TiPb Asks: How do you feel about Apple without Steve Jobs as CEO

TiPb Asks: What do you think about the new Apple?

We spend a lot of time on last night's iPhone Live podcast talking about Apple now that Steve Jobs is no longer CEO -- an Apple with Tim Cook at the reigns. Now we want to know what you, the TiPb Nation, think.

Apple no doubt has their product plan mapped out for a year or two ahead. Also, Steve Jobs is still there and reportedly still actively involved as Chairman of the Board, so no doubt they'll be able to map their products out a few years more. But then what? Can Tim Cook an Apple's executive team keep steering a ship with the most successful course in consumer electronics history? Post Steve Jobs, can they continue to turn out iPods and iPhones and iPads? Can they continue to say "no" when they need to and make absolutely perfect when they say "yes'? They can never be Steve Jobs, but can they continue to be as successful as Steve Jobs helped make them?

And what about competitors? Were they popping champagne corks last night at the news Steve Jobs wasn't CEO of Apple anymore, and they no longer had to compete with him fully in place and in charge? Will they hope that Apple's almost unbroken winning streak might just lose a little of its stride, or maybe even stumble? That there will be even more MobileMe's and Ping's without Steve Jobs at the helm? Even if nothing else has changed, has competitors morale been given a boost?

Taking over a company at the bottom is an incredible challenge but there's almost no where to go but up (or insolvency, often quickly forgotten.) Taking over a company at the top of its game can be even more stressful because all eyes are on you and it feels like there's nowhere to go but down. Will the media give Tim Cook a chance to breathe? Will analysts suddenly pounce on something that would have been normal even under Jobs?

Steve Jobs has always been a part of Apple and he always will, but how important a part was he to you, as an end user, as someone who has an iPhone or iPad or iPod? Does knowing Steve Jobs is no longer CEO change the way you feel about Apple? About your iPhone or iPad or iPod? About waiting for the next product launch or anticipating the next keynote?

It's the first day of the rest of Apple's history, and there are more questions than answers, but we'd love to hear what you, the TiPb Nation thinks, and whatever you so choose to share.

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TiPb Asks: How do you feel about Apple without Steve Jobs as CEO


No matter what Steve was going to have to leave Apple's CEO post eventually. I'm just glad they are doing it in such a controlled and planned manner.

I think much like Tim's letter to Apple employees, not much will change. Steve will still be influential in products, design, etc. Steve also groomed Tim to continue his vision into the next chapter of Apple. All will be well, despite the fact that Steve leaving day to day operations will leave a void. Tim knows what he is doing, even the analysts are confident of that and can be seen in the current stock price (doing far better than the NASDAQ in general)

I have to agree with rprather, I'm glad it's being managed in a control manner, though I have several questions. 1. With Tim Cook at the helm do you guys think that we will see more of easing relations between Apple and Google? 2. Do you think Tim Cook will look to resolve the patten issues quickly, so that it's not part of his regime?

I feel good about it. Certainly sad that we don't have Jobs' charisma to bath in anymore during media briefings and such, but change is one of the certainties in life.
It is now CEO Cook's and the rest of the executive team to take Apple to higher altitudes. Bring on $200B in FY12/13. Then $500B in FY15. That's 800 million devices sold with an ASP of $600. That'll be a huge chunk of the PC and phone market, but you have to have lofty goals.

I've used Apple products since before there was an iPhone, and I'm confident, that while Steve Jobs not being a part of day to day will leave an empty spot in the company (like many before me have said) Apple will do just fine, I'm totally confident.
Apple has been shaped by Steve Jobs, and his vision, it's hard to look at an Apple product and not see a part of that vision, and it will be like that for sometime, if not indefinitely.
However, Steve has never acted alone, there are hundred of thousands of people that we as consumers, and some of us, as journalists never get to see or meet, I think, as I read some comments, that people forget this, and underestimate in some cases, how those people you never see, can be just as influential in a product as the person you do see, sometimes, even more so.
I still have plans to buy an iPhone 4S/4G/5/whatever-it-will-be, and an iPad 2, and 3, and so on, as well as a new Mac, I think the next 24 months will be interesting, I think we'll see some things out of Apple we likely wouldn't have seen with Steve in the primary role of CEO, and I'm confident those things will succeed (I have no internal info, just for the record.).
I suppose in closing, I'll say this. The day had to come, like it or not, that Steve had to take a step back. We've all known that Steve and his health situation has been slowly deteriorating, even if we didn't want to admit it. Like has been said before me, I'm happy that he's taking the step back, before it's urgent, so that he can hopefully, stick around, and guide Apple for years to come, but also, so that, if these are indeed his last years in life, He can actually, you know, enjoy some time, not doing Apple stuff, as he's really dedicated his entire life to it.

I'm not worried! I just hope that Tim Cook has a little asshole in him! Every company needs an asshole at the top. And I hope he's a an asshole over the small things like Steve! I love Steve for the asshole in him! (No homo) LOL

you don't get to the top like that by being Mr. Nice Guy. I'm pretty sure Tim Cook has some asshole in him. You need it to make the really tough decisions that end up pissing some people off.

I think in some regards the success of Apple will depend on us, "the little people." Of course Apple will not be the same without Steve's previous level of involvement, but if all of us panic over his departure I think that will have a negative ripple effect. I have to believe that as brilliant and as forward thinking as Steve is, that everything he is doing is planned very precisely and there are probably plans in place that we know nothing about. I will miss the old Apple "with Steve" but I think that the new apple "without Steve" will continue to be great.

Until Steve takes his final breath or quits apple completely, i don't think anything will be any different

Steve Jobs is the visionary behind it all. Not only could his departure affect Apple, it could affect the entire mobile industry. I don't think anyone would deny that it was the iPhone that actually revolutionized the smartphone industry. All others (whether it be Droid powered phones or Blackberrys) take their cue from Apple and what it is doing. Not only could this mean an end of an era in Apple inc., but it could also mean an end of an era in the entire mobile smartphone industry. I do wish Mr. Jobs well and hope he is able to recover from whatever is ailing him so that he can continue doing what he loves.

Does anyone at tipb have spell "an" grammar checking capabilities? And maybe a sentence with less that five ",'s" in it? I mean, you are, writing like, two paragraphs of info, take some pride and, make the, damn thing easier to, um read,,,,,

To be honest, I always thought Forstall would be 1st in line for the top spot considering that he's in completely charge of iOS. His division is at the heart of Apple right now.

I wonder if Apple will be less controling now. I also wonder if we will see some enw designs from jophny ive that jobs turned down but tim will approve 9Since Tim IS in charge now kids)

All the Apple executives looks so happy, except for Jonathan Ive. What's wrong Jony boy? Did you want to be the CEO? twitpic.com/6b5jhs

I have zero confidence that anyone else as CEO of Apple (or any other tech company) will ever care as much about what kinds of products they release, the same way Steve Jobs does. The first tablet he rejected years ago surely would have been acceptable to a Tim Cook, or anyone else, had he not been there.
Apple's finest days are behind them, even if they do remain number one.

As long as Jobs' legacy lives (whether he is alive or not), Apple will not change. Apple is Jobs, and the moment it's forgotten, it'll be the end of Apple.

Not worried til after Cook really. Jobs will still have influence for now.
But keep in mind that it takes a very strong individual at the top, such as Jobs, to get everyone to buy into what he or she wants. Let's hope Apple doesn't devolve into the kind of leadership that we see at other companies. Releasing products that shouldn't get green light, going for scale before a product is ready, etc.

Tim Cook has stepped in the two previous times Steve Jobs has stepped away. So it is a role he's comfortable with and if Steve Jobs recommended him obviously a role Jobs was happy about when he returned. In the hay day when computers was the Microsoft vs Apple, Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs scenario Jobs leaving would have made a HUGE impact. However Bill Gates has been gone for so long and it's just a different time now. So I think Apple will be fine and with some different ideas there is room to go up the game is what the company makes it. So they are at the top of the game now but introducing a new product adds to the ladder of success and gives them more room to rise. So all Tim Cook has to remember is "Say no to Flash"

Since I am not a total iPhone or Apple fan for that matter, sometimes I think that I don't really like him, but then I am unreasonable. I do admire Steve Jobs as he is one of the greatest of all time and Apple won't be where she is if it wasn't for him and all the other dedicated Apple people.