Tim Cook thanks Apple employees, invites them to company-wide meeting on October 29

Tim Cook thanks Apple employees, invites them to company-wide meeting on October 29

Following Apple's Q4 2013 financial results, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook sent out an email to Apple employees thanking them for their hard work, and inviting them to a company-wide meeting tomorrow, October 29. Mark Gurman got a hold of a copy of the email. 9to5Mac:

You and your teams work incredibly hard to deliver the very best products in the world, and our customers simply love them. I’m extremely proud of the collaboration going on across the company and everything we’ve accomplished as result of this great team effort.

This week marks the one year anniversary of Tim Cook's Apple reorganization, so a check point makes a lot of sense, especially considering all the big iPhone, iPad, and Mac announcements for the year are now behind them, and that week-long Thanksgiving holiday Cook promised them is just ahead. Check out the rest of the email via the link below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Tim Cook thanks Apple employees, invites them to company-wide meeting on October 29


When 9to5 does this it's annoying. This is not news to anyone that happens to be employed by a company other than Apple. We don't really need to know about pep rallies that are not going to benefit us. Please don't jump on this useless bandwagon. If I wanted to know what was going on with Apple internally i'd befriend a blue shirt.

Thanks for the feedback! Everyone tends to find different stuff interesting. Some love iPhones, others iPads. Some want apps, others accessories. Some don't care at all about what goes on inside Apple, other at all what goes on outside.

Everyone is different. The awesome thing about a blog is that you don't have to read every story. If you don't like this one, just skip to the next!

Just because I don't like mushrooms on my pizza, doesn't mean mushroom pizza's shouldn't exist. It just means I'll order something else.

Hopefully some of the other stories today appealed to you more!

Thanks again!

The bar is set high here with regard to quality articles. I may be alone in my indifference to information about the happenings of Apple internal but feedback may have some value no matter how small. Keep up the great work.

As part of following Apple's activity, many people like to get glimpses on how such a successful company works on many different levels, so I wouldn't say this type of articles are of a lower quality.