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Greg Joswiak

Watch Greg Joswiak's full Code/Mobile interview right now

Apple vice president Greg Joswiak took the stage at the Code/Mobile conference a couple of weeks ago to talk about the company's new products, and Re/code has now posted the video from that interview. Joswiak addressed the buggy release of iOS 8.0.1, among other things.

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Apple chases quality, not quantity, Greg Joswiak reveals

Apple product marketing exec Greg Joswiak says that Apple isn't chasing market share driven by low price points. With the products that Apple delivers, including the iPhone and the Mac, Apple will be after a better customer experience and delivering more value to the consumer. Joswiak says that he isn't concerned about Android beating Apple in terms of market share because there is always a healthy market for quality products.

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Greg Joswiak says iOS 8.0.1 issues were a problem of distribution, not software itself

Apple VP Greg Joswiak is at the Code/Mobile conference today, and has given additional insight into the buggy release of iOS 8.0.1. Joswiak apologized for the situation, and said that it was not the update itself that cause the issues, according to Re/code:

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Greg Joswiak to attend Code/Mobile conference to talk this fall's product lineup

Apple VP Greg Joswiak will appear on stage at Re/code's first annual Code/Mobile conference next month. Joswiak, who manages product marketing for both the iPhone and iPod product lines, will be at the conference to talk about this year's product lineup, accroding to Re/code:

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Tim Cook and Joz share thoughts on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c with Apple employees

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook has sent out an email to Apple employees, and vice president of iOS product marketing, Greg Joswiak has posted a Q&A to AppleWeb outlining some of the messaging and thinking behind the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c products announced at today's iPhone event. Here's an excerpt from Tim Cook's email, posted by Mark Gurman on 9to5Mac:

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Rumor: Apple has high-level employees scouting out CES competition

Apple has apparently sent a few high-level employees to CES to scout out the competition and see how other companies present future products.

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) famously avoids the biggest event on the tech industry calendar, and given the traffic on Paradise Road this morning you can’t exactly blame them. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t scouting the competition in person at CES 2012.

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