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Dear Apple

Dear Santa Jobs, all we want for iPhone 5 and iPad 2 is...?

If Steve Jobs were Santa and you were sitting down to write out your Christmas wish list for iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iOS 5, what would you ask for? Last year we got multitasking but the lack of notifications made us think we're still more naughty than nice. What about 2011?

If you heard a clatter and snuck down to Apple, and lo and behold you caught Santa Jobs with a bag full of features, and you had the chance to ask him for anything for iPad 2 or iPhone 5, what would it be?

Give us your list, TiPb community, and we'll check it twice!

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Dear Santa Jobs: All We Want for iPhone 4.0 is...

Dear Santa Jobs, all we want for Christmas iPhone 4.0 is... Well, grab your cocoa (touch) and take a long sip, because just like our buddy Derek, we've a bit of a list this year.

Don't get us wrong, you revolutionized a lazy, arrogant smartphone industry with your UI in 2007, shook up mobile app delivery with your store in 2008, and re-defined the "budget" $99 price point in 2009, all the while pushing software updates and evolving hardware that forced your competitors to catch up or re-invent themselves completely. But if the merry little elves of the Round Robin have shown us anything, it's that catch up they have. And more than that, even though we got stockings chock full of iPhone 3.0 cut-and-paste, stereo Bluetooth, MMS, and other goodies last year, there's still some minor little things we'd love you to resolve in 2010.

(And yes, we're aware almost all of these suggestions are straight out of Cydia and already available for Jailbroken iPhones. That's not coal worthy, it's a holiday miracle!)

Comfy? Good, because here's the naughty and nice of it...

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UPDATED: Dear Apple -- Where Are All the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification Apps?

UPDATED: Dominik Balogh from PoweryBase, developers of the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification-powered NotifyMe reminder app wrote in to let us know:

We have just received (now, sunday morning in Cupertino) an apology from Apple App Store Staff.

It's looking more likely that Apple is working behind the sc

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Dear Apple: Why Can't Apps Access the Calendar?

I was just listening to Dieter and Mike's latest PalmCast, where they were crowing in duet about how sweet it was that the Palm Pre has an app that can book movie tickets and automagically add the movie event information to the Palm Pre calendar.

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Dear Apple: How Will You Handle Death-By-Push-Notification?

It's summer 2009 and iPhone OS 3.0 has just been made available via iTunes. You have it up and running along with next gen Twitter clients, instant massagers, RSS readers, and all manner of Push Notification-enabled apps ready to alert you the very instant anything new is piping hot and ready.

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Dear Apple: Could We Have a Faster Way to Toggle Bluetooth on the iPhone?

A while back Dieter asked for a fast way to toggle Airplane Mode on the iPhone -- a triple click of the home button, perhaps. Yesterday he and I were talking about all the new Bluetooth functionality in iPhone 3.0 and the same point came up -- right now, to turn Bluetooth on or off you have to:

Wake the iPhone, Slide to Unlock, (type a Passcode perhaps), (return Home perhaps), tap Settings, tap General, tap Bluetooth, and then toggle the ON/OFF switch.

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