Vector 36: Wearables, phablets, and the next big thing

Vector 36: iWatches, iPhablets, and Apple's next big thing

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Vector 36: iWatches, iPhablets, and Apple's next big thing


A friend of mine saw a Google Glass get ripped off someone's face, crushed, then thrown to the ground in SF. All part of the protest against Google here in the SF area last Friday.

Turns out that it's not just Googlers and their relatively high salaries that are pushing out long-time residents. That's all the media understood until recently. No, the real problem is Googlers who are pooling their resources, buying up apartment buildings, evicting long-time tenants, then raising rents to make more money.

Tell me how that fits in with "Don't be evil."

Your title suggests that you are talking about wearables in general. But you are only talking about Apple! You didn't even mention googles approach. Sad...

I mentioned Google's approach. And how Glass headsets are being ripped off people's faces and destroyed.

Are they discussing that at Android Central? No? Sad...

We've done entire shows on Google, this one happened to be specifically about the wearable market. As a tech geek, I'm interested in all of it, just can't fit all of it in one show.

Sorry but I do not get it why talking wearables means only talking Apple. Specially if the Google ecosystem is already showing their first approach of how they plan to realize their first smart watches.

Maybe because it's an Apple centered podcast? I'm sure Android Central's podcasts are biased towards focusing on Google products. Go check one of them out if you prefer.

I hear you Rene but you have a Ben Bajarin on who has all these numbers and experties. Your other talks about Android Ware has been from your staff which is no Ben Bajarin. Then Ben goes into talking about how if only other watch companies could plug into Apple products and eco system that would make Apple lots of money and would be more important than an Apple made watch / wearable. That would be the perfect time to ask how a watch company with no computer experience is going to do an OS that ties into Apple. We know Apple won't give an OS out and to do a Car Play thing on a watch the watch makers would then have to have software to even get the projection from the phone to work. You do these pod-casts which I believe all Mobile Nations Listeners are interested in. Please don't just look only from Apple's side of these things. I come to Mobile Nations sites for all the different coverage for all companies devices. Even Blackberry! I had no idea Vector was an Apple only podcast.

You know what would be great is if you had someone that's a fan of Android or wp etc and a fan of ios on the show together to debate.. Many things this Ben guy says are that's debatable but you seem to just agree with whatever he says so no real questioning goes on.. Now your both users of apple products primarily so that makes sense so would be good if someone thats not primarily a apple user debate why some things he says isn't as simple as it he says it sometimes.. Example the note series "lack" of sale in the US vs 5c. It's just not that simple. I would go into it but I hate writing lol and to explain it would probably take a article in itself as it's not as simple as comparing phone A to be phone B as the structure of how the 2 oems sells there devices as well as there market isn't same.. Small example is iPhone 5s sells way more than than the s5. But it's not that simple as ios doesn't have no competitors within that sell other ios flagship device so if you want a flagship ios device you MUST get the Apple iPhone 5s where as for Samsung it isn't if you want a flagship Android device you must get the s5 instead you have Android flagships such as z2,m8,oppo 7,g2 etc etc and am sure someone will say duh the 5s is competing with them too if then you missed completely what I said as my point is if you want ios you must get apple but if you want Android you don't need to go Samsung. All ios sales go to Apple, all Android sales don't go to Samsung. so all though you can compare and just leave it but that's not really a apples to apples comparison as the situations are completely different(no pun intended lol) and just not telling the whole story.

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This was a specific show on a specific topic, if you look back a couple episodes ago we had Phil Nickinson on for an hour to talk about the state of Android.

I'm not sure what you mean about there being only one Apple flagship phone though, isn't that the point to their strategy?

That's what I mean, it would be nice if you have different views debating with each other.. The title suggest that it would be about wearables etc, but it didn't say it would be all about apple only which it was. My iPhone 5s example was an example to show that when comparing flagships from one platform to another its not a 1 to 1 comparison. I'm not sure how much more simpler I can make it but it's simple logic really.. You have 100 ios customers, they all have to buy the iPhone to experience ios and hence apple gets all 100 sales. You have 100 Android customers, they can choose any number of devices and not all 100 customers will go to 1 oem, some will go to htc, some to Sony etc. I was just trying to show that when people try to compare it's never that simple and other variables needs to be taken into consideration.

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But then call the podcasts: "How should Apple approach wearables?" So that people know what to expect. I at least thought Vector was a platform independent show. But it turns out to be Apple centric.

I don't understand how talking about when Apple MIGHT enter a product category or about how financial analysts don't understand Apple, while not talking about any of the current players or even the potential in Android Wear makes for a platform agnostic conversation about wearables.

To echo what's been said by hgaedke already, label your episodes better so that people can filter appropriately.

I think the issue is we (mobile nations fans) see a Vector podcast where you talk to Ben Bajarin on many topics and wareables and you don't talk about the 800 lb gorilla (Google Ware). I keep getting the statement in my mind "Sir you are no Ben Bajarin." I love Phil but you can't compare your chat with Phil to the chat you just had with Ben. Ben is a principal Industry Analyst, studying personal computing trends at Creative Strategies, Inc. Phil is in charge of Android Central. Which insight would you rather get?

Apologies folks, I've re-titled the episode.

It didn't occur to me that anyone would care that Apple was the subject of the show. I would have named it the same had it been an all Tizen extravaganza.

I like technology, not just one company. I don't care who's name is on the atoms or bits or pixels in anyone's pocket.

Ben and I were simply carrying on a conversation from Macworld.

Sometimes Vector will be like that, other times it will cross vast swathes of companies.

I hope you enjoy the variety.

Thanks for reacting to feedback. Additionaly I would like to recommend that you at least try to be more objective. This Apple obsession you have can become a professional stumbling block for you in the long run. Regards from Germany! Hans

We've done two episodes entirely about BlackBerry. We just did a show all about Android.

I'd dare say we're one of the most objective, well rounded shows in the space.

It is no about counting how many shows you do about a certain os. The problem is that in Vector at least you should try to be balanced and stop this worshiping of Apple and bashing of other products that you constantly do. You are always trying to prove that Apple does it better. Privately I use an Android phone and an Apple tablet. For my work in which I do software development I have to use a Windows operated machine. They all have their pros and cons. Lets speak openly about the competing ecosystems. Invite different people to have a real and interesting discussion in Vector. Don't always defend Apple! That way this place will get even better!

Did Palm OS release a wareable? They released Pam Ware didn't they? Or are they calling it HP Ware? Just being snarky. Phil you understand that we like your insight but when you have a market analysis on and they are talking about how if Apple could get 3rd party luxury watch vendors to engineer their watches to talk to Apple products we're screaming in our cars "that is why Android Ware would be so good!" "Ask about Android Ware!" It's like I watching a horror movie and screaming at the tv for the person to get out of the house when the guy is hiding in that room she's in. So frustrating!