Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

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Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!



i would love to win any of your i phones or i pads as it would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter. she is 14 year old singer song writer and would help her to work on her talent. enabling her to record and video her music . i am so proud of her and if i was in a position to buy her any of theses products i would with a heart and a half . thank you and happy Christmas

The iPad Mini, fo-sho! Great middle ground for when a full blown tablet is too hefty to lug around but a phone's small screen just won't cut it.

I want an iPhone 5 for Christmas..It would be very helpful on my daily tasks, study and entertainment..Merry Christmas...

I would like to have the iphone 5 as apple has came out the IOS6 which the processor is A6 that have awesome speed and not forgetting its light and one of the world slimmer phone there is in the market.

I would have a very merry Christmas if I could win the iPad Mini..... I wanted one right away, but it's a little pricey for the size. Apple should have made it a little cheaper.

Thanks iMore, and Apple, you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

A new iPad would great so I can finally get rid of my Android Tablet and make this a most wonderful Christmas!!

Christmas List
1. WIN A IPAD 4 cellular 64gb
2. WIN A IPAD 4 cellular 64gb
3.WIN A IPAD 4 cellular 64gb
4.. . . . . . . .
5. .. . . . . ..

i worked for at&t when the iPhone came out and I've had one in my hands ever since - would love to be able to upgrade to the new 5 !!

iPhone 5!! Why? I would give it to my parents because they give me everything and I would give this to them as a symbol of appreciation! :)

I would be very much appreciative of an iPad 4 so I can return to school in the Spring and have the ability to read my etextbooks on a large screen than my phone.

~Happy Holidays!!

The ipad 4 or ipad mini both sound cool. Ether one would be an awesome upgrade to my system, and I would REALLY use it. Thanks.

I would like to have the new 4th gen iPad. Both my wife and my son have the iPad 2 and they are starting to get mad at me for always using theirs so i need my own.

I'm LITERALLY within about 3 days of buying a N7 because as a single Dad a $330 iPad Mini is just not in my range, but a $200 Tab is. But I would LOVE to have mini to match my beautiful iPhone 5 I upgraded to on launch day....Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do here at the site.

Shaun O'Toole

I would love to have my hands on the new iPad mini just because of the fact that I can get that over in to the hands of an autistic school for which we are doing some kind of charity work.

Black Ipad mini, because it is the best device that has ever been produced!! It is very useful and comfortable device!! It looks very beautiful! please choose me!!!

I would like to win the iPhone 5. Why? I would like to give my iPhone 4S to my daughter for her Christmas gift as an upgrade to her battered and tattered 3GS.

I would love to win the iPad with retina display! Have been wanting an iPad since they came out! Thank you!

iPad mini for the required reading for work I need to do while I'm on the bus. Way easier to handle than the iPad4

iPad mini. I love my wife's iPad, but I've been wanting something a bit smaller and more portable. The iPad mini would replace my ever present Moleskine.

An iPad mini! But not for me; for my Ma. It's better to spread the love of iDevices and keep family connected via FaceTime when you no longer live at home!

I'd like a an IPAD mini. Or an IPOD Touch. Or a 4th Gen IPAD. Or an IPhone 5. I just want. It's a iProblem I have, you see...please. Me want!!!!

Was really hoping to get my mom an ipad mini for Christmas (she reads a lot and wants an e-reader) but emergency surgery for my dog has made that difficult this year so this would be perfect!

I want the iPhone 5 because I am still stuck with my old Nokia E71 and it would be nice to start the new year with a smartphone.

I'd like to win an iPad mini. Why? Because my kids overtook my iPad and now I never get to play on it :( Plus it is always nice to win free Apple products!

Here's to hoping!

I'd love to win so that I can purchase my wife an iPad. It'd be a nice gift for my wife for putting up with me.

I would love an ipad, seems like it would be great to surf the web, read, and watch movies on but above all it would be great to have in school.

I would love a 16gb ipad mini with wifi... I travel a lot, and go around on speaking engagements, so owning one would make my life so much easier... please make it happen!

I will gladly accept a new iPad, would like a new toy, as well as a replacement for my slowly dying laptop!

I would love to win an iPad4. My impulse buying landed me an iPad Mini and now my girlfriend is jealous. I would love to give her a great present this christmas!

i hope i win... an iPod... because I never win anything... and i'd give it to my niece for Christmas... which would make me an awesome uncle =D

Retina Display, all the best apps, MIND-BLOWING accessories, Lightning port, GREAT camera??? The list goes on and on. The new iPad is my dream device.

I have an iPhone 5, so I'd like an iPad. I'd like an iPad because I've learned in recent months that I believe I can do almost all of my computing work from an iPad. My MacBook died a short time ago, and have been doing 80% of everything I did on it on my iPhone. An iPad would provide the screen real estate to allow me to go to 98%!

iPhone 5 would be awesome! my BB Torch broke and it's time for a new phone. I really want to switch to iOS!

(I'm in the UK in case this is US only).
I want an iPhone 5. Been using android since version 1.5 and was fed up with 3rd parties so tried to get a Nexus 4. Managed to order one but long story short their customer service is awful and I had to cancel it and they won't let me order a new one.

Anyway, I think the two OSes are pretty much the same now - but the iPhone hardware is SOO much better (especially the camera) and the customer support (from firsthand experience) second to none. After having an iPod touch I'm ready to jump back into iOS and a gift card would make it a no brainer!

I would love to win an iphone or an ipad because my brother is getting into college to become a computer engineer and a smartphone or a tablet would do wonders to his studies..........thanks for this amazing oppurtunity

iPhone 5! I'm waiting for it for 1.5 years since iPhone 4S was realeased! I wanted bigger screen phone, so I even do not have a phone since that times.

I'd actually buy an iPad 2 with the gift card. Give it to my grandparents for christmas because they'd be able to facetime all of their grandchildren with it. = )

I would like an Ipad. I am a student and being able to get electronic textbooks would save me so much money every semester!!!

I would pleae like a iPad mini as i am only nine and cant save up.
If i could have 1 you will make my dreams come true!!
Btw love the app
Merry Christmas

I want to win an ipad. I'm an Art teacher and this will be the ultimate devise for educational purposes. Of course this will be an amazing devise for many different things, however there's an app where you can paint with actual brush that comes compatible with ipad, amazing!!!

I would like a 64GB iPad 4th gen. Why? I sold my iPad 1 to buy a Nexus 7. While I love my Nexus 7, I miss my iPad so much :(

I would love to have a 4th generation iPad or an iPhone5 (both in black) please!! Both of them are on my wish list, if you could help me out in getting either one that would be awesome!! :)

I want an iPhone to gift to my gf, so I can send her text with iMessage for free! (She's in Denmark, I'm in France)

So, I recently had a chance to win an iPad mini during a game of musical chairs at a Christmas party for my girlfriends office... I came in second, to the boss, who proceeded to raffle off the iPad to someone else! So... If I could win one here, it would make up for my devastating loss. :) Merry Christmas!

iPad Mini please, I travel a lot for work so the mini would be a perfect in flight entertainment specially for those delayed flights.

i really want an iphone 5 white unlocked, because it is faster, gorgeous, and will help me in my job once it gives me enough technology =]
this website is the best ever! thank you =]

I would like an iPad mini...I have been wanting an iPad since the one came out but have never had the funds. The mini because I think I could get more use out of it with the added portability.

i'd like to win a iPhone 5 or and iPod, it bee a great way to start off freshman year in high school compared to the i don't even have a phone and i'm 15.
(Fingers Crossed).

i would like to win the iphone 4s (white). why you might ask, because im so in love with its design and features. i would also like to upgrade from my first generation iphone.

The New Iphone 5 because sadly i still own a dumbphone and would like nothing more than to move into the great SMARTPHONE era for christmas!!!!

I would really love to win an iPad mini because I can read books with iBooks and take notes during lectures on it! It's great for school!

I would like an iPhone 5. I can't afford it myself. There is no chance. But i can have a chance of winning it!
Thank You IMore!

I would like a new iPod Touch so I can give one to my sister. For a long time she has always wanted an iPhone, but she can't ever get one because it's just too expensive paying monthly. Also, I recently got a new job that allowed me to buy an iPhone 5 for myself, so I feel pretty bad. I thought an iPod Touch would be the next best thing for her. Besides, the unactivated iPhone 3G she uses as an iPod is starting to show its age. Thanks a lot. I'm going to eat a sandwich now.

I would like a new iPod Touch so I can give one to my sister. For a long time she has always wanted an iPhone, but she can't ever get one because it's just too expensive paying monthly. Also, I recently got a new job that allowed me to buy an iPhone 5 for myself, so I feel pretty bad. I thought an iPod Touch would be the next best thing for her. Besides, the unactivated iPhone 3G she uses as an iPod is starting to show its age. Thanks a lot. I'm going to eat a sandwich now.

I phone 5 would be great right now. I have the Iphone 3gs and it is severely cracked. This phone is also very slow, very very slow. I would also love to win an Ipad mini or regular because my laptop is old and broken. I do not have the extra $$ to afford these items so winning them would mean so much to me!

i kaitlny hilliard would love to win a iphone 5 and still celebrate chirismas and jesus birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

merry chirismas -imore

I would love to win an iPad. Why? Cause I want to be bitten by the Apple's addiction. And what better than an iPad to start it in the best way! So please make my christmas shine a little brighter! Thank you :)

I would love an ipad or ipad mini to give to my mom because I am sick of fixing her laptop for her!

I would like to win an iPad 4 Black. It has just about everything you would want, and would be great for the christmas season.

I would like to win the iPhone 5 because my sister always wanted to have an iPhone and I thought it would be nice to surprise her on Christmas with an iPhone. :)

I would like an iPhone 5 to look my hated soccer team in the bottom of the list without scrolling.
Seriously, i love him so much.

I would like a silver iPad mini because I need something that is small and hightech that has the best educational apps so I can study for a future in technology and something that helps me study for test. Also another reason I would like to have one is because I need a way to communicate with the outside world and my friends so I actually know whats going on in the world so I can go out and have a good time.

I would like to have a new iPod. I really to take pictures and I love the apple camera quality. It's the perfect size for my amtuer work as a photographer. My parents just don't have the money to get something that pricy.......so it would be nice to get one

I would like to win the iPhone 5 because i would have it to give to my daughter for her christmas present.. its the only thing she's asking for and i cant afford it right now..

Please give me the luxury of winning the Iphone 5. I would like to experience the all new phone. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

An Iphone 5 for christmas would be the best gift ever!!.. why do i need an iphone!?.. coz it's christmas time!.. and i deserve a gift :D

ok well i would like an iphone please because my mum has just gone through cancer and i dont have enough money to buy won and all my friends have one and are alway bragging about it so if i could get one that would be great thanks i wish everyone a safe and merry christmas

iPad 2. Definitely. Tired of struggling to read a magazine on my nook color (so tiny! so frustrating!) which, for some reason, won't let me do ANYTHING when it's charging. I would also like to stop dragging my laptop on road trips. Who wants to risk losing their tax info just so they can catch up on Doctor Who episodes? Clearly I do-but I don't feel good about! I would love increased functionality, enough memory to keep all of my audiobooks, in other words...freedom.

I would love to have an ipad mini, I had an ipad but it broke, and i cant afford to get a new one so this would make my christmas awesome!

iphone! would like to get with the new age of technology.

I have tmobile and shelling out the full price is just not an option! =(

Don't own an ipad yet and I want one but it would be much lighter than my laptop on my lap...

I would love an iPad mini. I've had an iPad 2 since 2011 but it was recently stolen and I would like to replace it but I don't have monies right now.

I would love to have an iPad mini! It would really help me with college. I could use it to take notes, watch Khan Academy, and store all of my textbooks!

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

I would love an iPad mini- It's so cool and would sync perfectly with the iPhone I've come to love. Thanks!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a person was facetiming, not even my spouse;
The lightning cables were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that ghost of Steve Jobs soon would be there...

What a merry Christmas it would be to see an iPad, iPhone, and iPad Mini!!

Seth Maxwell

I would love the ipad mini because i really like the portability of 7 devices and i love those beautifully thin bezels

I would love a new iPhone 5 to give to my best friend for Christmas because she does not know the joy of having an iPhone :)

I would use the gift card toward a Macbook Air. As a high school student, I need to do a lot of work on a computer, and my productivity suffers from not having a personal laptop.

Many thanks to iMore!

I am a current T-Mobile customer and a former iPhone 3G user. I had to switch phones because of connectivity issues and have been dealing with BlackBerry and Androids for the past 3 years. I regret leaving my iPhone every day and I am so desperately aching to once again use what I consider to be the best, most innovative and most reliable piece of smartphone technology. I would love to use the unlocked iPhone 5 since my carrier doesn't carry the phone. Luckily, though, T-Mobile is upgrading their cell towers so, at the very least, I will be able to use 3G in my area and I couldn't be happier during the holidays or year round for that matter if I was able to use an iPhone again. Please consider me for this prize. Thank you! - Moe

I WANT an IPHONE 5, IPAD 4 and IPAD Mini. What I need is an IPHONE 5, IPAD 4 and IPAD Mini.

This is the first time in my life when my needs equal my wants. Merry Christmas

i want iphone 5 for christmas and new year gift!!! because it's a functional and coolest phone ever in this earth!!!

An iPad would be fantastic as it would be an added tool to employ that inspires learning specifically where resources to improve developmental or other cognitive skills.

Im part of those who have fallen in love with the new Ipad Mini!! Read books and play games on it must be lovely

The new iPod Touch 5th Generation... 'Coz it is simply the BEST music player to date, with a processor chip that ensures superb application performance and support, an A-Mazing screen, everything the iPhone 5 is but just not a phone. The perfect companion to the business minded when one doesn't want to hog games and multimedia onto one's smartphone.

Would love to have it...