Verizon releases Q4 results, revenues up 7.7%, subscribers up 1.5 million

Verizon Q4 releases Q4 results, revenues up 7.7%, subscribers up 1.5 million

Verizon has released their Q4 2011 financial results and they seem to have done fairly well for themselves -- 18.3 billion in gross profits, up 7.7%. Wireless revenue was up 13% with data revenue up 19.2%. (And yes, in case you were wondering, that's why carriers want data-hungry devices like iPhones on their network.)

iPhone sales numbers weren't disclosed in the results but Verizon had previously stated 4.2 million of Apple's handsets went out the door last quarter. That's double the previous quarter, which is impressive considering overall smartphone sales were short.

It will be interesting to see the next few quarters when the iPhone 4S isn't the newest, hottest handset on the market and rival platforms start to release their big hero devices.

Apple reports their Q1 2012 results later today.

Source: Verizon

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Danny Michel says:

how is that compared to at&t iPhones

Eric says:

They are also reporting a $2 billion loss saying its the iPhones fault. Don't carriers have to subsidize all phones and not just the iPhone?

Andrew Evans says:

Yes, but they likely have to pay higher subsidies on the iPhone than they do with other smartphone OEMs. Apple apparently doesnt cut bulk deals for the iPhone like the Android OEMs do.

Eric says:

Well if Verizon lost two billion, what's going to happen with sprint?