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Apple has space for 150 student scholarships at WWDC

If you're a student 13 years or older and you can't pony up the $1,599 for the standard registration fee for WWDC, fret not - Apple is once again offering student scholarships. This year they've set aside up to 150 tickets for aspiring student developers who want to come. (Getting to San Francisco and finding a place to stay is still up to you, though.)

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WWDC days four and five

On the fourth day of WWDC, Rene, Seth, and I went full out at Moscone Center, talking with developers (you'll see the video soon), meeting up with Mark Gurman and some other bloggers, and joining AgileBits, Ecamm, Jake Behrens, and Merlin Mann for dinner.

I don't have very many stories in between photos this time around, so I'm just going to embed them all here for you to scroll through and enjoy!

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WWDC day three

Day three of WWDC 2012 was another busy day of meeting and interviewing developers and PR representatives, parties, and even a recording of an Iterate episode featuring some special guests.

Rene and I began our day with a delicious breakfast at Mel's Diner with App Savvy's Ken Yarmosh. We talked about Agenda, Buzz, other App Savvy projects and, of course, iOS 6.

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WWDC day two

Our second day at WWDC 2012 has passed and boy was it a busy day! We briefly attended Indie Dev Lab, met with and interviewed several developers, attended multiple parties and more!

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The big list of iOS 6 features

At WWDC, Apple proclaimed iOS 6 would introduce over 200 new features when released this fall, and that what we saw yesterday was just a small sampling. We've got plenty of posts going over the big features, but there are also a handful of slides that were positively riddled with features that they just didn't have time to go over.

Additionally, there were lots of smaller features that either just got a passing mention, were folded into some of the talk about OS X, or weren't referenced at all. That said, let's tear apart the keynote address (which was recently made available in HD on iTunes, by the way) and pick out every teeny tiny iOS 6 feature we can.

We're going to keep a running tally here, and update it as more information becomes available, so check back often!

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What iOS 6 means for gaming

Gaming got a bit of a spotlight at yesterday's WWDC keynote, and though Apple spent just as much of the show talking about Mac as it did iOS, there are a lot of big implications for mobile.

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Has Apple improved upon social network integration with iOS 6?

Last month, I wrote about the challenges of truly integrating your social networks, especially Facebook, into your iPhone or iPad. During the keynote at yesterday’s kick off to WWDC, Facebook was once again brought to center stage.

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Apple kicks off back-to-school promo - get iTunes gift cards for buying iPad or Mac

Apple made a few new initiatives yesterday on the sly amid the WWDC day one insanity, including a new iPad case, but they also started a back-to-school promotion that goes from now until September 21.

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WWDC 2012 and iOS 6: What we didn't get

Expectations were high for the iOS 6 announcement at WWDC today, and most of them were met, but there is a lot of stuff that we're still waiting on. Rene has blown through a ton of features on competing smartphone platforms that could find a home on iOS. Even though some of those areas are seeing improvement in iOS 6, it might not be enough for everyone. So, what did we not get from the WWDC keynote?

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Apple announces 2012 design award winners

At WWDC 2012, Apple held an event where they announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards. Each winner won a special ADA winner lanyard, a MacBook Air, a new iPad, an iPod touch, and an ADA trophy. Developers were were awarded from the following categories: Student, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

So without further adieu, here are the winners!

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