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Google I/O kicks off today, what might it bring the iPhone and iPad?

Just as Apple took over Moscone Center in San Francisco earlier this month for WWDC, Google this week descends upon the very same venue for its annual I/O developer conference. And while the meat of the discussions are related to Google's own platforms – Android, Chrome and all things related – we shouldn't ever forget that the iPhone is one of the absolute best Google phones money can buy.

As such there's a great chance that we'll see some news of interest this week coming out of the event and Mobile Nations will be live on the ground to bring it all to you. Read on to see what you need to know.

How to follow the action

Android Central will have the men on the ground – Hi Jerry, hi Phil! – and naturally the main focus of the event will be relayed by the team there. There's a spiffy new event page where you'll find everything Google I/O related and of course anything of note for iPhone and iPad owners will find its way to the front page of iMore too. You'll also want to be sure to follow along on the socials.

It all kicks off with a keynote at 9 a.m. Pacific, (12 p.m Eastern and 5 p.m.) in London and the Android Central guys will be running a liveblog that you won't want to miss. All the links you need are below.

What might we see?

Tons of new stuff for Android and Chrome. OK, you want more? Alex Dobie at Android Central has rounded up a pretty comprehensive preview of the event, and we might even be looking at competitors announced to the Apple TV and CarPlay. Then there's Android Wear, Google's wearable software platform and it's not absolutely ridiculous to imagine that iPhone support could well emerge for smartwatches that use it. It's definitely one to watch. And that's without even mentioning that the next version of Android will see some kind of preview.

Google Glass could also see some focus. Already open to use by folks who carry an iPhone, the big news recently was an expanded Explorer program that sees Glass available now in the UK – with a pretty hefty price tag to boot. It isn't yet in consumer ready form but Google will quite possibly look toward its future at I/O.

Away from major software platforms or possible hardware announcements, Google could talk some about improvements to its services and the mobile apps that come with them. Google's apps for iOS are pretty darn good – love them or hate them – and when Google talks mobile, we're always listening. There's no doubt a few folks out there who would be interested to see what the future holds for Google Voice, for example.

Your hopes

So, that's a brief look at what we might see and how you can join Mobile Nations as Google I/O unfolds. If you've got something particular you're hoping for this week from San Francisco, be sure to drop it into the comments below!

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Google I/O kicks off today, what might it bring the iPhone and iPad?


How about Android 5.0? The lame trick of calling every year's release 4.x (to accumulate several years of 4.x install base) is getting old.

i mentioned this in a thread over @ ac, i was thinking lollipop, something with a sweet name to it. reason being is that at first i was guessing something with lemon but then i assume that google may not want people having a "sour/bad" taste in their mouths in the event if something goes wrong with a user. so yeah, lollipop, licorice? ugly and doubtful lol.

I wouldn't call it lame, maybe they just thought the fact that there wasn't any huge ui facing changes(sure there is plenty of changes in the background) it wasn't worth doing a full number update. Imo it makes sense to only jump numbers if there is a huge ui change that users will see. It makes sense for android to use the point update unless there is a huge ui change because most of Android main stuff Is updated independent of Android release ie maps, app stores, music player, Google now, play services etc is not part of the Android os and they are updated throughout the year. Now if those things were only updated with each Android update then they could name each new Android update as a major update as those are user facing changes. Example apple update all those things like siri, maps etc all with a full ios update so when they go from ios X to ios X it can get away with it but imagine when Android updated from 4.0 when to 4.1 was Instead 4.0 to 5.0 with no real ui changes, imo it doesn't look that good now if maps, play store, Google now were not updated via the play store and only with each Android update then going from 4 to 5 looks just fine. Btw the rumors does suggest that it will be 5.0 this time as the next Android version is suppose to have a huge change in the way it looks.
Posted via the Android iMore App!

Lamest numbering scheme. Why different names if the update isn't big enough for a full digit change. But all that is fine, what's unbearable is that the most powerful android device of 2012, Note II, was last updated only a few months after its release, still on 4.1.2. Even 4 years old iPhone is getting the latest updates. Switching to the giant screen iPhone once it is released.

Pretty sure we have had enough OSX version that they literally ran out of Cat names. Also if you thinking logically there hasn't been a huge need to change, 4.x brought the new Android, where designed matters and since then they have been focusing more on refining the experience, and bring about a new design language, we see this from the tron phase, Holo and now the new L design language. 5.x should come when the next big thing happens to Android, it could be at IO with all this talk of Chrome meshing together with Android.

Absolutely would be. Given Google's affinity for iOS already and the fact that Glass can be used with an iPhone it's not unthinkable it could happen. We can but hope at least :)

I'm expecting more whiz-bang kewl stuff that spies on you so El Goog can make more advertising bux.

It doesn't actually matter what they call it: Google Now for Spaceships, ¡Google Ahora!, Google McGooglystein's Magic Carpet, or even Google Vercingetorix Back From The Dead.

It's all just spyware :)

I would like them to explain what will happen to youtube, and the small musician. It appears after all the years of free, they are shutting a lot down, delete the videos. I fear youtube will turn into a pay service of some type. I know there is a lot of pure crap uploaded, but the direction they are going is not good.