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Foxconn and Pegatron manufacturer profits bouyed by increased iPhone and iPad sales

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. — you might know them better has Foxconn, manufacturer of many things Apple — saw their net profit last year rise 13% on the back of increased sales of iPhone and iPad devices. Pegatron, another major Apple manufacturer that is the primary source of the iPhone 5c and iPad Mini, saw their earnings jump 22% in just the last quarter.

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Apple spending over $10 billion on robots and lasers... Why aren't their competitors?

Apple is forecasting just over $10 billion in capital expenditures (CAPEX), basically on buying or improving the stuff they use to make the stuff we buy. Bloomberg:

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Apple to open new manufacturing facility in Arizona creating 2000 jobs

Apple is to build a new manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona the State has confirmed today. The project will create 1300 construction and site management jobs and then a further 700 once it opens for business.

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Why is Apple the only one capable of making iPhone-class devices?

I've said numerous times over the last year or so that only Apple could have made the iPhone 5 (from which both the current iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are derived). That's earned me my fair share of raised eyebrows and heckles, largely because I've never taken the time to explain what I mean by that. Here's the explanation: No other company on earth right now could, nor likely would if they could, make a device that packs as much technology into as relatively small a frame, at such high a quality, as Apple did with the iPhone 5. And that statement can be true whether you think positioning themselves to be able to make an iPhone 5 was brilliant, or stupid. Here's why:

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Apple reportedly discussed switching iOS chip manufacturing to Intel foundry

Not to be confused with switching iPhones and iPads to Intel-powered chipsets, Apple is rumored to have been in discussions to have their existing iOS device chipsets manufactured by Intel's industry leading foundries. Noel Randewich and Nadia Damouni of Reuters report:

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Foxconn to expand American manufacturing operations

Foxconn is planning an expansion of its American operations. Foxconn is known for manufacturing Apple products, along with those from companies such as Samsung and HTC, and this news comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that one of Apple’s Mac lines will be manufactured in the United States starting next year, with Apple investing $100 million in that operation.

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Apple boasts strongest manufacturing supply chain in the world, turns over inventory in five days

Gartner has just published their findings from looking at the supply chain strength across manufacturers worldwide, and Apple still tops the list.

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iPhone 4S part costs breakdown compared to Nokia Lumia 900 illustrate Apple's insane margins

Recent research from iSuppli shows that even though the iPhone 4S is more expensive than the Lumia 900, Apple actually pays less per part than Nokia does. The biggest individual price difference is between displays; Apple pays $37 for theirs, Nokia pays $58. All told, Apple pays $190 in parts, while Nokia pays $209, which leads to Nokia making a $241 margin per device, and Apple making $459.

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iPhone and iPad factory conditions haven't improved says activist group

A Hong Kong-based activist group called The Student & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior has recently issued a report concluding that very little has change in terms of working conditions since the Fair Labor Association published the results of their in-depth audit.

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Supposed iPhone 5 front panel compared with iPhone 4 display

We've seen lots of the rumored iPhone 5's body by now, and now the front cover has been acquired and squared up against the iPhone 4S. The new FaceTime camera position lines up just fine with what we were seeing on the chassis, and when put on top of an iPhone we're all familiar with, we get a good sense of just how much bigger the iPhone 5 will be.

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