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Wind Mobile beefs up network coverage in Calgary area

Canada's Wind Mobile has just completed a batch of network upgrades in the Calgary, Alberta area, bringing better coverage and faster LTE speeds across the board.

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How to order iPhone SE in Canada

The iPhone SE is now available in Canada! Here's where to get it.

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More than half of Canadian iPhone owners still use a 5s or earlier

According to analysts, around half of Canadian iPhone owners are still using an iPhone 5s or earlier. That's why the iPhone SE makes sense, even if it doesn't to you.

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Which Canadian iPhone carrier and plan should you get: Bell, Rogers, Telus, or another option?

The Canadian market is full of carriers, but nearly 90% of wireless customers are on just three networks. But which one is right for you?

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The Apple Watch now starts at $399 in Canada

With the Apple Watch dropping in price to $299 USD, Canadians now benefit from cheaper prices for the popular wearable.

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9.7-inch iPad Pro Canadian pricing and availability: starts at $799 CAD

After releasing the iPad Air 2 in 2014, and the iPad Pro in 2015, Apple has finally combined the two products into a fantastic 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Here's what you need to know about Canadian pricing and availability for the iPad Pro 9.7.

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iPhone SE Canadian pricing and availability: starts at $579 CAD

Earlier today, Apple announced the iPhone SE, a successor to the 4-inch iPhone 5s, and a contender for the best “mini” smartphone on the market. Here's what it costs and where you can get it in Canada.

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How Canadians can spend less when roaming in Europe

Traveling to Europe needn't be stressful nor expensive — at least not where your smartphone is involved!

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App Store rolls out lower pricing tiers in Canada and New Zealand

Apple has introduced new, lower pricing tiers for paid apps and in-app purchases for the App Stores in Canada and New Zealand.

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Apple Pay reportedly launching in Canada on Tuesday, November 17

A new report claims that Apple Pay will officially launch in Canada on Tuesday, November 17 via American Express. Apple has already confirmed it will launch Apple Pay in that country before the end of 2015.

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