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What would you like to see Apple add to iCloud.com next?

What would you like Apple to add to iCloud.com next?

Though still in beta, Apple has expanded their iCloud.com offering to include the iWork suite of apps for the first time. But, what other services would you like to see Apple bring to iCloud.com? There's so much potential for web based products, with a number of competing service providers already offering a wide variety of products, but many of Apple's offerings still rely upon native applications for OS X and Windows.

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iOS 7 design language comes to Mac and Windows... via iCloud web makeover

The closed developer beta version of iCloud has gotten a makeover that, at least based on the publicly available login screen, shows every sign of iOS 7's distinctive design language. You've got a flat white box with minimalist, type-centric elements over a blurred layer with a hint of iOS 7-style mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, find my iPhone, and, presumably, iWork behind it.

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A history of Apple in the cloud: from AppleLink to iCloud

We're taking a look at cloud services this week on Talk Mobile, so now seems like a good time to take a walk down memory lane and look at the long history of Apple's foray into online services. That history stretches right back to the mid 1980s, almost to the birth of the Macintosh itself.

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iCloud's 20GB free ride for MobileMe subscribers comes to an end

Apple shut down its MobileMe service in 2012 after introducing iCloud to replace it. To give MobileMe users an incentive to migrate to the new service, Apple offered 20GB of free iCloud storage. It's been a year since that happened, and Apple has sent out an e-mail to let iCloud customers know that the complementary period is coming to an end.

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iWork for iCloud beta invitations now going out to non-developers

iWork for iCloud is how Apple will make iWork available on the web, and on devices that don't run iOS or OS X, and now they're making the beta available to even more people. Originally announced at WWDC 2013, Apple first invited developers into the program, but as of today, non-developers are getting invited as well. Here's what Apple's email says:

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iWork for iCloud beta now live for registered Apple developers

First announced on Monday in the WWDC 2013 keynote, the iWork for iCloud beta is now live for registered developers to preview. Essentially, this is Apple's answer to Google Drive's online document editing tools, and promises almost the same experience as the desktop versions of the iWork apps.

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How to tie your Apple ID to your Mac user account in OS X Mountain Lion

In Mac OS X Mountain Lion, you can tie your actual Apple ID to your OS X user account fairly easily. In most cases, this will be your iCloud account. There are many good reasons to do this, but this biggest is that if you ever forget your desktop login password, you can reset it via your Apple ID leaving no need to use recovery mode to reset it.

Not sure how? Follow along and we'll show you.

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iCloud by the numbers: 300 million accounts, 800 billion iMessages, and 7.4 trillion push notifications served

Apple just released some interesting stats in regard to iCloud today at WWDC 2013. Since iCloud launched, there are over 300 million registered accounts that have served up more than 800 billion iMessages, and more.

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OS X 10.9 Mavericks coming with iCloud Keychain, manage your passwords with iCloud

Announced at WWDC 2013, OS X 10.9 Mavericks will be coming with a great new feature that hooks into iCloud called Keychain. This gives users the facility to sync their saved passwords, credit card numbers, WiFi networking information and account between different systems all using iCloud. It's not necessarily the most glamorous new feature in OS X, but it's impressive, and incredibly useful to have.

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Looking back: The 2011 WWDC keynote - iOS 5, iCloud, OS X 10.7 Lion

We're less than 24 hours out now from this years highly anticipated WWDC keynote, and we're continuing our look back on past events today with the 2011 presentation from Moscone West. Continuing the tradition of the previous 3 years, 2011 saw a new iPhone, the 4S, the unveiling of iOS 5 with Siri, and OS X 10.7 Lion.

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