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MobileMe Discontinues .Mac HomePage

Before MobileMe there was .Mac, and before there was iWeb, there was .Mac HomePage. Well, good thing the latter has been replaced 'cause Apple is officially declaring them EOL (end of life) come July 7. After that date, whatever is there will remain there forever (or until Apple gets tired of it and yanks them down). So get with converting to iWeb or rolling yourself something custom.

Full text of the mailing after the break...

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How To: Keep Using Your .Mac Address With MobileMe

Apple's brand new MobileMe News (formerly MobileMe Updates) is back with their second post this week (and luckily for links, finally sporting unique URLs to boot!). The subject of their latest post? How previous .Mac users can keep using their addresses on the iPhone post-MobileMe transition:

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iPhone 3G: 3 Days and Counting Down to MobileMe!

This is it. We're in the home stretch. Games in overtime, the shot clock is almost done, and Steve Jobs is soaring from mid-court looking for the slam dunk. In 3 days we find out if Apple brings down the net, the two-peat for smartphone (even gadget) championship, or if they bounce it off the rim (pun sorta intended) with their mostly evolutionary, not so much revolutionary, next generation handset.

Saturday we mentioned one big change: the fast 3G data chip. Sunday it was GPS. Monday we tackled the 2.0 Firmware update. Today we're looking at the rebirth of .Mac: MobileMe.

Note: .Mac users have been able to send to for a few days already, and as of yesterday, July 7, could both send and receive using (Just tried it out and it works!)

Now word comes that, to accommodate New Zealand, which due to their time zone gets the iPhone 3G way before anyone else, Apple has announced that it's really not 3 days to MobileMe -- just one! That's right, MobileMe goes live on Wednesday, July 9 between 6pm and 12am PST. Mark your calendars, then get ready to "push" sync them!

Why should you want to? Read on after the break!

More → Email Trickling to Life?

.Mac has been up and down again over the last few days, which is nothing new, but this time it seems like the transition to MobileMe might actually have begun. Some people are reportedly able to receive mail at the version of their alias (meaning is already mapping to for some).

I just tried it, and received an "illegal alias" error for my trouble. Is it working yet for you?

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Dot .Mac Down! Temporary Glitch or MobileMe Switch?

Woke up this morning and as per my usual modus operandi, checked mail on my iPhone and then went to read some feeds. That's when it happened, (the interceptive RSS reading feature on MobileSafari) came back with a server error.

Seems to be working for me again, but reports have since sprung up of others having trouble with web-bound services of .Mac (though email protocols seems fine).

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Apple Launches MobileMe: ActiveSync + Web 2.0 Apps For the Rest of Us!

During the 2008 WWDC Keynote today, Apple VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, confirmed the rumors of a .Mac maga-revamp in the form of MobileMe.

Apple's answer both to previous critiques of the admittedly out-dated .Mac service, and the expected cloud computing boom (see Android, Google), MobileMe features ActiveSync-like "push" email, calendar, and contacts syncing between your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and your Mac or PC, or via any web browser with some pretty spectacular looking Web 2.0/AJAX style online apps. It also adds photo syncing, clearly targeting consumers.

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Mobile Me: Bad Name, Better Service?

We've gone over just how bad the Mobile Me brand sounds to us a couple of times already (almost as bad as this week's service!), but now reports surface that there may just be something better hidden beneath the bad label:

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Just "Me"?! $50 STILL Says Our Readers Can Do Better!

Yesterday came word that the name Apple might be using to rebrand .Mac was "Mobile Me", and amid the pitchforks, torches, and angry villagers storming the internet pipes to Cupertino, we figured our readers could easily come up with a better name, and sweetened the pot with $50 worth of gift card incentive to prove it.

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Unlock the iPhone, Tie it to .Mac Revenue?

Roughly Drafted recently proposed that neither impending 3G nor poor supply chain management were to blame for Apple Store's lack of iPhone stock, but rather the international gray market for unlocked handsets.

Now, based on a post from Infrageeks, they're back with a look at how Apple could replace some carrier kick-back revenue with .Mac subscription revenue, if El Jobso saw fit to beef up the service and better tie it into the iPhone.

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Dot Mac Services to iPhone? Wait-a-Thon!

Do you use Apple’s .Mac Services? I do. I like the synchronization between my Macs; it really makes life easy. With the iPhone, I really get a lot of benefit. I can add a website, Calendar appointments, Address Book entry, etc on my iPhone and it gets synced across multiple machines.

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