Regarding Verizon listing Apple iOS under Shop for Smartphones

Regarding Verizon listing Apple iOS under Smartphones

Over the last couple days we've received tons of tips about Verizon adding Apple iOS to their Shop for Smartphones menu (see above). No doubt fueled by recent rumors, the assumption is that it's a harbinger of the near-legendary Verizon iPhone.

It's sometimes clickable and sometimes not. When it is clickable it gives you a list of Androids, BlackBerrys and such. That strikes me as either brilliant if shady competitive marketing (hey, you're here for iPhone? Click me! Here you go, they're like iPhones...!) or just some screwy code that ought only be enabled for tablets, namely iPad + Mifi.

Either way, you still can't get an iPhone on Verizon. Yet. So relax. Breathe. Stand down. Unlock and unload. They're only on the 4th Seal and there won't be silence in rumorland for a few more still...

[Thanks Kevin!]

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Regarding Verizon listing Apple iOS under Shop for Smartphones


For me it's only enabled when you select iPad as the category. I'm only confused as to why they have "Apple" and "Apple iOS". Maybe they are planning on selling MacBooks as well? :)

The Verizon iPhone is clearly going to happen. It's just a matter of time. And it's better for everyone involved. Less strain on AT&T's network, choice of network, etc.
I just hope it is a dual band GSM/CDMA because fragmenting the iPhone hardware may end up hurting the platform.

God I can't wait until Verizon DOES get the iPhone so that everyone realizes that Verizon is EXACTLY THE SAME as ATT.
I'm so sick of people always begging for the mythical Verizon iPhone as if a different carrier will somehow be so magically and profoundly different that it will not only provide superior service but also cure cancer. It's a carrier. Just like every other carrier.
Contrary to popular myth Verizon doesn't care about its customers any more than any other carrier does. It also won't have better service than any other carrier does. GET OVER IT.

Agree with you Jeff. My only reason for wanting it is that they have better coverage in my area, and 95% of the people I call regularly are on them already.

Jeff you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. Well actually, you are correct that Verizon doesn't care about it's customers any more (or less) than any other carrier. But as far as there being EXACTLY THE SAME, you're dead wrong. In fact, CDMA is far superior in building penetration than GSM. I've had the iPhone 4 for 2 months and every time I step into a building I suffer signal degradation. Also much older buildings will completely cut my signal. And it's been found by many people, journalists, publications, etc that Verizon works better and has more coverage in the areas that said people frequent. So no, they are not exactly the same.

hey joey,
i work in a skyscraper and frequently go to the lower levels , never have a problem.
user error

I dnt understand all this hype its just a cellphone i had verizon and there service was horrible in my area of new york city while at&t gave me great service. All cell phone companies are the same share the same towers, all have dropped calls and the list goes on. there just making money off of you gullible individuals believing the hype.

The only reason why I'd like to see the iPhone on verizon or any other carrier is bc with AT&T I have NO Signal at my job !!! Every other carrier has service !!! This is my only gripe with AT&T !!!

Hey Dan,
I'm glad you don't have issues, but just because you don't doesn't mean there isn't a real problem. I too run into issues with many buildings. Not every single one, but enough that it's annoying.
Verizon's 3G uses a much lower frequency, which makes it much better at penetrating through buildings and such, and that's a proven fact. Donsome research before you attack somebody over something as simple as what carrier would work better in their part of the country

"their only on the 4th seal" Ha! that's great an apocalypse end of time Bible reference! Love it!! Too funny!!!

I've used the iPhone for a long time, and in the Bay Area (CA) there are very few places I lose signal, none of them being large buildings. I now carry a work issue VZW Droid Incredible as well, and while coverage is better in more remote areas, overall call quality, and in building (skyscraper) reception has been terrible. I personally much prefer AT&T, not only for their call quality, and the iPhone, but also because 90% of my family and friends use it across the country. Most of them are very satisfied iPhone users a well.
I've read the painful carrier reports on AT&T service in San Francisco time and time again, yet on my many trips I have never experienced any reception or usage issues. My friends that live there have no problems either. I personally have difficulty taking part in, or believing, the reports that rate AT&T service so poorly. I understand people experience different things in different areas, but my iPhone is apparently magical. Anyway, my feet are starting to hurt on this soapbox. I couldn't care less if Verizon gets the iPhone. I think more people will be disappointed than not when the device doesn't meet their absurd expectations on a new carrier.