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bob mansfield

Bob Mansfield takes on the secretive 'Project Titan' Apple Car project

Bob Mansfield is rumored to be taking charge of the Apple Car project, codenamed Titan.

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Bob Mansfield still loved at Apple, wants to concentrate on 'special projects'

Following Apple's removal of Bob Mansfield from their executive team, and clarification that he'd be staying to work on special projects, some more color and context has been reported on the situation. And it's low on drama, high on love. First, John Gruber of Daring Fireball:

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Bob Mansfield no longer on Apple's executive team, still working on special projects

Bob Mansfield, until today listed as senior vice president of technologies, is no longer part of Apple's leadership, although he's not left the company either. Apple's Steve Dowling provided the following statement to John Paczkowski of All Things D:

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Apple reportedly investigating custom processors for Mac

Just like Apple once investigated Intel processors for Macs back when they were still all-in on PowerPC, so once again do we hear about Apple mulling customer processors for their Mac line. This time the story's spun around the new technologies group, headed by Bob Mansfield, and reports they're working on new, custom processors for desktops and laptops that are variations of the A-series processors found in iOS devices.

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Departure of Scott Forstall from Apple reportedly played a roll in luring Bob Mansfield back into the fold

Many people speculate that the primary reason that newly appointed Senior Vice President of Technology, Bob Mansfield ,returned to Apple full time has to do with the departure of Scott Forstall, who is said to have been asked to leave Apple. Forstall is said to have not gotten along with other members of the executive team, including Bob Mansfield.

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Apple promotes Craig Federighi, Dan Riccio to SVP, Executive Team, Bob Mansfield staying on to work on "future products"

Apple has just announced that Craig Federighi is being promoted, fully taking the long-departed Betrand Serlet's post as senior vice-president of Mac software engineering, and his place on the Executive Committee. Also, as expected, Dan Riccio has been promoted to SVP of hardware engineering, and will also be joining the Executive Committee. However, Apple also announced that the man Riccio was to replace, Bob Mansfield, will no longer be retiring, but will be staying with Apple to work on "future projects". All three will report to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and all three now appear on Apple's Leadership page.

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