Venus, Steve Jobs' yacht, launches in the Netherlands

Venus, Steve Jobs' yacht, launches in the Netherlands

Venus, the yacht that Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, was working on before he passed away has been seen for the first time off the Feadship docks in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. One More Thing scored the picture above and below.

Designed by Philippe Starck, Venus sounds, unsurprisingly, like an Apple Store taken float, with an aluminum exterior measuring 80 meters long that -- you guessed it -- makes it lighter than other yachts in its class. The design is minimalist, with teak decks and floor-to-ceiling glass, and 7 iMacs are front and center in the wheelhouse.

The Jobs family is reportedly on hand for the launch. More photos and details via the link below.

Source: One More Thing via The Verge

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Reader comments

Venus, Steve Jobs' yacht, launches in the Netherlands


OK this thing is fugly.

Steve should have spent that time focusing on his health from the beginning, which his book tells us he wasn't, instead of building this monstrosity. This must have been his gift to himself like most billionaires do. They need that one thing to say "Nobody has this but me."

This makes me call into question all the hyperbole, from Steve himself & others who worshiped at his alter, the claims of his good taste & knowledge of good style.

I'm just finishing Job's biography, and it mentions the fact that they had rented a yacht occasionally for vacations, and Steve was often unhappy with them, sometimes even cutting the trip short and going to their favorite spot in Hawaii.. So, in typical Steve fashion.. if nobody makes something that he is satisfied with, he'll get it done himself..