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How to get your iPhone video clips into iMovie on your iPad

With iMovie for iOS going free with the purchase of a new iOS 7 device, you might be tempted into taking a look at it for the very first time. While iMovie is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, let's face it, if you've just bought a new iPad Air or will be picking up a Retina iPad mini later on this month, that larger display is where it's at for editing your own movies.

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Got a new iPad Air? Don't forget your free iLife and iWork apps from Apple!

If you picked up a shiny new iPad Air today, be sure to drop by the App Store and download the free iLife and iWork applications from Apple! Recently made free with the purchase of a new iOS device, the collection of Apple applications is a great way to add productivity and creativity to your new iPad. And of course, with iCloud integration you get to share your content with respective applications on your Mac and iPhone.

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20 great tips to get more out of the new iMovie for iOS and Mac

iMovie, like all of Apple's iLife (and iWork) apps, received a substantial makeover to coincide with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Whether you've been using iMovie for a while, or are just coming to it now, Serenity Caldwell has put together a fantastic list of tips to help you ramp up on the new version. Macworld:

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New iWork and iLife apps now properly showing up as free updates for DVD purchasers

We've gotten a bunch of messages from readers who originally bought iWork or iLife back when they were still sold on disk in boxes - yeah, you know, the dark ages - saying the Mac App Store is now properly offering them free updates to the new versions. Yesterday, for the same people, the updates were still listed at $19.99 a piece, so it looks like Apple's been fixing things overnight.

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iMovie Theater channel appears on Apple TV

Apple's making it easier than ever to share movies you create in iMovie with a new feature called iMovie Theater. Introduced at Tuesday's Apple Event, iMovie Theater is one of many updates that Apple has incorporated into its iLife apps. Now Apple has updated the Apple TV with a new iMovie Theater channel so you can view your iMovies.

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Apple releases updated iWorks and iLife apps for iOS

As shown at the Apple Event earlier in the day, Apple late on Tuesday released updated iWorks and iLife apps for iOS. Those include Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand - all updated to version 2.0.

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Eddie Cue announces new version of iLife apps for iOS and Mac

Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services has just announced brand new versions of the iLife software family, both for iOS and Mac. All of the iLife apps for iOS have been redesigned for iOS 7.

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Apple credits new customers who bought apps on the cusp of iOS 7's release

Apple is now giving away its iOS iWorks, iPhoto and iMovie apps to customers who activate new iOS 7 devices; the plan was announced during Apple's September event when the company unveiled the iPhone 5c and 5s. Apple rolled back the eligibility period to September 1st. For those customers who were caught in that week and a half period, Apple's now issuing iTunes Store credits.

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iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie for iOS going free with all new iOS devices [updated]

Apple has just announced live from their iPhone event that the entire iWork suite comprising of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote as well as iMove and iPhoto will be free with the purchase of any new iOS device.

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This summer, Apple Camp turns 8-12 year olds into filmmakers

Apple is gearing up for another Apple Camp this summer at its retail stores in the United States. The program teaches kids ages 8-12 how to use Apple software. It's free.

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