Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

We've just given away three new iPhone 5 handsets and now we want to celebrate the release of the new iPod touch and iPod nano by giving some of those away as well. They're funner(erer?) than ever, and totally renanoed, and we know you want them, so here's the deal!

We're giving away two (2) free iPod touches and three (3) iPod nanos to lucky iMore readers!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below telling us which color iPod touch or nano you want. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next Tuesday, October 23, right here on the blogs. Right in time for the next big contest!

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the iPod, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5780 comments. Add yours.

BRAVO7322 says:

I don't care about the colour, thanks for the opportunity to win anything at all!

Chingchong says:

i'd like a red one. too late now i guess....

angermeans says:

I would love to win one or these my iPod classic is feeling long in the tooth if you know what I mean

JHerbert79 says:

Red iPod touch please. Or the nano would be cool too.

ndraken says:

Would love an iPod touch blue.

kora129 says:

My daughter relly wants an ipod touch for Christmas. It would be great to have that for her!!!

jjl99827 says:

Oh please I just lost my iPod either would be nice

mojo1017 says:

black ipod touch please

klaudiiia says:

please enter me for blue!

djdawang says:


Golfnerdgeek says:

Fairly certain this contest is closed, but YOLO, right? I'd like a blue iPod touch as a gift for my sister (she's still got a crusty Touch 2G) or a white nano for myself. Thank you iMore!

SeanJaw says:

Red? I think this is over :(

stronger2013 says:

Let me win this, iMore! :)

ijoshie says:

Music is what motivates me, so either a blue ipod touch or an ipod nano would be the frosting on that cake and make my daily grind that much sweeter! Thanks!

stinkballs says:

Free anything works. In fact, I'll even take an EMPTY ipod box so I can be a dick and wrap a 20 dollar bill in it and give it to my son.

sucil says:

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

rickydive says:

My first Apple mobile device was an iPod Touch: amazing....
Hope to see the new one in my hand, soon!

BhamBB says:

White iPod touch please!

bgl321 says:

iPod touch, black please :)

Killroy31 says:

send me a red ipod touch please. Thanks iMore!!

iphonedanno says:

Just in case this contest is still open.... Silver please!

lronken says:

The blue one looks great :)

RonHammock says:

My wife would love one of these.

suewoznuk says:

Love the new ipod touches! hope to win one!!! :)

iNurse says:

Would love to win one!

quette7 says:

say whaaaaaaat! Would love it! :) ----Blue please.

3spur says:

Red touch or Nano PLEASE

canadaniel says:

I'd LOVE the new iPod Touch, couldn't believe how gorgeous it was at the Apple store!

RobertsDP says:

cant go wrong with BLACK :)

bkguy says:

If this contest is still going, this is my entry! A new iPod would be very cool - haven't bought one in a long time!

lyjourney says:

Good job iMore! I like a new iPod touch silver or nano whichever is for me, if you would please:-) thanks...

T.sands17 says:

Hello there
I would love to get one of your Ipod touch that your giving because it would be so awesome to get this seeing how my last one got stolen. Anyway give me a text/call @ 404-662-6490
Please and Thank you

macmuchmore says:

I would love a Red iPod Touch or Nano! Thanks!

o-ll says:


saintforlife says:

The iPod touch is what the iPhone 5 should have been - sleek, thin and light! I'd love to have one.

DeannaBlue says:

Would love the 32 in silver

EmilySmall says:

I would happily have either in any colour. Though i've never had an ipod touch so winning one would be a wonderful surprise. But if i had total control in colour over the ipod touch, id have either blue, red or just the silver. Fingers crossed. :)

joev0316 says:

hope i win! too poor to afford one!

jaydenrobins says:

RED please! I want to help AIDS victims! :)

ruger141 says:

Black Would be awesome, thanks. (hopefully the contest didnt end on the 23rd as the post says?)

brandonmckinnie says:

My nephew would like the Red ipod touch.

alia_1 says:

Please please let me win this Ipod touch or nano any one would do but please let me win .
Ipod touch is more preferred though. Thanks I More you are the best.

macguy1959 says:

Either would be perfect to use for my workouts and to watch my great grandson on it via an iZon video camera in the nursery with the free iZon app. Thank you !

RidhoBeteer says:

i want to have an ipod, but i don't know where to buy, so i hope i Lucky !!

PhoenixApple says:

I don't own any apple products so Please, Please!!! I hope to win!!!!!!! Gold IPod Touch or a Purple IPod Nano

Thiti4200 says:

honestly the only reason why i haven't upgraded my itouch yet is because the new one is insanely pricy in my opinion...winning this would really make my day
ps: today is my birthday ;)

iceinafrica says:

black iPod touch 5th generation please!!

sherwoodhere says:

Thank you for your generosity! i never have an apple gadget but i'm dying to have any of "i" products. thank you thank you!

scottishquine says:

blue blue, I'm feeling blue. I need a blue i pod touch!

smartt3ch says:

I would like the White/Slate because Apple products are usually black. Thanks for being awesome iMore!!!

shiroikai8 says:

Blue Ipod touch or Green Ipod nano. Preferably the Itouch though :) Thanks and good luck to everyone

crossman55 says:

I like a Blue I Pod Touch Please for Christmas. Thank you

fishomania says:

When am I going to get my silver iPod touch 5th generation

azwad says:

would love to get my hands on one ipod....seen my friends playing on it.... **jealous** :( thanks to imore as usual for making this opportunity of luck to me and everyone! :)) iMore! :D

huther#IM says:

I'd love a black ipod touch, but any of them would be awesome.

joeyd533 says:

The black ones look so cool. It would be incredible to win one! Thanks so much, iMore! you guys rock!

macleod1536 says:

Black or Product red would be awesome.

AbdullahManzoor says:

Black ipod is the new black want 1

ismore says:

Silver for touch and green for nano. Thank you.

seiichi01 says:

I love the blue iPod touch. It looks good!

nuriko001 says:

blue blue blue ipod touch, please:P

ambrishbajaj says:

I am a new entrant in the iPhone / Android Tab user category and I found imore to be very useful to explore useful apps. Thanks. Wish me luck :)

marea01 says:

red iPod touch would be wonderful. thanks!

link4420 says:

i would like a white one

edlangewisch says:

black either one would be awesome thank you!

kayla123xx says:

Any colour would be fine thanks

Pk12 says:

I hope I get the iPod touch

myDG says:

Hope, I will be the lucky one

bartclan says:

Black, please. Thanks, iM!

Marcous89 says:

Hi, good luck to everyone :)

zsotiris says:

I would like to have one!

zmj says:

i want to have a blue ipod touch. :)

SirSupernice says:

It would be really nice to win a silver one ;D

Vsundonna says:

Would love one for my Grandson.

bear_lx says:

ill take one! silver is sweet!, thanks imore

Hansel Tertius says:

blue iPod touch or blue iPod nano would be great!


I want the blue, the color is so soft

shailesh kumar says:

I do have an IPAD2 wud be happy if get a nano ... its really a nice one .

xcnordic12 says:

A black iPod touch would be awesome! Can't wait to try out one of these! I think Apple has made some great improvements in this generation. Again, can't wait!

biniopi59 says:

Ipod touch blue yeah I like like always

cortamambo says:

I want to win!
I'll take care of the mailing and the beers.

jenaropean says:

I want the Black one!
But any colour would be fine :)

NicksterZeu says:

Would be awesome to get black touch or nano.

Mojadus31 says:

I'm interested in the blue iPod nano ...

andresf13 says:

i want the new iTouch in black! have to look great :)

rickross441 says:

Send me your ipod touch or nano in blue

tieboy#IM says:

Black touch would be SWEEEEET!

sdcentaur says:

Silver or Blue would be fun to Win

evolution75 says:

Pick me as I am still rocking the first generation ipod in black

Lux148 says:

The yellow one would be nice to get :)

laurie13 says:

Black, please, hope I win!

etherealguy says:

Slate - thanks for a great site.

freeflight1992 says:

The iPod touch 5 is a little monster!

ami0109 says:

This is the Best ever iPod , I sleek ,elegant, powerful. Just an iPhone without Phone

bobochu says:

I would ABSOLUTELY love to have a green iPod touch! A GREAT departure from my old iPod shuffle 2nd generation.

Jabes42 says:

Blue. Definitely blue if I had the choice.

Sketso says:

Willing to take a shot! Send some love my way! ;)

Tmil2000 says:

A green touch would be cool but that nano is such a upgrade i would like that too

AnjieP says:

I love sunshine,,indicates good times. I would love vibrant yellow ipod touch to bring into my life 'imore' sunshine :)

greatjoy59 says:

I Would love to win an ipod in Red!!! It looks lovely and matches the colour of my car.

kishita says:

any color will be fine i just want an ipod

drewGa says:

Black nano would be amazing!!!

maxbell310 says:

The new iPod touch is awesome.. would love to win the blue one!!

yoestaban says:

Nano - Slate, looks like fun

graymatter86 says:

Black iPod Touch please :)

beckhams777 says:

I had my iPod stolen, so I could use a replacement one from you guys!

blholmesjr says:

A Black or Red Touch would be just grand for me.

saphirablue26 says:

It would be such a dream come true to win the new iPod Touch! I don't own a smartphone or tablets and this would be my first with learning the new technology. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win iMore!

beerbaron78 says:

Blue iPod touch. My son would love it

smashall2000 says:

I want a black colour . thanks

ericjkunz says:

am i too late for a red one?

serwan says:

yah I like to have ipod nano

edpc33 says:

I like the blue ones, thanks.

AlcibiadesCc says:

I want a touch. Does it come in black?

nsis88 says:

definitely the Blue one.

j4331b says:

Black. I can't wait to see if I win. I love old iPod touch band this one will be soooooo much better!

michaelbcruz says:

A black iTouch would be amazing!!!!

ErenS says:

In case I win an iPod touch or nano, my favorite colour is black

theresee says:

i would like blue, or orange, i wish ill win!!!!! :)

koraznboy says:

If only I could get one of these... My iPod is dying right now, if I could get a new one that'd be SUPER awesome right now!!! Good Luck everybody!!

matts3345 says:

Thanks again for a great giveaway! black would be fine for me

D4nny says:

Black iPod Touch!!! Pleaaaaase!!!

moghar says:

One for me, please! :)

patrickjmquinn says:

My preference would be a black touch but in reality you guys are being kind enough to give away a free device so id love to get any of the new Apple line up :) Regards, Patrick.

jemman says:


Alexandrashlim says:

I gave my iPod touch to my niece so she could listen to her favorite iTunes songs, so I would love to own one again!! Any color please and thank you! Alexandrashlim <3

franswa says:

Black or yellow wud be tight blk represent for me neutral while yellow represent for me lively Ty god bless us all

Keshan says:

what a fine job u ar doing's great and i wish to have one of these.i love very much for ipod touch. thnx...if u could give this to me...plz...

overclockthesun says:

Yellow please! I was always in Yellow House during my school days and had to wear a yellow tie all the time...but we did win every single sports competition there was!!!! so Yellow.....

Yellow yellow dirty fellow ..... not so much after a bath ;)

drmacintosh says:

It would be nice to have (Product) Red.

melove54 says:

Good luck everyone I WANT ONE TOO!!

kb1234 says:

Black iPod touch!!! thank you!! goodluck!

UniQphoTos says:

Black and slate an option?

ZkiZZoiD says:

Apple Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks iMOre..

hemant#IM says:

Heres wishing to get one for my bday next week. Lol.

HQMORE says:

As far as nano is concerned, blue is my choice. If it's a touch, the white/silver color shall do the trick.

Fields47 says:

It would have to be a blue ipod touch for me or the nano, im not fussy especially when its free :)

jaspergrizzly says:

Those blue ones look great

Jdkist1 says:

Black, please - thank you!

Francis Dumont says:

I would love the white one ipod touch ! They are awesome all the colours.

AaronKane91 says:

Blue or white would definitely be my first choices!

maltos says:

I entered the iPad mini contest but I would love it if I could get this for my fiancé any color:)

harmitmaan says:

i like blue iPod touch :)

ninjamooman says:

I've been an iMore reader for a while now and I never got an account... This is definitely a good reason to!! Anyway, I'd like a green iPod nano.

misoumimou says:

i'd like to have one
i've never have somthing in my life

zeefaitech says:

I would love to win the product red ipod please

Blu3V3nom07 says:

I'd like a yellow ipod touch. I'd like to win, please.

mimiakamia says:

i have chronic pain syndrome and it means that i am in and out of hospital but now i am getting better and i am out! i have never had any technology so it would be nice for the long car rides

youbetrollin says:

Black iPod touch or blue nano!
I don't like the white iPod face with the colors.... It looks weird!?

george95cr says:

Black iPod touch? Just the thing for me. (please ;P )

sunmaid2 says:

Itouch and iPod are a great piece of tech for everyday entertainment.

harnek28 says:

i wish i could buy one :'(

sunny28 says:

please give me this one.....

colinoyoung says:

The Black & Slate one would be my choice.

Lovly Peace World says:

IPod touch , pink! Thank you very much really can't afford this!!!

kathryn522 says:

hi im kathryn and i really need ipod im almost 16 with no phone computer or ipod ive bben trying to get one but mom says i need to try to buy it so i really need it to contact dad who lives far away from me and boyfriend who lives200 miles away so if i win this ill be really happy i want a blue ipod touch

beaman4777 says:

Would love a red iPod touch(:

rahul salunke says:

nice will be pleasure to have this

jamesilk says:

Silver touch, magical :)

manuella abdelfarag says:

I would love to win a ipod touch it would so cool and I'm only 15 please I really want on

Chrysa Asteria says:

if i will win, i don't care what I will win (if it is ipod touch or ipod nano). if only i will win. that's the only thing that matters. if only i am the lucky one!!!!

rubylily145 says:

Blue Ipod Touch pretty please

Al Luening says:

I ain't picky. Gotta trade up from old tech. Still carrying around 2nd gen iPod. I feel so outdated, but at least it ain't a Zune.

niamhohara1 says:

My boyfriend bought me a white Ipod touch for my 21st birthday and it was stolen from my bedroom in my college house, I would love a new one :( !

hrishikesh says:

black or nothin'
i♥black i pod

Indira Usmanova says:

I am a Russian student here in America, studying biblical counseling and hoping to use my gifts for His Kingdom!
I love music and gadgets, but short on money and can't afford an IPod touch! But i think it's great that there are opportunities to get Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts without cutting your expenses on necessary things!
hope to get one, but if not, will totally be happy about the person who will get it!=)
thank you for opportunities!

Alexia Simental says:

Please choose me <3 I've been wanting one so bad <3

Danyell Luthy says:

Pink Ipod touch would be oh so great!Please and thank you.:D

dangxuxa says:

Yellow iPod touch. Thanks :)

Juan Mora says:

Blue iPod touch.....hope I win

Rachi Stoner says:

blue please :) Hope I win there's no way I could afford one on my own :(