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Apple retains exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal alloys through 2016

Apple has extended its exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal Technologies' metal alloys in consumer products through February 5, 2016.

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Apple retains exclusive rights to Liquidmetal alloy in consumer products

Apple and Liquidmetal Technologies have announced that the pair will be extending Apple's licensing agreement for the latter's metal alloy through February 2015. Apple had been a licensee of Liquidmetal Technologies since 2010, but thus far Liquidmetal's use inside Apple's products have been limited to the SIM ejector tool that's packaged inside the iPhone and iPad boxes.

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Apple's alloy partner , Liquidmetal announces that they're shipping commercial parts

LiquidMetal picked the day before the iPad 3 announcement to mention that they're shipping commercial parts to their customers.

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iPhone live podcast 114: What's that guitar mean anyway?

Apple announces annual special music event for Sept. 1, Jobs says iOS 4 on iPhone 3G is getting fixed, More on LiquidMetal, and Facebook releases 3 updates in a week. And what does that guitar mean anyway? This is iPhone live!

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Is LiquidMetal all about the manufacturing process for Apple?

Cult of Mac has an interesting post up that shows some of the truly spectacular LiquidMetal injection moulding and manufacturing processes that will let Apple make stronger, better, faster unibodies, antennas, and pretty much everything else. Here are some choice quotes:

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Apple's first Liquidmetal product revealed

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the above image is a SIM ejector tool that was first included with the iPhone 3G and later with the iPhone 3GS and according to Cult of Mac it is indeed made out of Liquidmetal. Yes, this is the exact same Liquidmetal that Apple recently licensed the intellectual property of just last week. And in case you were wondering exactly what is Liquidmetal - it's a very hard metal alloy, basically unbendable, and has a distinctive color and feel.

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Apple licenses Liquidmetal for future iPhones, iPads?

The Baltimore Sun has found an SEC filing that shows Apple has broadly licensed the intellectual property of California amorphous alloy maker Liquidmetal, perhaps for use in future iPhone and iPad devices. What's liquid metal?

It's a mimetic poly-alloy that can create bladed weapons--

No, sorry, that's from Terminator.

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