UI concept designer Jan-Michael Cart to intern at Apple

UI concept designer Jan-Michael Cart to intern at Apple

Jan-Michael Cart, noted for his iOS user interface concept videos, is heading off to work at Apple.

And like that, my time has come — I am now a member of the Apple community. I will still update my website with random small portfolio additions. I will also open up the blog portion of my website to document my day-to-day happenings in Cupertino. Stay tuned!

Several of Cart's UI videos focused on notification handling, making him the latest in a series of notification-centric designers brought in by Apple, including ??, known as the father of webOS notifications, to Peter Haas, who developed the Jailbreak MobileNotifier package.

Curiouser and curiouser. Check out a few of Cart's videos, below.

Source: Jan-Michael Cart via iPhoneinCanada.com

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Mikeed8986 says:

everything looks great "on paper" but can they realistically be done without compromising apple's battery-life standards? specifically the dynamic icons. everything else looks amazing and doesn't seem like they would require very much more resources. now it's only a matter of finding the right engineers to turn these ideas into reality.
let's get to it apple! we need more innovation please!

Julian Pichelski says:

I really love these ideas and I hope we get to see some of these great concepts put into action.

DeLeon Hughes says:

This needs to happen, like, NOW!!

Mh123lol says:

That is CallBar and IntelliScreenX ripoff i dont like what i see...

Soto619 says:

This video is older then those tweaks hommie, check yo self, before you wreck yo self, yo! Lol. Seriously tho' the videos are older.

Joe K says:

hope to be out in iOS 6

Num says:

All of these ideas are amazing!

Alexis Morin says:

Or you could get an Android.

It'sJustMe says:

Two Door Cinema Club! Oh and the fact that this should be in iOS 6. Just when I thought there was no longer a need to jailbreak, I want this to happen like... yesterday!

Kayakou Sm says:

Widgets schould be cool on iPhone

Sky says:

i think you're being a little oiismpittc it just doesnt have the kind of power to run that kind of stuff, maybe 2nd and 3rd gen will though . but for $500, you're better off either with a gaming pc or ps3