Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

Win free iPods touch and nano from iMore!

We've just given away three new iPhone 5 handsets and now we want to celebrate the release of the new iPod touch and iPod nano by giving some of those away as well. They're funner(erer?) than ever, and totally renanoed, and we know you want them, so here's the deal!

We're giving away two (2) free iPod touches and three (3) iPod nanos to lucky iMore readers!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below telling us which color iPod touch or nano you want. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next Tuesday, October 23, right here on the blogs. Right in time for the next big contest!

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the iPod, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 5780 comments. Add yours.

jegesmaci says:

My 9 year old daughter really wants a touch. She loves the color red. I would love to be able to give her one. Thanks for the opportunity!

Johndory says:


sunhou says:

A Black iPod Touch would be great

SheikShaka says:

I go electric blue all the waaaaay!

rcometa says:

New Apple device are always exciting!
Black iPod

jenny4lind says:

brain regan would say this...

They're both... favorites, so either one is good, but if they have both, I'll get grape, because grape is a little more favorite.

Lena32 says:

My birthday was yesterday, I would love a yellow touch or purple nano!! Please and thank you!

Spazbite33 says:

Ipod touch in green please, im iphone broke and i cant afford to replace it so this would do nicely with my crappy nokia 3310 phone :D plus i never win anything and its my birthday on the 23rd October so this would be the best present.

Thank you iMore.

devoted101 says:

If I win, I strip down to some tighty whities, pop in the headphones, and jam to "Gonna Make You Sweat (everybody dance now)" and post it for the world to cringe. White please

ratedrbiz says:

May I Have A iPod Touch In Blue Please!

kwheaties says:

Need to replace my broken iPod, please please....

abaggy says:

That blue is beautiful!

aashrithv says:

this is spread of joy,let this spread more with product red ipod touch :) my preference is hence red

dalyapp says:

Silver would be great. Thanks.

Orry.clayborne says:

Product Red. It would be great to get an ipod and support a great cause too.

antm22 says:

Black iPod nano, please.

abu00salman says:

I will be happy if i get the blue iPod touch

for sure i will be the winner .

we wait 23 Oct to see

Thank you iMore

jfaneuf says:

Blue iPod touch please.

samaria26 says:

Oooh! I would like a red one please but frankly, any color is fine!!

Mthugsta says:

Black iPod Touch Please, and thank you

onlineboypr says:


robgza says:

Black iPod Touch for me :D

Ghbeefcake says:

Hi I would really appreciate a new black iPod touch 5th generation. Thanks in advance.

OLDFish says:

iPod? What's that? A new Candy? Will love to try one... do I get to choose the flavor?

Premium1 says:

Would love to win one. The blue looks awesome!

shailfx says:

iMore Please gift me the "White & Silver" iPod touch or "Silver" iPod Nano :)

simengangstad says:

A black iPod Touch please! :D

marcaq says:

Perfect timing, my daughter just dropped her iPod touch on the drive way and shattered the screen. She was crying for 20min, :( - would love to see her face when someone hands her a new one, any color would do just fine, she is not a picky child.

Bolt473 says:

Darth Vader Black & Slate iPod touch, please.

SuperBad007 says:

I would love nano or touch in red :) thank you iMore!!!!!!!!!

tjlambert says:

I would love a Blue iPod Touch - Christmas in October!

ajm91484 says:

Ipod touch pink please, if only i were to be so lucky. That would be the best gift.

darrylmendo says:

I'll take the blue one please :)

Nick_87 says:

Right here ;) I'd love one!!

Abdpty says:

Imore hello guys are amazing,,, as I had the first iPod Touch came out and it was awesome, but this new generation is the spectacular, I love it, and in either blue or nano touch!

Yellowfddriver says:

I really like the new iPod Touchs. I went to an apple store to play around with one. They feel nice in the hand and they're essentially a better iPhone 4s without cellular capabilities.
That being said...I'd really like a Product Red one...or the Slate/Matte Black.
If I won an iPod Nano...I'd say a Cyan or Purple one. Red/Black would be a second choice there.
My mother really likes the iPod nanos and I want to get one for her birthday. It seems that teachers always have rough years these days and I'd want to give her something nice for her birthday (she's a teacher). :)
Thank you.

LukasMendez says:

Red one, since it also supports AIDS :)

MrBru06 says:

I would gladly take a blue iPod touch please... Thanks!

Coreydtn says:

I would love to win a nice black itouch or nano from my favorite blog site imore you guys are the best keep the apple news coming thaks for the chance to win

InsertNameHere#IM says:

I want a blue iPod Touch please!

rickdo says:

Nano is huge! Want one

glu72 says:

I can't believe how thin these things are. And the display is gorgeous! Black iPod Touch please!

tizocman says:

Green iPod touch
Blue iPod Nano

DiogoCunha says:

Black ipod touch iMore!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! YOU ROCK

asggold says:

I would LOVE one in RED! This would be great for traveling. Thanks iMore!

CoffinDancr says:

Blue would be great for either touch or nano!

sujjichalla says:

I would love to have a blue color iPod touch please. I lost my existing iPod. Thanks a ton in advance.

siddo_d says:

I would love to have a blue iPod touch, please could you pick me :)

zehavizyno says:

i would love to have the yellow ipod touch!! i love how imore keeps me up to date about everything apple!

Possession says:

I would love to win the blue iPod Touch please!

robimsilva09 says:

Black or white michael jackson

Marsu says:

A blue iPod touch please :)

Wolfmore says:

Pink Please, will be a gift for my niece :)

DrumsetDan13 says:

A red ipod touch or nano would be excellent! thank you!

sLiCkyWoRm#IM says:

I missed the three iPhone5 but i can settle for iPod Touch .. =)

ChaosShadow says:

Would love a black iPod Touch or black iPod Nano

smason7 says:

Black on black is where it's at.

KAndrus13 says:

A black iPod nano please.

soysauce44 says:

I would really love a black iPod Touch. The new screen just looks incredible!

akbar19 says:

To my great daily life, green iPod please..... Thank you :)

FQNZ says:

Oh, great! Keep it simple and straightforward: I am rooting for a black iPod Touch!
And a product red nano. Greetings from Germany.

sjm614 says:

Blue iPod touch or nano please! It's my birthday! : )

pbrockamp says:

I'm really diggin' those blue ones... as a member of the armed forces for 7 years (USMC), I thank you for considering me!

msilk90 says:

Need a new iPod, help me out please?!

sorawitc says:

red ipod touch please :D

harit7 says:

Black ipod touch or nano. :)

glorystoper says:

GO... Enter... Good luck! ;)
iPod for me..!! :D

cutelam says:

White ipod touch, please!

ehutchins says:

Would love to have one of the new iPods! Thanks!

efinkg4 says:

I'll take a yellow one peas

GlobusCruciger says:

Oh, that blue shade looks awesome! Just like the sky on a clear day! I love reading your articles on my old iPhone 3gs. Thanks!

samartin44 says:

I like the blue color but free devices are always the perfect color.

Lianwe says:

Had my touch stolen would love either one in pink.

grangerfx says:

Red because if I buy one it would be blue and I don't want to get them mixed up

moose6260 says:

I would like a black one.

Rudolph76 says:

Any color but if I have to pick ... BLUE!
Thanks in advance

Cgordon0817 says:

any color will do but i love red good luck everyone.

KingLeon97 says:

Silver iPod Touch, please.

traveling2 says:

Blue iPod Touch Please! iMore is the best!

mgtmacu20 says:

i'll like the blue one, thank for the opportunity iMore (:

disciple27 says:

May I have the Black iPod touch please?

davjared says:

My family thinks I have a knack for winning drawings…don't prove them wrong ;)

don_vladimiro says:

i love black ipod touch.
me seria muy util en mi aburridp trabajo.

Jaimel0l says:

Blue iPod Touch or Nano :)

smid says:

Mmmm... green please :)

Henryfromdenmark says:

I want a red one why becuse i'm from denmark and i havent came out yet here and also the red one helps people with aids

Fuzzbie says:

Haven't owned an iPod in forever. This will be cool. Thanks.

Gold Cobra says:

If I were to buy a new iPod I'd go with blue or red. One that can be shared with my girlfriend and she won't too upset with my color choice.

daddygt says:

I would like a red one please

blade86 says:

A slate iPod Touch is what I have been dreaming about.

Big Dookie says:

A yellow iPod Nano would be excellent. Thanks for these contests, you guys are awesome!

Carlosalvarado says:

I would like a green ipod touch is there even a green? If not id like a blue one :D

Droidmac says:

Slate black touch or nano!!!

bhuynh says:

Black ipod touch or nano for me

DavidNielsen says:

Black is classic so I will go for that. Thank you for being on btw.

stevecito says:

RED RED RED!!! I love Red! iPod Touch or iPod Nano, doesn't matter to me, just love the red ones!

MihirAlve says:

I'd love either a black one or the red one

munguirick says:

Good old fashion black please !!!!!

gabe1998 says:

i really want an ipod touch. this would be my first apple product! if i win it. if i do win one i want to get a black one. im probably not going to win one anyways.

Srikar D R says:

Hope to win one of those iPod Touches. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Srikar D R says:

Hope to win one of those iPod Touches. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Srikar D R says:

Hope to win one of those iPod Touches. Keeping my fingers crossed.

jward3213 says:

I would love the iPod Touch in the Product Red variant.

Makkahh says:

Could I have a black slate touch. Please

webmn says:

A red one would be great, thanks!

raulx326 says:

White and silver ipod touch, or super black ipod nano...

Tyroga says:

Blue iPod Touch would be awesome.

stantastical says:

Please pick me! I never win anything and my daughter is dying for an ipod touch!

Keydet says:

Blue iPod Touch. Thanks.

Jeules83 says:

I would love a ipod touch!!!!

Badvibration says:

A blue iPod Touch would be simply marvellous, thank you!

matb.num37 says:

I'd do anything for an iPod touch with that super-sexy black anodised aluminium back. Pretty please?

iA says:

I will like a red iPod touch

drknight says:

I would like a Slate (black) iPod Touch, please! Winning this would be awesome! :)

ppiper1974 says:

They would make grate Christmas presents i would love one

TheCrazyWolvesFan says:

I would really appreciate a Product Red IPod Touch because I don't have much money and I really like them. From the second I saw one I started saving but I haven't got very far :p. thank you so much!!!

reeneebob says:

I would kill for a red iPod Touch - my Gen 4 just pooched out and I am now iPodless. It makes me a saaaaad panda.

Cheznor says:

Oooh, the blue one is very nice! That one, please!

Jobook1 says:


I am begging!


I want the black and slate Touch or the Slate Nano....thanks...

Clairebear123 says:

I want 100% red
I want this so bad I can taste it ; )

lauram714 says:

i would love a blue ipod touch or any ipod really!! thanks for doing this xD

murphdog321 says:

Black iPod Touch please! They are really cool!!!!!

jonkjon says:

If I don't lose weight, I will die. If I don't exercise, I won't lose weight. If I don't have music, I can't exercise. If I don't have an iPod (white), I can't listen to music. Don't let me die!

Suavechef says:

Yellow would be my choice!! Thanks for a great contest!

brrbtr says:

Blue, blue, blue...please!

parker5011 says:

black ipod touch would be great for me and the kids! we all love iStuff!!!!!

J bird says:

Touch in Black would be just right.

MrDJL says:

I would love a new iPod! Please consider me :)

sremai says:

Blue iPod touch would be fantastic; thanks iMore!

battlecryleader#IM says: Apple products? That might be ok...;) Heck yeah, sign me up!

terivill says:

Red iPod touch would be incredible!!! Or a nano either would be wonderful!!!!

Josue4kitten says:

Josue4kitten for the win n keep up the great work Rene

Randy1375 says:

Black iPod Touch for me.

brne4x4 says:

Call me old fashioned but that black/slate ipod touch looks pretty purty to me.

iTzRiceMan says:

ipod touch in white THANKS!!

Tbasallaje says:

I would really like a black iPod touch, Thanks!

alex21000 says:

It doesn't matter ehat color it would be. Music inside ipod is more important than color. But my 6 years old sister think that blue ipod is great.

tttc24 says:

A red one would be nice.

rbarrera8915 says:

Black iPod Touch or Nano would be awesome! My 1st generation iPod Touch just died.

DavidDoutel says:

White and Silver iPod Touch!

durante89 says:

Blue iPod touch or iPod nano!

denzelvan says:

Silver touch please. iThanks!

jwilson2304 says:

Any color Ipod touch please and thank you very much!

Pharamos says:

My little sister would like a pink one :)

st_7 says:

Black ipod touch or nano for me please

choustonator says:

Blue iPod Touch please!!! This would make my whole life:)

derricknm says:

I will love a Blue iPod please! Thank you!

Jamest2000 says:

Would LOVE A Blue One Because I Cant Afford A 4S, This Is The Next Best Thing,
Please Chose Me! :)

Rqomar says:

Blue one please!
Thank you!!!

zooguy1087 says:

green ipod touch all the way.

Jason24cf says:

I lost out on winning a iPhone 5 so I might as well try to win a new iPod touch. I am now entered

pedrogfl says:

I want the black iPod touch!!!

LASERS says:

It would be cool to win

LASERS says:

It would be cool to win

Purple4 says:

Please, Please me. I would love to have one.

Nolanllano says:

OMG yayy another contest! id love to win a blue ipod touch! thanks for the opporitunity! :D

shyhermit says:

iPod Touch. Black. Thank you, iMore!

The_BORG says:

I'd love a iPod Nano. Green.


thynameisjamar says:

I would love to win! Been itching to buy one.

PharmDtown says:

White/Silver for either!

bnpdp says:

Please either in blue. My daughters touch is cracked due to know fault of her own (points finger at himself). Help this father out. Thank you.

gcardona says:

A white & silver iPod touch would be nice.

journeej says:

Black/slate touch, please :-)

jkamphof says:

Even though a bit boring, I love the black!!

xandros9 says:


Hello everyone :)

dustin90 says:

A red ipod touch please. Thank you very much.

tuxos says:

I hope to win a withe iPod touch.

photopaul says:

I know black is boring, but, hey, so am send me a blue one! (Baby steps, Georgia!)

tmv32 says:

A black iPod touch or nano please. Thanks :)

Losisco says:

Black and slate iPod Touch

mclarensr says:

Not picky about the color. Any one will do as long as I get one.

davesasuke says:

I would like to win RED iPod touch

ctturner70 says:

Blue Ipod touch for me please!

niki6d says:

Me,me! Pick me, pick me!!!!

jxng says:

I would love a blue ipod touch to replace my 1st gen. Thank u imore :)

ermeagan says:

black ipod touch PLEASE :)

ckillam3 says:

Geez, I need to read this forum much more often. Thanks for the great contests. If I win, I will choose a red iPod touch. Thank you.

freitame says:

The Product Red iPods look awesome! I'll take one of those!

artwest50 says:

Hi, sliding outside of reality by saying, I'll gladly receive an Ipod today, or whenever!

Arixo says:

I want a nano, never had a chance of wining a contest or giving away event :(

here-it_iss says:

I would love to win a iPod touch but let me ask Siri what color should I get. Me :What color best fits me Siri ? Siri : color blue fits you well

dmxbojong says:

Black one would be nice, as in black as Darth's armor. May the iPod be with me :D

Alexis Fernandez says:

White/silver Touch or Red nano please!! I love these giveaways you do, hopefully I'll win this time.

nickieplease says:

Hi, Can I have a black ipod touch? Thank You!

michaelp95 says:

I would love a new iPod touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!