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Apple reportedly begins to transition email addresses to

What began life as email address and became with iPhone OS 2 will now be transitioning again, this to time to, and reportedly Apple is starting with the just-released iOS 6 beta 3. This according to information obtained by MacRumors. The notice, supplied to developers by Apple, reads in part: email addresses are now available for iCloud mail users. Users signing up for new Apple IDs, or enabling Mail on their iCloud account for the first time, will automatically receive an email address instead of a email address.

More → doesn't list Find my iPhone as paid MobileMe service but App Store still does

If you go to on your iPad or iPhone you'll a screen with options to Install Find my iPhone and Gallery, and then a second category labeled as "Requires Paid Subscription", which includes Set up Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Install iDisk.

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MobileMe web apps back online with updated mail UI, app switcher

As was widely expected, Apple's MobileMe web apps -- -- are back online after their scheduled maintenance, and sporting an updated look and some new features.

The new Mail has come out of beta and now everyone can enjoy server-side rules, which is terrific if way overdue. In the not-so-terrific pile, previously you could instantly switch between apps using a conventional menu bar. Now you have to figure out that clicking the cloud icon top left will bring up and icon bar which you can then click to switch tasks. Less discoverability and efficiency in one update? Not very Apple.

(They've standardized on the iPhone app icons to represent tasks, however, which is good. And they look great.)

Are you trying to new What do you think?

UPDATE: Apple's MobileMe email announcement, after the break.

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Find My iPhone Working on iPhone Safari, iTunes Preview Categories Now Working on Web

Apple has changed MobileMe's site, previously inaccessible from iPhone or iPod touch Safari, to not only allow access to Find My iPhone, but to offer help in setting up accounts and getting additional apps. iTunes Preview, meanwhile, has duplicated even more of the media and app browsing experience on the web by adding support for categories.

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UPDATED: Find my iPhone for iPhone 3.0 on Today!

UPDATE: Enable your iPhone via Settings > Email > Mobile > Find my iPhone. Then go to, login to your Account tab, and choose Find My iPhone from the sidebar. Voila! Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Screen grab after the break!

ORIApple just announced via their MobileMe News "blog" that:

Find My iPhone can be found at today, but you also need iPhone OS 3.0 (available on June 17) installed on your iPhone to use the feature.

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How To: Keep Using Your .Mac Address With MobileMe

Apple's brand new MobileMe News (formerly MobileMe Updates) is back with their second post this week (and luckily for links, finally sporting unique URLs to boot!). The subject of their latest post? How previous .Mac users can keep using their addresses on the iPhone post-MobileMe transition:

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Apple Launches MobileMe: ActiveSync + Web 2.0 Apps For the Rest of Us!

During the 2008 WWDC Keynote today, Apple VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, confirmed the rumors of a .Mac maga-revamp in the form of MobileMe.

Apple's answer both to previous critiques of the admittedly out-dated .Mac service, and the expected cloud computing boom (see Android, Google), MobileMe features ActiveSync-like "push" email, calendar, and contacts syncing between your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and your Mac or PC, or via any web browser with some pretty spectacular looking Web 2.0/AJAX style online apps. It also adds photo syncing, clearly targeting consumers.

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Just "Me"?! $50 STILL Says Our Readers Can Do Better!

Yesterday came word that the name Apple might be using to rebrand .Mac was "Mobile Me", and amid the pitchforks, torches, and angry villagers storming the internet pipes to Cupertino, we figured our readers could easily come up with a better name, and sweetened the pot with $50 worth of gift card incentive to prove it.

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