Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

We've just given away three new iPhone 5 handsets and now we want to celebrate the release of the new iPod touch and iPod nano by giving some of those away as well. They're funner(erer?) than ever, and totally renanoed, and we know you want them, so here's the deal!

We're giving away two (2) free iPod touches and three (3) iPod nanos to lucky iMore readers!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below telling us which color iPod touch or nano you want. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next Tuesday, October 23, right here on the blogs. Right in time for the next big contest!

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the iPod, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 5780 comments. Add yours.

jcyeoh says:

I'm happy with anything iMore gives :-)

jobu3434 says:

Silver looks amazing. That be my choice.

Kevinhirt says:

Pwetty pweez wif shuhgah on tahp

wjptam says:

Pick me, just one time.

coffee4mc says:

I'm dreaming of a black iPod Touch!

jetrois says:

I'd love a blue or black one!

steve.truong says:

iMore is the best! Seriously! I have yet to win any of these contests but you guys have been so giving! Hope I can get my hands on something this time around! Thank you! :D

HenriqueMafr says:

blue iPod touch! i hope i win!

Jrace says:

I'd love a blue one please.

jvoag says:

I would love a touch in any color but would also take a nano :)

JeanLevasseur says:

Since this would be a gift to my daughter a pink one would be great!

aboveaverage12 says:

Simple black iPod Touch would be awesome

DanoEight says:

The slate/black one please.

gskgee says:

A pink one for my girls, please.

cerebasan says:

I would love love love a new black iPod touch. Please!

ccmspt says:

Any color will be great!!!

Jdeezy85 says:

I'd be happy with any color :) but prefer blue!

giancarlo93 says:

black ipod please

thanks in advanced.

best of luck to everyone

Massie says:

I'll have to go with white for either--after 3 generations of buying black devices, it's time for something new! I'd love to gift a touch to my dad...he's never owned a computer, has no email address, but now wants to get something so he can text with his sons!

Crispytoefu says:

The black iPod would be really great. Thanks!

martinrrrr says:

I'll take Silver or Black.

CapTLW says:

Blue ipod nano would be awesome.

stelios7 says:

my first iPod i would like it to be black

Timatoria says:

My little brother broke his iTouch. He loves the silver one. Fingers crossed!

Coolcalvin says:

I want a red one I need one in my life

iOSten says:

Me want a black iPod. Thanks!

mtavenger55 says:

I would like a blue iPod Nano please! It would make a great birthday present for my fiancé who's birthday is the 27th! You guys are amazing for doing this, even if I don't win thank you very much!

Judson50 says:

This would be perfect for my 2 year old and my family.

99formula says:

I would love a black and slate iPod touch!

jhcornwell says:

White iPod touch would be awesome! iMore rocks!

scbou says:

A black iPod would be my first choice.

ctacolod says:

Can I have a Blue Nano please? Thanks :)

imtravis says:

Touch or nano, I'm good with either as long as its bloooo!

Dcooke12 says:

IPod from iMore makes iHappy!

coolpepper says:

Green is the best but any color is fine with me.

brijuhaha says:

RED (product) iPod touch please! :)

natehoch96 says:

You guys are great for giving away so many free devices! Would love a black iPod touch!

twe8k says:

I'd love to get that red iPod touch. It's a beauty!

queoui says:

yellow pleas and thank you

hahab says:

Red red red red red iPod touch please! :)

wtenns says:

Black iPod touch, please.

ewakil12 says:

Silver iPod Touch, Thanks!

Drkknight686 says:

Black Touch, Black Nano...still the best color Apple offers.

k_kjong says:

I'd have the blue one, thank you. :)

ccostel says:

Black of either one.

brand929 says:

All black everything!

I would love to have the iPod touch in black. Thanks for giving people who normally couldn't get this the opportunity to own it. Much appreciated!

Acoats says:

They look cool! Black is sweet

Muero says:

Black, to match my iPhone.

ckalli says:

Red ipod touch please!! imore #ftw!

amus1c says:

I'll take any color...just hit me..:)

soyjuan says:

The blue one looks pretty cool, I think.

RevJar says:

If I were lucky enough to be chosen, let me say thank you up front. I appreciate your giveaways and what you guys do for the idevice community. If I were to win, the black itouch is the way to go.

mwrosero says:

I would love one, the color? who cares about that!

EmmanuelH says:

iPod touch in black, please :-)

brittlewis12 says:

Ooooh!! Product (RED) please! iMore is the best. I've been following you guys & Rene more and more recently -- finally had to create an account for this. You guys are fantastic, keep up the good work!

jsamora says:

Yellow really suits a fellow!

idelgado007 says:

iPod nano Yellow Please...

subearu says:

Black iPod touch here, please

DavidFromNZ says:

Black iPod Touch for me, please!

gregayoup says:

Wow, that blue iPod Touch would look awesome in my pocket!

L Darlene Johnson says:

Pink is neat and so is blue. Im not picky, I'll leave it up to you...

ashykat says:

Green iPod Touch would look lovely in my hand. :)

bettiol says:

Black and Slate.


Because it's an indisputable fact that black and slate gadgets are engineered with 21.37% more funness.

IMF says:

I'll take a blue one!

chinoxl21#IM says:

Blue iPod touch. They are awesome!

jcj_ramos says:

I would love to have any yellow iPod. More power to all the writers of iMore. This site is the most reliable when it comes to Apple products! :)

bbhybridchris says:

Blue iPod Touch looks pretty HAWTT!! Maybe even rock it with the strap!...

Schuthrax says:

I would love either in blue.

therandomone says:

I'll take either in any color, but if I get to choose, I'll take black, blue or gray. Thanks.

scottae316 says:

I would like a green iPod touch or nano, although I would happily take any color you would give me... well I probably would not like pink ;)

harshkey says:

I would love to win one...thank you :)

Bluecanary says:

Hmm.. I like the Yellow and Red, and normally I'd go for the Black, but what the heck, Blue is my favorite color, so Blue iPod Touch please! :)

ronin510 says:

The red and black iPod touch and nanos look sexy. I'd take either one.

denpra says:

send to my pocket dude..

kunalz555 says:

i would love the white colour ipod touch.

rkbrown81 says:

iPods! I want black iPods!

Fadi_Hareth says:

I want a blue iPod Nano please :)

KingPrawn says:

I hope to win the Red iPod touch

iydomngzh says:

This blog is visited more than 20 times a day, I think maybe I can be the winner.

GuardianCell says:

I've always wanted to own an iTouch! White one please!

seb_or_sam says:

I'll take a blue iPod Touch, please ;)

tannerbrett says:

I really like the black, slate one. Thanks for the chance to win!

chiripio says:

I would like to win a black one

sleekskyline120 says:

Yellow iPod Nano or Blue iPod Touch please!

I need this! My 3rd gen classic is on its last legs!

brysonray says:

I would love a new ipod!!!!

NovaTornado says:

The white iPod Touch for sure. Slate one looks nice, but other colors just seems so weird to me after only black and white Touches. For the Nano, the black one actually seems to look better to me.

irwansharif says:

Again.. try my luck. Give me one please!

j2eng says:

im from Malaysia, please let me have 1....thanks in advance

michaelsalter92 says:

It would make my year just having any of these gifts with any colour.

ItsaRaid says:

Blue would be perfect , thank you

Plynow20 says:

I would like a yellow iPod touch thanks.

BillJude56 says:

I'd like a blue iPod. Thanks.

Sabresfan1996 says:

id love a new ipod touch to upgrade from my old one!!! the black one is so nice looking

Robqpeng says:

Need a new one! Lost ours at Disneyland

tinmansaginaw says:

Silver !!!!!!!! Please really I don't care but Silver is nice !!!!!

dragun says:


First of all thanks for having the contest and good luck to all.
Second, I would love a blue nano and a blue touch!


sbatwater says:

Would love that black iPod Touch.

meynardandres says:

i want either black ipod touch 5th gen or black ipod nano hahaha....

tracydanger says:

I would like to win a blue ipod touch.

wencyv says:

I want blue and thanks in advance!!!

jaBBu says:

We had a vote and blue won in all categories. I guess that means we have to share....

klfong472 says:

Love that Blue! Matches my bike. Thanks.

BlueWhite0304 says:

Mine met an unfortunate end with a washing machine. A new one would be perfect

AndrLo says:

Anything Red is good with me!

Blu3V3nom07 says:

I would like a yellow one, but any color is fine, thanks. I'd, like to win, please.

nickliutw says:

I want an ipod touch so bad :)

scientist88 says:

way to step it up a notch with six $150+ prizes imore! you guys really love your fans!! and I'd love RED(product)…support aids research!

4ndzt says:

Apple iPod touch, blue color. Its not about the color, its about what iPod can do.

a_s_n_ says:

Blue iPod touch! Hotness!

kindaskimpy says:

It seems to be the most popular choice of all but it's been my favorite color since I was born not so many years ago. Haha. Blue iPod Touch, please and thank you! You guys rock!

MovinFr8 says:

Thats my Bday and it would be a great present......thanks in advance

Aapl12345 says:

Red because part of the money goes to charity.

adicktuz says:

Silver iPod Touch please. Thank you :)

humdz421 says:

I would love to win a pink one :)

proteuspowers says:

Black iPod would be cool! Thanks

max2770 says:

Any of the two. In black, please.

And thanks again to iMore for this great contest!

rdavecallister says:

Sounds good. I'll take blue.

Teiba_7 says:

Never had an iPod touch but black would be amazing!

dougdog says:

I world love a black iPod touch. It's time to replace my Zune.

ar_garza says:

I like to win cool things.

huntersworld says:

I would love to have Blue iPod Touch or iPod Nano!

RECON1 says:

A black slate iPod touch would be awesome!

cheesmo#AC says:

Thank you for being so generous. I would love to have a new iDevice.

stevethomp says:

Project (red), just like the first nano I ever had!

mdevans1967 says:

Hi. I would love a blue or black ipod touch or nano.
Thank you

karimkanj says:

oh yes !! i would love the ipod touch 5 the black slate one and thank you !

jamison75 says:

I've never had so I think I would want a green one only cause I know I can't lose it...thanks

Ginbill says:

Black iPod touch. Awesome contest.

johnbooth3 says:

I need a new touch. My wife stole my 4th Gen. I would like the iPod Touch in Blue 64GB and the Nano in blue as well.

rmejiaborja says:

Sweet! love all of iMore's giveaways!

SnazzyGent says:

The black looks incredibly slick. It'd look even better in my pocket!

tknepp32 says:

I would like either in the product red. If that is not available then black please.

eliasso says:

The best product that apple manufactured is the ipod!

neoafi says:

True Blue! That'll do..

ian74@ says:

Black, or silver, or maybe just any colour thanks!

petebretzke says:

I'm thinking black would match my iPhone pretty pretty good. Know what I'm sayin?

rishivan says:

Blue iPod touch PLEASE
Love you iMore

MayaD says:

purple nano would suit me fine.

bobinc says:

I have always wanted one. Count me in.

chrisw329 says:

Blue Blue Blue! Either of them would be great to keep in the car!

rminlopez says:

Yellow Please! Thanks imore!

M_Rod says:

Would love the Blue iPod touch!

wasert456 says:

I'd really like a blue iPod touch. It would be really awesome to replace my 1st gen touch.

dnorth86 says:

Hi there,

Blue, please :)


Lpxerodin says:

It's iPods Touch and iPods Nano.

BUT....... white iPod Touch, blue iPod Nano. Free engraving "Won from"


RockitDanger says:

Im partial to the black/slate. Not sure I care which color but my first choice is black.


I'd like a red ipod touch but if not black dont crack.

Fabian Job says:

Black ipod touch !!! please imore it´s my turn to win ñ_ñ

cgthomas27 says:

One comment added, so exciting

VinceOwen says:

I like white or Black for both iPod Touch or Nano. They are just classic! But I do want to try other colors, blue looks so nice!!

jjjjosijjjj says:

I would love a Blue iPod touch :)

Conando says:

I love the new iTouch and iMore!


Rowanova says:

I'd really like a blue and white iPod Touch.

DiegoR189 says:

Would love to see and touch that new 4.86" display. The grey model would be sick. Thanks for the opportunity. Have my fingers crossed lol

PSelby says:

I'd be happy with any color and any model. Winning is winning!

Ommadawn says:

Blue would be very nice, thank you!

Limber10 says:

White iPod touch or a black iPod nano please
Thank you

pcivill says:

Blue touch please. Thank you.

medboo says:

I would love a black iPod touch!! Hoping that I'm a winner! :)

peterg81 says:

As always, thanks iMore!!!

gerrgh says:

Black ipod touch or ipod nano, whichever im lucky enough to win ;)

kyleriem says:

Black would be awesome :)

Chktdvs says:

I want the blue iPod Touch, thanks

michaelhimself says:

I'd prefer a touch but will gratefully take any ipod in any color (even magenta, blech) because my ears don't need colors to enjoy the music.


DamnSkippy says:

Black or grey but being free I wont be picky!

mike_13 says:

Show me the green! Would love to win.

zanderman101#WP says:

I want the red iPod touch please!

Gpooner says:

Blue would be fantastic!

Jackal says:

Blue iPod Touch please....

Drew Oswalt says:

Winning a black iPod Touch would be awesome!!!

jguite says:

I would love to win a blue iPod Nano for my sister for Christmas!! :D

jjolley says:

I would love a black or silver one!! But any color would be great!

rmc2318 says:

a Red iPod Touch please :) You guys are the best

Dhenz says:

Me.. Me.. Meee!!!

Any color but pink please :p

@Sp00k98 says:

I would love a black iPod touch. Thank you iMore!

nolan.b says:

Hi iMore! Fantastic giveways :)

I'll go with a Yellow Nano or Red Touch!


Traisoon says:

I want the iPod touch or iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED; also can help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa! ^_^

kld2009 says:

black ipod touch please

bold1193 says:

Green, please and thank you!