TC: Steve Jobs says iTablet "Will be the Most Important Thing I've Ever Done"

Not much hear besides the title -- Steve Jobs says the iTablet/iSlate/iPad "will be the most important thing I've ever done" -- which TechCrunch says they haven't heard first hand but have heard second and third hand from multiple sources. Wait... what?

Okay, let's have fun and assume it's true. This from the man who brought or helped bring the Apple II, Macintosh, iPod, iTunes, Apple Retail, Pixar, and the iPhone to market? If he's really that excited about the tablet, then it will be tough to set expectations any hi

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Rene Ritchie

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TC: Steve Jobs says iTablet "Will be the Most Important Thing I've Ever Done"


I can't possible imagine that to be true, like the article says the guy got so much hits and iconic devices. If at BEST it is on par with one of apples many success it will be an unimaginable success . To say it will be bigger so border line ludacrius !!

The "tablet" has been a long time coming from Apple. I wonder how many times they spent good money on research and then Steve said, "Nice try, but no thanks...try again". I guess now after so many years it's finally ready it's a bit achievement.

It will be an oversized iPhone for those over 50 who can't see the tiny text and graphics on the small iPhone screen. Just like one of those mombo-sized universal remote controls with the huge numbers that get purchased for gag gifts. Gotta get me one.

My expectations are high. Bring it on Mr Jobs. Bring it on and anihilate the competion with the 4th gen iPhone and tablet

Jobs returned back to work in June. That means his hands on efforts in the past 2 years has been 7 months. If anyone understands the product development cycle any true leap ahead technologies needed to be incorporated 12 to 18 months ago. I have zero doubt that the look of the device and some of the hardware design aspects do reflect the handwork of Jobs but if that is what he thinks is a huge achievement, sorry no. The I-pod, I-phone and Touch are revolutionary and evolutionary and something to brag about. That is the bar that has to be pole vaulted over, a computer without a keyboard is like soy milk

umm, the iPhone and 'iTouch' are both "computers without keyboards", and are quite successful, so it is only reasonable that extending that same technology with even more power and resolution to a larger device with even more hardware and interactive capability would lead to an even more powerful and complete product, especially when you factor in all the apps and content that will be readily available to it. Comments like yours were in abundance prior to, and even after the iPhone was announced.
@Rene: I've made plenty of typos of my own, but I think it should be "Not much 'here' besides the title" in your paragraph above.

Ru-mor... If Steve Jobs said that, no one would believe any of his hype again. You can oversell a product. It would have to be something really different, and a laptop cellphone combo isn't that special. Let's wait till Wednesday...

The leaks are way to often and regular for there not to be a tablet. Print media companies are way to excited about this to keep printing completely false stories about what amounts to each other's experiences working with Apple.

Does anyone else find it amusing that of all days Apple picks the day President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address to have their "creative" event?

Most important to me is don't let the iPhone go to verizon. I would hate the fact the iPhone would be limted on the big dead network. Go ATT!!!!!

I assume this rumor is false. If true, it's hard to imagine what would be so revolutionary EXCEPT - I'm typing this on my iPhone, which most people buy as a "phone" but is really a multi-purpose personal computer. People don't see it that way because all the tech fun we love is hidden - file system, file names, multi-tasking (such as it is), - if Steve can actually bring a device to market that seemlessly combines all the major PC productivity, media, and communication apps, plus backup and upgrade functions, but with all the 'guts' hidden from the consumer as they are on the iPhone, that would be like his personal Holy Grail since the late '70s, and I coul imagine him saying something like this. But that's impossible, right?

It's very entertaining to read the comments here. They're all speculation, yet every commenter is absolutely sure of what he or she has to say. As if anybody here knew something.