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Video now online for Bloomberg Present Game Changers: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs on Bloomberg's Game Changers

Bloomberg has aired their Game Changers special featuring Steve Jobs and now the video is available online. In it, you will learn many things about Steve Jobs, Apple, iPod, iPhone, iPad and everything else that comes with starting one of the most influential technology companies in the world.

Check out the video via the link below and then let us know your favorite (or least favorite!) parts in the comments.

[Game Changers: Steve Jobs - Video]

by Brian Tufo

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Reader comments

Video now online for Bloomberg Present Game Changers: Steve Jobs


Ironically, the video is not available on any Apple iDevices, only on Android or PCs.

Good documentary. Despite being a big consumer of apple products, I did not know much about apple and Steve.
The video plays well on my Mac

Fired up my Directv app and made sure I recorded it while I was sitting right in front of my tv. Damn this technology!

video played perfectly on my mac, i love the subtle last line of the video saying apple is leader in mp3 computer and " i wouldnt doubt television" what can we see coming up !!

So stupid, should not be allowed to record anything apple related in flash. I love flash when I'm on my pc but most of the time I'm on my iP4.... Now I got to turn on my computer...

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