These iPhones and iPads take advantage of Verizon XLTE

Verizon iPhone LTE

So, you're wondering if your Verizon device works with that shiny new XLTE network that just went live in your area? Well, here's a list of iOS devices that can currently take advantage of the added speed from AWS spectrum. Of course as new phones and tablets come out, we can expect that they'll support Verizon's XLTE network.

You can get the full list of XLTE-enabled Verizon phones over here in their online store. Were you in one of the XLTE launch areas? Also a Verizon customer? Let us know if you're seeing an appreciable difference in data speeds. Are you stuck with a device that doesn't support XLTE? The rest of y'all, would you be willing to switch to Verizon to get in on XLTE?

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These iPhones and iPads take advantage of Verizon XLTE


Will it say XLTE on my phone. I just got a iPhone 5s, have Verizon and line in Baltimore .

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Not unless apple does an update to the phone that would signify that. The only time they ever did that was with the iphone 4S on AT&T changing the symbol from 3G to 4G when using HSPA+.

It is very unlikely since it's still just regular old LTE.

I have T-Mobile and I don't really follow Verizon, but I must admit that I am surprised that I didn't hear anything about this until today. I actually like that. Don't make me salivate over new features for weeks while you miss deadlines and push dates back. Just keep it hush and drop it when its ready. Kudos Verizon.

Now would I switch, no. As a traveler I have a commitment to GSM. T-mobile does use AWS too so maybe something similar will be coming? Maybe not, don't really think its needed. I have a couple dead spots that make me envy Verizon's low frequencies. But with them being shut out of the upcoming auction I'm hoping T-mobile can make significant gains on that front.

Long time T-Mobile customer. T-Mobile is in the process of upgrading all their LTE Towers to the 2nd generation hardware, no other Carriers are using this latest hardware. Hang tite, T-Mobile has lots of improvements coming to their always improving Network. Towers in my area (suburb of Boston) has finished, getting almost 50mb down on LTE and when I shut off my LTE radio and use the HSPA+ radio my download speeds are 20mb down & 5mb up. Not bad on HSPA+. Saves battery. It will be like that everywhere very soon. Thank You T-Mobile.

I am in one of the areas. Will have to try a speed test later and see if there is any noticeable difference

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I'm (shockingly) in a launch city, but I'm not seeing XLTE in my status bar on my 5s. Is it supposed to? Speed tests are pretty inconsistent, ranging from 9-22Mbps for downloads. Uploads are fairly consistent ranging from 8-11Mbps.

This. Unbelievable that my Verizon wireless connection is faster than my wired Comcast cable connection at home.

I thought the 5c wasn't any different from the regular 5. Why wouldn't they get it too?

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I live in Miami, Florida where I have gotten as high as 56MPS in some speed tests on my iPad Air. It's kind of spotty but even the regular LTE is pretty good.

You want me to post a screenshot of what I'm getting on sprint? I'll kill for 9 down....

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

In Atlanta I'm getting 61mbps down and 32 up! I'm on an iPhone 5S there's no special indicator on the screen just the usual Verizon LTE