's so good to watch these... They really just make you smile and are a great way to remember Steve.. He was just phenomenal... The first video with the original iPhone has me searching eBay wanting to get another one :-)

you left off the mac book air presentation. for pure showmanship that for me ranks as his best, when he walks on with the brown envelope and then pull the macbook air out from inside.

DId you check out STEVE JOBS QUOTES AND TRIVIA APP on the Apple Store???
A nice way of remembering this GREAT MAN on your iOS device!!!
Check the reviews for the opinions of other people ;)
If you like it, please share it!!! :)

I just watched the original iPhone presentation for the first time. I've had an iPhone since the 3G and stand in line for the new iPhones on launch day.
It's unbelievable how relatively unchanged iOS is even today. Sure, there's been additions (copy/paste, folders,etc). However, it is amazing how great the iPhone was right from the start.
With that said, how can HTC, Samsung, etc claim they didn't copy the iPhone? That original iPhone was a one of a kind and all other companies simply followed.
There will never be another Steve Jobs. It's sad to think about what we will be missing in the coming years....

I watched almost all of those last night and man was he a powerful force.
What I find great is the WWDC 97. Taking his time to answer [not just spouting out], overly candid yet respectful [51m], and such strong leadership tucked into an ancient [in tech terms] preso. It should be required in Bus. 101 classes. :)
Consider these points:
* iCloud [a remix of what NeXt did back then]: ~14m.
* The iPad: 1h 3m
* "Apple should spend more on talking about apps": 24m
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!

For those interested, there's a 10Gig Torrent on pirate bay, which claims to have Steve Notes from 1980 till 2005, I'm currently downloading and checking.
There's also the Apple Keynote Podcast.