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How to back up your iPhone or iPad before updating to iOS 9

Getting ready to update your iPhone to iOS 9? it's always a good idea to make sure you've backed up your iPhone and iPad first. Here's how.

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Apple begins alerting iCloud users to pricing changes

Apple has begun email iCloud users, alerting them to upcoming changes in the service's pricing structure.

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iCloud pricing lowered, with 1TB of storage available for $9.99 a month

Apple has lowered the prices for its iCloud subscription storage service. Users can get 50GB of storage for just 99 cents a month, all the way to 1TB of storage for $9.99 a month

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How to recover deleted files, contacts, calendars, and photos from iCloud

When you delete something on OS X it goes into Trash and, from there, you can either recover it or eradicate it forever. iCloud offers something similar, only its deleted files exist not on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, but online. In some ways it's even more powerful—deleted files can be restored for up to 30 days, even if you've emptied the Trash on your Mac or wiped them from your iPhone or iPad. That's great if you make a mistake and either delete something by accident or delete something you later realize you shouldn't have.

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iCloud.com now lets you recover deleted files, contacts, and calendars

Apple has added new capabilities to iCloud.com, letting users find and restore deleted files, as well as older, archived versions of their contact and calendar lists.

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How to control automatic downloads for music, books, and apps

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, or a Mac of any kind, iCloud can automatically download any music, books, or apps you buy on one device onto any or all of the others. Here's how!

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Apple offers Greece a free month of iCloud to avoid data loss due to declined payments

Apple has provided Greek iCloud users with a free month on their subscription plan. It's a move to help ease consumers affected by the company's severe financial difficulties.

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How to use iTunes Match: The ultimate guide

iTunes Match isn't the same as Apple Music. With Apple Music, you can stream Apple's song catalog. With iTunes Match, you can upload up to 25,000 songs from your iTunes music library to iCloud, where you can then stream and download them—DRM-free—to up to ten other registered devices in your possession. Here's how to set it up and get the most out of it!

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iCloud services back online after extended service disruption

A service disruption which took many iCloud services down for several users, including backups, iCloud Drive, and iMessage has now been resolved by Apple.

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iOS 9 will be a space-friendly update, two-factor authentication coming to iCloud

At WWDC today, Apple announced that iOS 9 will be a much more space-friendly update and two-factor authentication is coming to iCloud.

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