Vector 23: Matt Drance on Apple marketing

Vector 23: Matt Drance on Apple marketing

Matt Drance, former Apple evangelist and current Apple Outsider talks to Rene about how Apple’s approach to outbound and product marketing differs from other consumer electronics companies.

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Rene Ritchie

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Brady KEITH says:

"at Apple it really is just do we make the best product possible."
"this is profitable. build something around it."

"apple's a product company....the technology there is a means to an provide a good experience."

"[Apple is speaking to] things....that ordinary people see value in."

"'it's when technology disappears that the experience really matters.'"

^these. good stuff, guys. thanks!

what do you guys make of Googorola's production of the moto x with (what I perceive as) a focus on the 'forget specs....what does it do' mindset? how has that 'aim' been translated into an effective marketing campaign (or has it), as compared to Apple's marketing of iProducts? in sum, is Google catching on to Apple's marketing and/or product development style?

Rene Ritchie says:

I haven't seen much Moto X marketing, but that it's not the latest technology but, by virtue of being an amazing experience, it's often cited as the "best" phone, means a lot.

Becjr says:

Such a great cast... So many points of interest is have to write a book to provide ample feedback, but on this up note I'm still laughing about the "Predator Watch"!
Thank you very much

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asuperstarr says:

This guy brought a whole new perspective in how apple approach with features and product. Great interview!

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Nicholas Kathrein says:

You can see he knows about Apple very well since he worked their but his views of Android are colored. He really says only a few things about Android but made uneducated comments that you get when you are taught that "they" are your enemies and not as good as you. Still a very enlightening view inside Apple. Thanks Rene.