Who has the most satisfying customer experience in the UK? That'll be Apple Retail

Leading UK consumer campaigner, Which?, has conducted a survey into customer satisfaction across UK high-street retail stores. While the likes of WHSmith and carrier, EE, scored near the bottom, is there any surprise who topped the table? Apple Retail Stores.

Over 11,000 UK consumers responded to the survey, with Apple coming out on top with an 85% satisfaction score. Apple Retail Stores were praised specifically for their "unique look and feel" and "great customer service."

Apple Retail Stores do stand out among their competitors. The look and feel is indeed unique, but such customer services as EasyPay allowing payment via your iTunes account through your iPhone sets Apple apart from the rest. It's no doubt a great result for Apple, but 11,000 people doesn't come close to the numbers that pass through Apple Retail Stores each and every day.

Personally, I can't recall a visit to an Apple Store that I'd consider unsatisfactory, and though they're often extremely busy, there's never much of a wait to be dealt with by a member of the store team. Not counting the Genius Bar, of course. But how about you, have you ever had a bad experience in an Apple Retail Store?

Source: The Independent

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Reader comments

Who has the most satisfying customer experience in the UK? That'll be Apple Retail


I had an awful experience buying my iphone 5. Once I got helped it was fine but the 45 minute long wait when I pre-ordered sucked. Especially when I saw product runners just standing around. Eventually someone noticed I was left waiting after I was told it would be a few minutes and apologized profusely. Got my phone and I was happy but the wait did suck.

Also when I was buying an ipad smart case I was kind of treated rudely by an employee, who acted like he was doing me some huge favor by ringing me up when I could have prepaid for it on my iphone. I'm uncomfortable with the concept of paying for it on my phone and just grabbing the item so I'd rather have an employee ring me up.

I think a line with some actual cashiers would be helpful. The stores feel so chaotic every time I walk in. Its hard to tell who has been helped and who needs help still so I'm not really sure where to wait to find an employee if I do have a question.

Hmm... every Apple store I've been into in the UK has been so busy as to make for a pretty unpleasant experience. They're shoulder to shoulder in there, and the staff are, as you would expect, spread pretty thin between so many people.

I think they could improve the stores considerably if they just blocked Facebook on the Macs and iPads there, as that seems to be why at least half of the bodies in there have staggered in. Can they really not be away from Facebook for more than a hour or two? Are they that addicted to seeing pictures of their drunken friends? Sadly, that appears to be the case.

I agree, personally I've always had a great experience in Apple Stores, but I always see teenagers on Facefeck. Until they block it, just keep an eye out for one that doesn't log out of their account, then go to town :-D here's some inspiration: http://imgur.com/gallery/8viP8