TouchPal keyboard will swipe itself onto iOS 8 this fall

TouchPal shows off its keyboard for iOS 8

After Apple had announced that it would be opening up iOS 8 to third-party keyboards, TouchPal will be the latest to port its Android keyboard to Apple's mobile platform in a bid to offer consumers a different, and hopefully better, keyboard alternative. TouchPal joins a list of third-parties that have announced that they will be making their keyboards available once iOS 8 launches this fall, including Swiftkey, Swype, Fleksy, and others.

In a demo posted to YouTube, TouchPal shows off the keyboard and the swiping, rather than typing, to form words in Apple's stock Messages app. The keyboard also supports next word prediction, something that iOS 8's native keyboard will also offer, as well as auto-correct, though neither feature was shown in the demo.

As an iPhone user, what keyboard are you looking forward to seeing most?


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Antagunist says:

Looking forward to Swype first, Swiftkey 2nd.

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jrsharp70 says:

Reverse for me, but they are basically equivalent.

tennockey says:

This looks really smooth! Can't wait!

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luvesuga says:

Not a big fan of Swype or SwiftKey. I use google keyboard on my android devices. This looks great!

CharlesCopley says:

Why are you on an Apple site then?

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Taz89 says:

Some people are just a fan of tech, doesn't mean if you use a android device then you must stay away from anything that isn't Android and same goes the other way round.

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machzk says:

The Google keyboard is not a good option did those who communicate in more than one language. I love swift key on Android because of my ability to simply chat in either language o speak.

emjayess says:

Hopefully, the new native app will equal or surpass the third party keyboards.

WestonCory says:


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indie-android says:

I just got Swift Key for my Android phone and I love it. Swype is very good, but Swift Key is better. Once ios 8 comes out, I'll get Swift Key for my iPhone 5s.

eahinrichsen says:

Yeah once SwiftKey introduced Flow, it completely surpassed Swype. Obviously Swype was the innovator there, but SwiftKey implemented it better, I think.

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machzk says:

What's the difference between the two? I use swift, but I have never tried Skype.

indie-android says:

Swype, not Skype.

Swift Key appears faster, and the keyboard layout customizations are nicer.

machzk says:

Oops, auto correct problems with swift key...

heyjohnnybravo says:

Looking forward to this year's iPhone refresh for sure!

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cwtong says:

It's a Chinese company, for those who have no idea

CharlesCopley says:

I'll see what the stock keyboard has to offer first. My fat fingers prevent me from swiping

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ljpuk says:


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BuddhaBChrissy says:

Definitely looking forward to SwiftKey. :)

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