Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

We've just given away three new iPhone 5 handsets and now we want to celebrate the release of the new iPod touch and iPod nano by giving some of those away as well. They're funner(erer?) than ever, and totally renanoed, and we know you want them, so here's the deal!

We're giving away two (2) free iPod touches and three (3) iPod nanos to lucky iMore readers!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below telling us which color iPod touch or nano you want. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next Tuesday, October 23, right here on the blogs. Right in time for the next big contest!

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the iPod, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5780 comments. Add yours.

jmaldonado says:

I would love a blue one!

alokeprasad says:

Dark grey iPod Touch, please.

jadesimian says:

I'd love a Product Red one!

djanark2000 says:

WHATEVER color you have is fine with me I LOVE FREE STUFF!!

dgrass90 says:

My first gen touch is going the way of the dodo. This would be sun-weet!!!

T-MoJoD says:

A Black iPod would be fun, Salamat!

Abrante says:

Any color will do. I will most likely apply a case regardless of the color.

LyndaP says:

I really like the yellow...

marcosis says:

White/Silver iPod Touch please!

word2u says:

It would be a great to have to use with my music collection :-)

rohdawgeleven says:

#463! Score! Thanks....Purple would be excellent.

tas430 says:

I'd love a silver nano, please!

jparker0717 says:

Blue has always been my favorite color, sooooo... I would love a blue one. Plus, it would match my eyes:)

BroKenNJ says:

My son is longing for a blue iPod Touch!

sethyC123 says:

Oh, I'd love a blue iPod Touch. ^__^

renegatdula says: a blue one for me please...

bbman2204 says:

I would love to win the Product Red edition iPod Touch, and if you don't give away those, i would like the Blue one. Thanks and keep the great articles coming.

PinkyNess says:

The pinkish red one would be nice for either. Thanks :)

MPKU says:

Black/ Dark Grey iPod touch, please.

danhodo says:

A looooong time ago I had my favorite iPod. A green iPod Mini. I cried when it broke. I would love a green iPod Touch to replace it!

dylanong says:

Black please. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Zlannie says:

A red Touch, thank you very much!!!

PINKLADY185 says:

In my opinion, they're all gorgeous!!! I'd be happy with any color. I just love Apple products. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these little beauties!! =)

bravoswin says:

I would like a nice shiny black Itouch please......where do I give you my address?

h2li says:

Nice giveaway! I want a black one.

JustLikePoison says:

I would love to win. Any color!

franciscosjb says:

Any color is fine for me! did won the iphone 5 :( but feeling lucky this time! with iMore Time!! any color is fine!! ahuuuaaaaaa !!!

Daspoo says:

I'd love one in "Red" - thanks! :D

Fokas914 says:

The blue iPod touch or nano looks beaaaauutiful

Clavos10 says:

If I could chose one for myself, it would be a black iPod touch, BUT because my wife and two daughters (18 months & 4 years) can successfully beat me up...
I will have to go with a blue a iPod nano.
*Final answer*

Darf1 says:

Black please..... it will match my new phone :)

sims88 says:

The black ipod touch for me guys

215gtownkid says:

I would love to win a black iPod touch. I have never owned a iPod and I have never won anything in my life and I'm 20. I just got my first iPhone the day it came out and should have gotten black so going with black for iPod touch PLEASE PICK MEEE!!!!!!!!

dloveprod says:

I like the pink iPod touch, or the red one to help fight aids in Africa.

cyaaa50 says:

Any color!! Keep up the great work guys!!

JNCOMAN1636 says:

Free iPod.......Yes Please!!!

Curtendz says:

Black touch if it's not too much trouble.

Thank you guys for the cool contest.

rockerchick says:

iPod touch me blue please!

jnichols_ttu says:

I'd like a Touch in the color of free!

phoenix3567 says:

I would love a Blue iPod Touch!!!

jlake02 says:

Blue please! Thanks for another contest!!

jyoung says:

I like the blue color. Another great give away from imore!

Dayronelias says:

Blue ipod touch please :}

davjaxn says:

Red please! Love the red!
I'd LOVE an iPod touch but those nanos are pretty sharp too!

babyblues197669 says:

OMGosh! You guys have the BEST contests anywhere! I would so love to get my mitts on a silver iPod touch!! Thanks for being so AWESOME!

jakeless.123 says:

A new red iPod touch would look amazing in my home. Thank you!

Pootie1969 says:

Purple!!! Real men have purple iPods.

fishfarm20 says:

I'd love to win one and give it to my son! Best of luck to all! :)

caropinzon says:

simple & sleek black iPod :D

toshiman says:

Yoohoo!!! Early Christmas!!! I never win!!! Red please!

zdn1042 says:

Blue FTW! Theme of iMore!

mail1945 says:

plan to give it to wife for xmas...

RyanCForston says:

I would like to win a white and silver iPod touch or nano. :)

jsimpson33 says:

I won't complain but would love a pink nano to give my daughter for her 7th bday.
Thx iMore

iNitvizn says:

Ipod nano or touch in silver please! Thanks!

suz5ive says:

Black/slate or green iPod Nano please and thank you! Oh and I finally received my iMore t-shirt in the it!!!

IvPadilla says:

I would love a black iPod Touch or Nano :)
It's my first time here and I'm really excited!
Thank you in advance!

ryrycalguy says:

I would love a slate iPod Touch. Yay!

Exxod says:

A black one would be cool! I'd appreciate it immensely!

bawdyprawn says:

Black on black looks amazing! The other colors with the white face are too two-tone for my tastes!

canarycny says:

Would like the (PRODUCT) RED iPod touch. Great color and goes to a great place.

michelle.1069 says:

Red....please, please, please!!! Good luck to everybody!!!

JonaYO says:

Blue ipod touch is nice! or Nanos for that matter XD

Ronno971 says:

I'm not going to be picky. I'll take any color. It's a free iPod.

Htaing562 says:

Please pick me, that blue look awesome..

Divegeek says:

It would be great to replace my 4th gen iPod touch

aallison05 says:

Pink iPod nano, would make a great gift for my wife!

ajodoin says:

Touch, any color available! thanks!

ana8el says:

yellow or green please!

3litedragon says:

I would love one, In Either Black or Silver & Thank you!!!

Hambone1028 says:

Any will do.....its an apple!

Ides of Buster says:

Yellow keeps me mellow. (iPod touch)

Freiteez says:

The blue iPod touch looks nice. So does the green nano

cfroisland says:

Black (slate?) either way

Chief203 says:

Black & Slate for either the Touch or Nano!!

gummycat says:

I'd be happy with any! But since you asked... Blue iPod Touch please! Thanks!

bascosauce says:

Black iPod touch or nano will for me!

jlw0211 says:

I would LOVE it if I won!!!! I would love to be able to give my son an iTouch for his birthday!!!!!!please please please please!!!!!

tessiesdad says:

I'll be on the blue team.

Steb says:

The green nano or the black touch. I'm still rocking the 1st gen touch so I think an upgrade is in order! Thanks!

email4nickp says:

I would love to win red apple nano/touch. Thanks

JumpingLlama says:

Red iPod Touch pleaseee :) thanks!

Joebin says:

I'll take a blue iPod thanks!

Scootinater says:

Blue, Orange, Green... they are all wonderful! Just like iMore!

DynaGix says:

I would be appreciative with any color. Well, I'm a dude, so I may want a non-pink/purple one.

wunhangios says:

I'm quite in the majority... Blue!

mrplow140 says:

Blue iPod touch or nano!

Lazerski says:

Red would be pretty cool or pink for the breast cancer awareness.

g_diddy says:

Red!!!! I was hoping the iPhone 5 would have come out in red, but I'll settle for this!

bholzgen says:

I'd be so happy if I won an iPod touch! I'd want the blue one.

MattBerry08 says:

Nice to have options, but a Black one for me!!

gadgetgirlann says:

i-love my apple devices, even siri tells me "I bet you say that to all your devices" i would love a blue i-pod touch (or a nano I could give to my husband since his 5th nano died), to go with my first white iPod that still works.

Sweese says:

Blue iPod touch pretty please!!!

nemesyssoft says:

Never had a touch or a nano. A white & silver would be nice!

Hogosha says:

I would like to have a new Red iPod Touch. Thanks iMore for another awesome giveaway and good luck to everyone.

avjoshi says:

I would love you guys more if I got a slate iTouch as I am an aspiring child app developer and I want to test on the latest and greates but I am unfortunately broke. The black nano would be nice to help me relax but I would really really prefer the touch

InsanelyGr8 says:

I'll take the blue one. : )

syllog says:

I'd love a slate iPod Touch!

ryan_the_kumquat says:

Black iPod touch to go with the black iPhone? Makes sense to me...

harryflyer says:

A Blue Ipod Nano would be fantastic!

dfine1966 says:

If it was for me, I would choose the blue iPod touch, but since I would give it to my daughter, I would have to ask for the Pink iPod Touch.

JPabes says:

I would greatly appreciate a Touch or Nano in 'Slate' please. I'm a massive music fan & would cherish the opportunity to explore new music via Spotify & iTunes. Also, iMore is one of my favorite tech site. Brilliant articles & vision! Thanks for your continued excellence & time! Cheers!

derrythe says:

A blue one would be awesome.

Jeanrosado says:

I would love a Black or white one.

hpyung says:

I think the blue one looks the best!!! Good luck to everyone :D

Doceric says:

A red iPod touch because it is RED HOT!

geekboy37 says:

Pick me please, I'll take silver!

thedynamicuno says:

Red! Because it's one of Orlando City Soccer Club's colors and it'll look good when it's being used at tailgates!!

dale225 says:

Glad to see Product Red around again, however I wish they had it without the writing on it. Best color (RED).

rhlanier says:

Blue blue blue and thanks to you!

Ofoneblood says:

iPod touch black please i need to own more then this old 2 gen iPod

itsme.boohoo says:

pink !! love it.. nano or touch will do.. tnx and God bless imore!

spanska_lag says:

I would like a blue iPod Touch! If they're all gone then a blue iPod Nano and if they're all gone too then any of them left :D

jwsnj3rd says:

Cool I'd love one. Frees for me :)

jk23 says:

My son would LOVE a Blue iPod Touch or nano! iMore Rocks!!

Gooshyz says:

My favourite colour, Red!

Thank you for hosting these contests.

Bob_B says:

Blue or black ipod touch please.


33497746 says:

I like the blue one thank you!!!

OddlyNormalOne says:

If you would be so kind to me, I'll take either one in slate. If you would be so kind to someone else, then I hope they enjoy it immensely!

curtisdesigngroup says:

Blue is especially fetching this time of year.

tmckin08 says:

Black iPod Nano please and thank you!!

bankai123 says:

Black ipod touch or nano would be awesome please

310mike says:

Darth Vader (Black) NANO! please? :)

BlackBerry Guy says:

A black iPod touch to keep my BlackBerry company would be great :)

Gotgame4u says:

I would like the black iPod touch.. Thank you very much

thekrayze says:

Good luck all, but hope I win.

pyramid38 says:

A new blue iPod would be fabulous. Another great giveaway.

asksteevs says:

Either red or black would be stellar but in the end regardless of the color I'd be stoked! ;-)

hggs says:

Black for me, please. Awesome contest as usual.

Kevinmichell says:

Gotta go with blue iPod touch

timbin63 says:

I would like a gray iPod Touch.

W1LL1AMC says:

Any color is fine with me! I<3iMore!!!!

Stychill says:

another contest, another chance to win my first idevice, pick me and let me experience the ios goodness first hand

takiv says:

Silver would be awesome

flovas says:

<--------------------And the Winner is

Ziltoid says:

Wow! This is another awesome giveaway. Kudos! I never owned any of the two so I would be very happy with either. With that said, I would love a black iPod touch. I think I would crap my pants lol

eatmydeftones says:

iPod nano (RED)

Also helping fight aids in Africa :D

Ctheo3 says:

I would love a red one of either kind!

mlbaker says:

Green would be a neat color. Thanks for the opportunity

jmac875 says:

I would love the blue touch.

Heelman67 says:

Any color not picking!!!! Well yellow, yes yellow sweet.

saltdogs23 says:

I want to get the blue ipod touch 5th generation, hope i WIN !!! thanx imore.

Buckly8 says:

I'd be happy with any color, though my favorite would be the black of either model.

agentmobile says:

I would love a red iPod touch ! :)

benwu says:

Man I would love to play with a touch. or nano

iLynn7 says:

I would love the pink iPod touch or the nano!!!! So excited!

rotkiv3451 says:

I'd like the Product Red iPod Touch, to help a good cause. If not possible, cyan is fine.

Neda11 says:

I'd like a silver iPod Touch, or a silver Nano, please,
Thank you!

souvec says:

Would love to win one for my son this Christmas!

adriancabrera says:

Aluminum is natural, but I am absolutely psyched for the blue iPod touch!

zsukm007 says:

My son wants a new iPod Touch bad. If I won, he would not have a preference which one I gave him. Ok, maybe not pink.

dweb#AC says:

a iPod touch in black. if i'd win i really wouldn't care what color it is.

goodevening says:

Black touch or purple nano!

gus210 says:

The nano with classic black is the best choice!

Nepaiphone says:

I'd love one. I like the blue but I'm not picky

MikeAng10 says:

My sons Michael 7 and Angelo 4 would love a blue iTouch. Thank you!!!

Bjones718 says:

I would love a blue one. Thanks iMore!

ariestocrat says:

white ipod touch!! pretty pretty pleaseee. *puppy eyes*

dgorth says:

Black is still the best, please and thank you.

nedu09 says:

Any color, Please and thank you!

Sh3ng says:

Thumb up for iMore... ^-^ yeah!!

mwzeien says:

Red iPod touch or black please!

beedonk#AC says:

blue ipod touch! that would be awesome!

ORMagana says:

This is my first comment and I would love to get the red one :)

jukie says:

I would love to win a pink iPod--- or any color, really!

michaelkelly says:

I can't decide what color I would want. You would have to decide for me.

(Maybe blue)

greentj says:

I'll take a touch, preferably blue... But any color will do.

immawaniac says:

I would prefer a product red ipod.

Juancarreon89 says:

Black ipod touch or black ipod nano please =)

woshianthony says:

Red if there is or blue iPod touch

Naivian says:

Blue, please so I can tell the difference between my phone the the ipod. THanks

NilsonF says:

I would have to choose the black iPod touch. I'd stick to the classic colors

ET95 says:

Blue iPod touch, please. I would appreciate that.

vianar says:

Yes please and any colour would be great.


Santisuarezv says:

Black iPod touch is what I want.

dash71 says:

Blue is my favourite colour. Thanks!

just5mp says:

I would love one, but just the iTouch? No box? Earpods? Charger? LOOP? Oh well, it's better then nothing. Blue plz. Red if you have.

Lodovik says:

Any color would be great. I plan to offer it to my girlfriend.

JimmyNg says:

I still use my iPhone 2G as an iPod touch. So winning an actual iPod touch would be a massive uPgrade.

IZELone says:

Again iMore doing awesome giveaways. Would love to win either one. Thanks iMore...

williamsbh76 says:

Blue would be cool! Them maybe my kids will leave my iPhone 5 alone!

ndiep says:

I'll be happy with anything^^

DonS50 says:

Sounds like fun! one to go for me.

tinysalmon says:

I would love a blue ipod touch.

Eternax says:

A black one would be awesome!

Mhousey says:

I would love a nano! Blue or green!

Ryuz4ki says:

I would really like a black iPod Touch, looking forward to using the Loop!

drewfus0929 says:

I actually really like the blue in the main picture. Thanks for running this!

shahj75 says:

Green iPod Touch please. Thank you. Apple devices Hands down are the best in any market across the world.

mashono says:

I knew I had to get my hands on a new iPod nano the moment I saw it up on stage! A Product Red nano would be such a stellar new toy! Thanks iMore!