T-Mobile USA targeting unlocked iPhone, iPad owners

T-Mobile USA targeting unlocked iPhone, iPad owners

Sure, AT&T might be trying to buy T-Mobile US, and sure, T-Mobile got into the microSIM game before AT&T and Apple made them famous, but it looks like now T-Mo is actually going after iPhone and iPad owners before the former, using the latter.

Already have a GSM phone or iPhone that you need to activate—or have an unlocked GSM phone you want to use on the T-Mobile network? Just get a Micro SIM card and choose a plan. Slip the ready-to-use Micro SIM Card into your phone and you’re ready to go.

And why not, there's reported over 1,000,000 unlocked iPhones already on the magenta network.

When I roam in the US, often at trade shows like CES, I often have to switch between AT&T and T-Mo, as often as I change buildings. That's not an option for US iPhone users, but if you're willing to live with EDGE speeds and pay for a second plan you could have the next best thing.

(Though yeah, the two year contract is nuts)

[T-Moble via App Advice]

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T-Mobile USA targeting unlocked iPhone, iPad owners


Your forgetting one thing. I was a t mo iPhone user for the last 2 years and loved the phone buy
T one huge problem. It's a nightmare called EDGE. Tell the users that every where they go they'll be on edge and for me that meant switching to at and t.

Having a 2G Orig Iphone on TMO was fine for me. Yes EDGE was garbage, but alot better the GPRS. Matter of fact I still have it and it works fine. Just sans chip since moving to Sprint. (Come ON Sprint Iphone 5!)