Steve Jobs != flower + water

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been spotted outside of flour + water, a little Italian restaurant in San Francisco.

Kim, the young man in the photo, is a huge Apple fan from Sweden and just happened to get in line at flour + water behind Steve Jobs. Steve politely declined Kim's request to take a photo with him, but when the last available seat was taken by the customer in front of Steve, Kim's friend captured this photo as Mr. Jobs was leaving. Kim was quite excited, to say the least.

[TechCrunch, flower + water]

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Leanna Lofte

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Steve Jobs != flower + water


See Jobs walk about in SFO reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Jerry dated the woman with a closet full of the same outfit....

Reminds me of the pictures of Bigfoot walking through the woods. Does Steve ever change his clothes or are there Steve imposters like Sadam Hussein?

I think it's more refreshing to know that Steve actually waits in line with everyone else rather than play the big "I am" card and demand a table. Kudos to the guy!

like Mephisto said, nice to read something like this.
But i think its kinda funny that he wears the same stuff like he does on every PC. ^^

So in doodle god, if I combine flowers and water I get Steve Jobs. What if I combine Steve Jobs and mobile phone? Does that get me an iPhone 4? That does seem quicker than the waiting I'm doing now..... ;)

"No, I will not take my picture with you . . . "
"I'm sorry, Mr. Jobs - there are no further seats available."
"KARMAAAAAAAA you B***H!!!!"

And in other groundbreaking news no one cares about...I hit the snooze button on my alarm this morning and ended up running 5 minutes late to work.

The man is too busy to think about fashion.. So he found his favorite combination and bout out the store.. Im sure he never wears the same turtle neck twice..

The man is too busy to think about fashion.. So he found his favorite combination and bought out the store.. Im sure he never wears the same turtle neck twice..

Fascinating... next up, people you read about on your computer actually wear socks - just like regular people.

Has Steve ever been seen wearing something other than the black turtleneck, jeans, and white sneakers? Superman has his cape with an 'S'. This must be Steve's superhero costume.

@Rene Ritchie - Yes, I realize he wears tuxes to the Oscars and other such functions. For presentations and all other appearances he wears this get-up. I was just making a joke that it is like a costume for him. Lighten up man, and stop being an apologist.

When was the last time you saw someone wear a turtleneck other than Jobs. I think the Gap was selling these in 1994. They made their exit with the white brick cell phone. At least on a positive note he’s ready to hit the slopes if SF gets doused with snow.

I see people responding as if this post wasn't worthwhile. Maybe it would have been better to have posted this in a forum thread, but it didn't hurt anything and I did enjoy it. I may not be Mr. Jobs' biggest fan, but it probably would be exciting to see him in-person in a coffee shop or something.

Can someone please provide a link to the technology blog that used to be at this address? Thanks.

Give the man some privacy- I wouldn't ask him to take a picture. You can introduce yourself and all that- I admit I'd do that. But don't ask for a picture. And don't take one when he doesn't know he's being photgraphed. That's just ride man. Give him some privacy. But at least he didn't ask "Hey Steve, when is the iPhone coming to Verizon?" ;)

More important question: Why did he refuse to take a picture with a fan? He cannot spare 10 seconds to make a fan happy but want this fan to buy an iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, ipad, etc....

Webvex just called this a technology site. Did anyone catch that? Let me wax troll here for a minute:
Webvex we don't discuss technology here. We gather as members of the Apple club. Think of it like Nintendo Power for the middle aged. We don't play the pseudo-techie edition of buzzword bingo here. We read the news, gather other's opinions, and consume overpriced accessories. No technology here. OBTW it looks as though Jobs has been sighted in public. OMG OMG OMG!

Reminds me of the scene from ' Signs ' with Mel Gibson. When Mel and his brother in the movie were watching the news and they shown the footage of the Alien in Mexico walking from behind the bushes then they froze the video for a still image.
if any of you seen Signs, it's actually kind of funny... lol.

They Photoshopped Jobs into the picture. His shadow is too "crisp" compared to the other shadows at that distance.
If I'm wrong, then who cares if it's Steve Jobs!

No Photoshop. The closer an object is to the ground, the more "crisp" the shadow. The less crisp shadows are from objects high above Jobs.

is he a ass or something? i dont know much about him be would it have really been to much to take 5 seconds fora quick pic? at least he was nice about saying no i guess