Will WiGig make future iPhone, iPad Wi-Fi faster?

From the fine folks at the Wi-Fi Alliance, in collaboration with the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, comes WiGig, the the awkwardly names but drool worthy new standard that aims to take our cable-free data transfer into the next generation:

At a speed of 7 gigabits per second, WiGig can easily handle the transfer of high-def video. That positions it as a replacement for wired HDMI connections or optical audio cables. [...] The WiGig standard, which runs on the 60 GHz spectrum, could be made compatible with existing devices that support Wi-Fi, but those gadgets wouldn't see the speed benefits of WiGig.

Apple is seen as a likely candidate to implement the new spec-to-be as they embraced even the draft 802.11n early on in its life cycle.

Those hoping this gives us truly wireless iPhone and iPad sync, and video streaming to our living room TVs, well, we'd love that too but the realities of battery technology probably means there's still a charger or plug in the equation somewhere...

[LA Times Blog, thanks Steph for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Will WiGig make future iPhone, iPad Wi-Fi faster?


sorry but does the iphone 3g do wireless N? I don't think it does so how does that make Apple likely to adopt new standards? Does the 3gs even have wireless N?

Just googled it and no the 3GS isn't N at least not at launch and that was released years ago...Apple is definately NOT ahead of the curve on hardware

The iPhone only downloads at roughly 1 MB/s now even though wireless G can do much faster so how would WiGig or even N help

@Tom the new touches have n and 3GS was launched less than a year ago. Way to know your facts before you make obnoxious comments.

@Rknowlt: The 3rd generation iPod Touches (8, 16 and 32) are 802.11b/g. None of them are N WiFi. The iPad has N.
Know your facts!

@icebike : we've already known that AT&T had a 5 year contract. That was public knowledge back when the iPhone first launched. Even Leo Laporte was talking about it on TWiT and MacBreak Weekly.

You may say its common knowledge, but the rumors of Verizon iPhones won't go away, and EXCLUSIVITY has never been publicly confirmed by Apple or AT&T beyond the first 3 years, till these court documents were made available.
There is a reason these documents are being talked about in the press.

@icebike. Well they had a 5 year deal with apple so ya. And thats fine with me. Verizon is horrible where I live. AT&T is king where I live. Even if and when verizon or any other carrier gets it. AT&T will still have it. It just won't be exclusive to AT&T.

Isn't that the point of Exclusivity and a contract. Its not like the new deal with Verizon is going to rid At&t's deal with Apple. Apple wouldn't all of the sudden make CDMA and quit making GSM devices.

Please this must have been a slow news day. I'll take full 3G speed from AT&T when they finally get it. When everyone else has fully deployed 4G.

@ Rknowlt I mean N has been around for years I didn't mean the 3GS has been around for years...I mean the 3GS doesn't have N and N has been around for years so why anyone would think Apple would be early to adopt this is beyond me.

@baustin. That's what I typed. But there people out there that think that when and if big red gets it. Apple is done with AT&T. Obviosly there still going to stay with them.

Do we have an ETA for this WiGig? I've been using 802.11n almost since its inception w/ draft 1.0. The iPad has wireless-N, and so will the next iPhone that's coming out next month.
I'm not particularly impressed with these gimmicks, such as Sprint's 4G or T-Mobile's HSPA+, as I'm getting WAY faster speeds with the HSPA 7.2Mbps-capable 3GS. Will I be able to get 4.7Mbps consistently with the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint, 'cause that's what my 3GS is pulling down these days. On a bad day, I'll still get 3+Mbps. :D