Celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings: Seal, Minka Kelly, Hugh Jackman, Kate Hudson and more!

Hello everyone and welcome to TiPb’s weekly celebrity iPhone and iPad sightings roundup! Time to take a little break from your daily routine and relax with some gossip from the world of the rich and famous. What do all of these celebrities have in common? They all were spotted with an iPhone or iPad, of course. Check out a ton of pictures after the break, and if you spot a celebrity rocking an iPhone or iPad, drop us a note at news@tipb.com so we can include them in the next roundup, next week!

Please note: Some pictures may from time-to-time be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) so use discretion when viewing.

Seal takes an iPhone break from the slopes with wife Heidi Klum.


Paris Hilton goes brunette instead of her usual blonde. Her iPhone has a black and yellow case.


Minka Kelly arrives at LAX with her iPad in a white case.


Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal runs errands in Brooklyn.


Kate Hudson clutches her iPhone close.


Hugh Jackman has a muffin in one hand and his iPad (in a bright green case) in the other.


Drew Barrymore chats on her iPhone while strolling with boyfriend Will Kopelman.


Courteney Cox finishes some last minute Christmas shopping in Malibu.


Brenda Song has a terribly happy poncho on, and a "best friends" case on her iPhone. I wonder who has the matching one?


Ashley Tisdale has a fun case on her iPhone.


Amanda Seyfried has her hands full while out walking her dog.

Michelle Haag

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There are 14 comments. Add yours.

Hudson says:

I feel so much better about myself and owning an iPhone and iPad because I see celebs using them. What brand of toilet paper do they use and do you have photos?

international says:

LMAO! I wanna know that too :p

Nicole says:

how about you just not read it? And leave everyone else alone

Hudson says:

Amen. Celebrity-sighting posts should be reserved for Perez Hilton-esque sites. My self-image is not determined by my iPhone ownership nor whether or not a celebrity is using the same phone/toilet paper/lawn mower/laundry detergent I'm using. Who cares? Be green... conserve blog space.

Jay says:

I actually like the celebrity pics of the mobile device they use... It's really out of curiosity!! Keep'em coming Michelle!!

Nicole says:

Hey if you don't like it how about you try not looking, it's not like anyone is forcing you idiot

Nicole says:

Oh and keep the pics coming its def interesting and entertaining

Joey Richardson says:

I would have thought they would have some cool cases for their iPads and iPhones. Hugh had the best with his neon green bumper or whatever it is called. They should have stylish portenzo cases and skins. portenzo.com

Candice Cota says:

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