Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

Cala001 says:

Yes, dreams please. Thanks

bigsmoove says:

whew Merry Christmas to ya...that Mini would look great under my tree!

Virginia Diaz1 says:

I would really want an Ipod 'cause my parents won't get me one .They won't even let me have a PHONE and I'm 16. I'm not even a rebel , yet they won't let me go out and they take away my laptop at certain times.I don't even do anything thing bad. I'm a prisoner in my own home. And If I can have an Ipod ,I'll be able to listen to music and not feel so alone.Thanks.

Rijeka says:

I would love the Iphone as my blackberry bold 9700 is showing it's age.

vinny vasquez says:

honestly any of them would be amazing to own. i am a huge apple fan since i had the first gen ipod shuffle and i never though to switch over to android or windows. the iphone 5 is an amazing product and i actually am trying to get one for my wife this Christmas. an ipod is a great device to give to my youngest son who isn't old enough for a phone but needs something to keep him entertained and of course the ipad is amazing on its own for anyone in the family. i am currently wanted a ipad mini this season :)

txladi29 says:

I would love to win an iPad mini or my daughter to use in her new teaching career. The form factor / size is perfect for her to use with small hands to support her lessons in the classroom.

Nealjapan says:

An iPhone 5. Studying in the Philippine High School for the Arts, I find it hard to connect with my family since we stay there during weekdays and I only get to see my family during weekends. The school itself is situated on Mt. Makiling, with strong signals, but I have no device to utilize them. I really want the iPhone solely to connect with my family. I am a highschool student. :) Please give the gadgets to the on who deserves them, even if its not me. :D Thanks and more power to iMore.

hondaguy1 says:

Anything from the Apple store would be fantastic!!

jvwong96 says:

I would like to get an iPad mini for my wife so I can replace her Nexus 7 :)

5stryng says:

iPad mini, because I don't have one.

mckinzie.rose says:

Black ipad mini would be great!

Ayush_WP says:

Ipod touch Please :D 32gb Blue! Is preferred :D

rjkolo says:

I hear they sell on ebay well...sure I will take one!

vectorsigma says:

The voices will stop if i get an Ipad4.

fireone23 says:

iPad mini, the smaller form factor.

curiousj87 says:

iPad mini for my undergraduate studies.

that_maynard says:

I would like to win the latest iPad, what a great Chirstmas present for the whole family. Our laptop is dying and this would help for sure!

Ronald Debolt says:

Ipad mini for my Hermosa Playa would make her melt!!

tgyarslan says:

ipad 4 please. i want this stuff for my study.thanks

Klement says:

iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad................

ronjiedotcom says:

Hoping to buy an iPad mini to FaceTime with my firstborn back home... And for something he might be able to play with!

Farreyrol Olivier says:

iPad 10" RETINA would be of a great advantage to read books and newspapers compared to the ipad2. That would be my choice if I had to purchase an iDevice right away.

Rahul Advani says:

the iphone 5 because im a huge apple fan all the way from mumbai india and its a dream to own an iPhone

TheRunner024 says:

I would love to win a new iPhone 5 because it would make a great Christmas gift!

Nobitacu says:

I would like to get an iPad mini for my 2 1/2 year old daughter, who has been growing up so fast, and learning so much on my old iPad 1. An iPhone 5 for my wife, who still uses her iPhone 3G, but would love the facetime feature so to chat with my daughter and I while away, or when I'm away, to be able to facetime them between iPhone and our Macbook. =) It would be a great discount so to be able to get both items for them for this Christmas. Thank you and have a great holiday and new year!

Barachina21 says:

It would be the best gift ever to win the ipad 4...

wc1277 says:

My wife keeps saying my iPhone is my girlfriend! Please let me give her a boyfriend!!!

Watcher says:

I wouldn't mind an iPhone 5 or an iPad for my mother because she is not so keen and up to date on technology but revels in it once she's learned it. I sent her a Palm Pre 2 years ago with videos of her favorite artist as well as her favorite classical music and she's just getting to a point where she can operate it without instruction. So I would like to introduce her to the current age of technology with a user friendly iPhone 5 and/or iPad.

florian44 says:

I would like iPad mini,please

Alexey Barbanakov says:

I would love to win an iPad. It is a best tablet PC ever,in my opinion! I would love to win it for my family, so my mum will be able use it for studying and working,and dad too. For me it is a good for playing games, surfing the Net, watcing films. We are love travelling, so it would be nice to bring it with me. It is good for timekilling in the plane , for example. It will helps me in studying.
So, I have been dreaming of iPad for along time... I hope I'll win it.

Filth.Injector says:


Carlos Godoy says:

If I want, I take the Iphone 4s, that will be my daughter's christmas present.

rahul rayudu says:

I need ipod touch for this christmas,pls.

kukuh_ridho says:

I would love an iPhone 4s. Yeah, 4s! because of the size, powerful camera and everything in 4s I do loved it. In my country the price of 4s so crazy which I can't afford, so I preferred get iPhone 4s from imore.

Beteins says:

iPad mini for Christmas would be great!!!

john716 says:

Would love a new iPad. Could use for work! Thanks

skycloud9 says:

I would like an ipad please. I've been in love with this device since I first saw the keynote almost 3 years ago, but I could never afford one. This wld be a dream come true.

Misi Ja says:

i m just looking for a i phone 5 which is my dream

agent006 says:

Choices choices, Hmmmmm. I'd be happy if i win any of these lovely devices, another present for someone in the family :)

Kim Antolini says:

I would love an iPod so my son can use it and leave my ipad alone!

jmontalto19 says:

I would like an Iphone 5. Thank you.

gagan1491 says:

I would like to have an iPod Touch 5th Generation (Black Color as i like the black one more) because i never had any iOS device and most of my friends have one and they all do group chatting, multiplayer gaming and i can't join them. :(

chrissy1068 says:

iPad or iPad Mini would make a great Christmas present!

mkttai says:

iPad mini - I have iPhone 4S and iPad2 already and definitely want to try to size of a iPad mini.

dzbez says:

Verizon iPhone 5...Finally leave AT&Ts death grip.

Davis Eniks says:

I would be thrilled to get an iPhone5. It would definitely look perfect under my Christmas tree :)

NickCTL says:

iPad mini for my mom, please.

Madhav Pande says:

I want a black iPhone 5. Please pick me to win because my parents won't buy me one so please pick me this is my only chance!

Alysia H says:

SWEET! I want the iPad 4! :D

Dan Moberly says:

I'll take an iPad!! Yay!!

greetme9 says:

Ipad! wanna replace my laptop with Ipad. Also makes a nice combo with my Iphone.
GL to all.

peligon1 says:

Thanks iMore for all your info and support during 2011..great site I'm an avid fan Merry Christmas to all of you!! By the way the iPad mini will look great under our tree...lol!!!

Pymp says:

i would love to get an ipad 4. i have never won anything and i have never owned a tablet before so getting one for christmas would be awesome. thx

gsaggioro says:

A brand new iPad would be the perfect Xmas gift!

TzaCaNeL says:

I would love iPad Mini! Merry Christmas!

KYLLNE says:

I am a 17 years old disc jockey and producer. I'm signed to a label (Block Records) and I release my music free.
I would like an iPad to use it with TouchOSC and using in clubs with Ableton Live. Hope I win! Good work : )

buffpimpkl says:

I would LOVE to get an ipad mini for christmas please! That would be an awesome present! I then could use it for school work as well.

MayhemMaybe says:

iPad 4th gen would be my pick. it has the largest, best screen of all the iOS devices making it the most worthwhile in my opinion. Yes, not the portability of an iPhone 5 is about the only downside to it. But games look great even on the iPad2.

buzzshipman says:

I want an iPad for Christmas. I could really use one for work and relaxing at home

kato0919 says:

I would love an iPad Santa, Happy Holidays!!!

budweiser45 says:

iphone 5 would be great for my wife

bum33 says:

I would love to win the iphone 5 for christmas...because 1. it is AWESOME 2.I feel left out now that a lot of teens have iphones 3.I think I deserve it because I have done good in school this year

jkwlsn10 says:

iPhone 5 so I can give my girlfriend my 4S to replace her dying flip phone!

bum33 says:

I would love to win the Iphone 5...because its AMAZING and this year I did well in school

bum33 says:

I would love to win the iphone5....coz I LOVE IT and I think its AWESOME!!and I also feel left out because I don't have instagram...and I did well in school this year...

jimdjel17 says:

I can use a new iPhone 5 please

jasonp1390 says:

The new iPad would be a great gift for my dad. He loves reading but often has trouble with his favourite books as the print is too small.

Happy holidays!

BriniaSona says:

I'll take a 64 gig ipad 5th gen. Then I would gift it to someone and make em really happy.

cj_herron says:

An iPad mini would make my Christmas merry indeed, it would be the perfect size to teach my 1 year old the joys of Apple.

amer1988 says:

i want to win iphone 5

Jake Gabell says:

I would love to get an iPad Mini! I'm more than likely to deploy to Afghanistan with the Army in the next few months and would love an iPad to be able to FaceTime with my wife while I'm away

Fraser Anderson says:

I would like an iphone 5 pls

hesham_a22 says:

A new iphone 5 , i have old samsung galaxy fit

davez57 says:

iPad mini please because I don't have one yet.

ushertv4 says:

white iPad mini is the way to go ;D

jeet86 says:

I would love iphone 5, because I had one and my niece accidently dropped in cup of coffee. I am back to my slow iphone 4 :( and can really use an upgrade.

Maria Taliaferro says:

I would like a iphone 4 please. I've wanted one for a long time but my parents refuse to let me get one. By the way I'm 16. I asked them if they could by one for me but unfortunately they are unable to. So they only way I can get one is if I get it for free or find a way to come up with the money myself. Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!

Simon Oelerich says:

I would like to have the ipad mini because a tablet at the school would be great, but one of the big ipads isn´t so good, because its too big and heavy. An Ipad mini has all teh features I love on the bigger ipad in a nice small packge. And the mini is unbelievable light, thin and absolutely good looking. That´s why I´t would be a great christmas present this year. Merry Christmas and Good Luck to everyone.

icycoldice says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 for Christmas please. Happy Holidays!

mitch_melkonian says:

The iPhone 5 - White & Silver
The iPhone would be a wonderful gift for my mother! She uses a Blackberry Pearl on Verizon. A Blackberry Pearl… Time to upgrade I think! Please and thank you! :-) Happy Holidays!

GottiMafia says:

iphone 5 for Christmas please, because my iphone 4 is on its way out

pittgior says:

I would like a white iphone 5 because a need a new phone

IqWaN says:

iphone 5... hopefully

erv1994 says:

I'd really like to get an Ipod Touch for my father for his birthday. It's really expensive for me to buy at this point, so I'm hoping this is a possibility. =)

RunVictorRun says:

My 9-month old 4S died last Wednesday...an iPhone 5 would be the perfect Christmas gift. Happy Holidays; be merry!

jrephoto_op says:

My choice is an iPad mini.

Jamest2000 says:

Would LOVE an iPod Touch 5 Or iPhone 5 Really Want To Try The New Size!

bh83 says:

I'd love a new iPhone!

EPJS says:

I would like an iPad mini because a smaller iPad would be great for reading in bed. Happy Holidays!

Prithvi Nithin says:

The iPhone 5 would be wonderful! That 4-incher rocks

phonebrowser says:

I would love to win an iPad Mini. I could use it to browse iMore(!), read articles, type stuff up, watch videos, and admire the industrial design!

macbass says:

iPad mini for my wife would be a great Christmas present.

Tony Ventura says:

I've grown to love the marriage of OSX/IOS and sharing all of my Cloud Data and Music across a Mac Mini, iPad, and I would love to win a iPhone. Plus all the IOS Apps work better than Android Apps.

cheyne1 says:

I cant wait to win a new shiny ipad mini

Rifloooow says:

It would be great to have an iPhone 5.
Can't afford it, but would love to have it as main phone!

braddobbs says:

New retina display iPad - so I can throw a keyboard on it and have my own "Surface"

Shadowxpr says:

iPhone 5 because I have already e ipad 4th gen...

Laelipoo says:

I would love an iPad Mini, thanks iMore!

carissarm says:

iPhone 5 PLEASE? My old android(meh) broke a few months back,so I could really use a new phone.

gameson says:

would love the iPhone so I can upgrade my 2.5 yrs old phone.

keesderoode says:

Dear God, please let the pick falls on me. Amen! ;)

g_diddy says:

A new ipad would start the year out right!

cc3d says:

one of each, puhlease

cc3d says:

oh, please with the iPad mini. My wife is sick and would make a great pick me up Christmas present!!

Ukilnme says:

iPad mini for my Samantha
Merry Christmas !!!!!!

ajdezivote says:

I really need an IPhone, because I had too heavy child hood. My mom and sister and I don't have any comfort. My father was torture us, and than we was run. We fight for life, my mom work for $200. We live in a ruined house and the same country but we have home. I learn English, and search for stipend to go in an American high school. Because of that, and because I have telephone who value $60, I need an amazing IPhone5 to be the same like other pupils,and to can hear my dear mom and sister when come in USA. Will be thankful if you pick me. Marry Christmas. :*

Thanatos1980 says:

new(er) iPad! so i can give this one to my son!

Lazo7 says:

I would love an iPad mini because its portable!

Judsonpaine says:

iPad Mini. My 3 year old recently wrecked his hand-me-down 1G iPad. I'd like my iPad 3 back from him. Thanks iMore!

DouglassJ says:

I would love a iPad mini for my son.

Nelson Griffith says:


Metaphor. says:

I'll take the iPad Mini because of it's simplistic form factor and of course it's so appealing.

carmonp says:

I would love the win the Iphone 5. I am still holding onto my old Iphone 3g, because it has some awesome music on it that I do not want to loose.

ffastffrank says:

I was at the Verizon store today and the iPad mini fit nicely in a front pocket. This is my choice for OTG action.. Anyone want a used iPad 2?

TurboTiger says:

iPad 4 for me.
Please throw my hat into the ring.
Good Luck

stinkballs says:

I'd use it for not an iDevice since I have them all.. but use the store certificate for the Phillips Hue Lighting system.


GStrecker says:

I would love to win the new iPad or an iPhone 5. Thanks for the opportunity.

AdamJensWo1 says:

Thank you for the giveaway,
I would really appreciate any iPad because i need a tablet to help me work, it if much more portable than computer whilst it also has a battery life that is nearly 3 times more.
Thanks again Rene!
Please pick me

Dyllani says:

I would love to win a new iPhone 5!!! I'm really in need of a working phone, and this would be the perfect Christmas present.

Celeste MacNeil says:

I would like to win the iPhone 5 please. The reason is because someone has just stolen mine (on my birthday no less!) when I had left it on my seat at the movie theatre. Please pick me!

blholmesjr says:

This would really be a great gift for my daughter. Santa would really make her day!

BigLan says:

I would like to have an iPhone 5 to complete our lineup of iOS devices. That way everyone in my household will have something from Apple. Thanks

Coach_Urk says:

I want one of the new iPod touches because I've wanted a coloured touch for like EVER...and because SANTA said I've been a good boy this year and I deserve one! And you can't argue with SANTA

joyfulmom2 says:

iphone 5 for Christmas..........:-)

zacht33 says:

iPhone 5! My moms iPhone was stolen in NYC a week ago. She had it for 4 days. She was very upset by her loss. I would love to give one to her for Christmas! Thanks

suen says:

I'd like a black iPhone 5! Currently an Android phone and iPad user. Am a fan of both operating systems but using an iPad really made me realise how systematic iOS is compared to Android.

CheesyJif says:

iPhone 5 64gb AT&T!!!!!!!!!
Please :)
I could really use this phone for work and my phone is soon to bite the dust

Mathieu Gagne says:

The new iPad 4 because of the retina display!!

BDW42 says:

I would please like an iPad 4. I've been desperate to get my parents an iPad for Christmas, so they can not only simplify their computing experience, but finally enjoy it!


linggakusuma says:

I would choose iPhone 5.

why? I love apple product since my friend introduced me into iPhone 2G. Damn! since iPhone 2G until now, I still don't have any chance to buy or get iPhone EVER! It is too much expensive for my budget, even with some data plan package in my country. Some Say, the price isn't reasonable for common people like us.

That's why, if I get iPhone 5, it means everything to me...

Coela says:

I would like an iPad or iPad mini for the touch screens. I am problems with my hands and haven't been able to type on my Mac air and I use my iPhone 4S for everything, I love the touch screen and I wish my Mac Air had one, it would make work and Internet fun easier. I love the touch screen on my phone and a bigger screen is really what I need.

unknown 00000 says:

i would like an iphone 5 for christmas because i would like to have a phone

Don Peterson says:

IPhone please... All my i-devices have become fairly worn (trashed) since I've three kids hat love to get on them!

hfadzli says:

I would love to get an Iphone5 coz i have never own any apply product before. Oh Santa imore..Pleaseeeee..gimme gimme..

_YoKolorMeBadd says:

Would love to win an iPhone 5! Would be a good present for christmas!

Shaan3 says:

I hear you are giving an iDevice. Can i get the new iPad, please?

jkudish says:

Need to replace my iPhone 4 (not even S) with a new iPhone 5 :)

Familien Rasmussen says:

iPad Min, Thanks and Merry Christmas

Tech feed says:

iPad Mini...cause it's a new thing...also very reliable and easy to hold ad use than iPad...

mhaddl says:

I'd love an iPad Mini White, 16gb is enough. Merry Christmas!

Bollocks67 says:

I think for me it would have to be the ipad as I already have an ipod and iphone....
Merry Xmas

abc1111 says:

I'd love the iPhone 5.


MisterMoody says:

Looking for the iphone 5.

damirFFM says:

PLEEEASE.... the iPAD mini.... . because my husband takes always our iPad with him wherever he goes. I need my own now !! ;-) Thanks!

00M says:

Iphone 5. Please. Merry Christmas.

shabek says:

I would like a iPhone 5, badly wanna change my old iPhone 4..thnx in advance

ZkiZZoiD says:

iPhone5 Black and Slate.. That would be SweeT!!!!

tonkabui says:

I'd like the iphone 5 to complete my transition into iOS ecosystem.

dhatam says:

iPhone 5, it's light, fast and more important my WinMo device sucks.

eXthus says:

iPhone 5 would be lovely, the screen on my 4S is shattered!

JanBoob says:

I would like an iPad Mini, because I don't have 1. ;)

familyguy615 says:

I would love an iPad because it is something I have been wanting for a while now, but unfortunately I can't justify spending that kind of money on myself.

jfpascua says:

The new iPad would be nice to win because it would make a great gift for my beloved.

zacharyvasquez says:

I'd like the iPad, as mine is a previous generation sans retina display.

Bemidge says:

Kathy, my wife, would really like an ipad. Right now, we don't have an i-anything...

Vaibhav Sunalkar says:

I want an iphone jus b'coz - "ITS AN iPHONE".. There exist no competitor for APPLE.. Superior quality products... !!!...APPLE ROCKS...!!!

JabberJim says:

Entering to win a fabulous iPad Mini for Christmas. From what I have heard they are amazing. So I would like amazing.

omerbs007 says:

I want the iPhone 5!
I am now rocking the SGS 3 and it's a bit laggishhh...
Maybe it's my time to switch to an iDevice :)

Michiel Engeland says:

I would like a new iPad. I have a 1st gen. iPad, but it's never available to me, my kids are always using it :-)

Sidberto says:

iPhone 5 for the Holidays! Thanks iMore!!

fcortese says:

An iPad or iPad mini would look great under my tree. I need it for when the grandkids come to visit.

laity78 says:

An iPad for music, videos & gaming

Scott Markle says:

Ipad mini 4 g for the golf course. Will make a nice gps unit

anukulsangwan says:

Hi Rene Ritchie. I just visited your website today and frankly, you have done a great job with this. Its a very informative website providing all the up-to-date details about iOS devices.
P.S. I would appreciate it if you move on to OSX as well. :P If not, then also; its completely okay. :P [I'm just providing my suggestion]
Noww.. Let's move to the 'Why I want an iOS device part'
It is very kind of you to think of other people in this issue, as there are many who need one.
One of them, me. :)
I'm a 14 year old from New Delhi, India and I really like the Thanksgiving and Christmas rituals of the Westside.
I need an iOS device because I really need one. :P Basically, I've been dreaming of having an iOS device ever since I heard about apple. My parents are a li'l strict and I've not been doing well enough in studies these days -- So no new gadgets since a while. :/
To satisfy myself, I've been running hackint0sh on my 5 year old PC. :P
And I love apple. Just read steve jobs' autobiography, and I think that he's up there - watching me, watching all of us. I dream of working at Apple some day.
But for that; I'll have to study hard..
Currently, I'm saving for an Arduino -- And If I get an iOS device .. I'll get an extra heard start into the developer and the geek world. B|
So. It will be of a very great honor if you give me an iOS device. Trust me, i'll make good use of it and you'll hear about me in the next 10 years :D
Aaaanddd. I've been writing about all those who've helped me get into the tech world. Because I hope to return their favors some day when I get rich :D
Any device would suffice. :P But I prefer them in this order.
iPod Touch 5 > iPad > iPad Mini.
Thanking you,
Anukul Sangwan

slyles says:

ipad mini for some tablet love in this house

iJimbo1 says:

I would love the iPhone 5 there's no other phone out there.....

Hywelbane says:

I'd love an iPad 4 for Christmas. Thank you for the dream!

xnio333x says:

iPhone 5 just for the larger screen! My 4s will go to my mom!

Michryn says:

The iPad Mini would be my choice. Great size and camera options as compared with the first gen iPad.

Dark_Blu says:

iPad Mini for me. Give my iPad 2 to my kids. Pack and send. :-)

Jforeman527 says:

iPad mini. I want one Because i travel a lot and need something portable and to have a great form factor!

Mikecom_X says:

I would like to win an iPhone 5. That would be a great gift to bring in the New Year.

WizardBGR says:

I'd love to win an iPhone 5... Thanks!

JRJohnston55 says:

I want a ipad 4th generation for Christmas...Its an amazing device that would really help out in graduate school.

RemmyZero says:

Please please please I want an iPhone 5 because my iPhone 4 has been replaced 3 times and still doesn't work right!

menomonee says:

iPad mini would fit in my Christmas stocking.

vates says:

i would love a iPad 4...a Canada Merry Christmas to all the iMore staff!!!

mtnbkr62 says:

I would love a Black iPhone 5, it would be an update to my iPhone 4

Darkchild1 says:

I would like the new iPad please.

Luis Enrique Castro Ramirez says:

I want an Ipad, because I like it and it is pretty functional

sbaba says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 - it's time to replace the 4

Josh Cormier says:

The New Ipad ....for my fiancee and the kids for christmas

johnnymac says:

I need an iPad Mini because this crazy 7" BlackBerry PlayBook I have has to go. Would really like to have a real tablet to compare it to...

JJFine says:

I would love to get the new iPad4, I've recently retired and can no longer afford a new apple device as an apple fan I'm longing for one...

ravyn80 says:

I'd take a white iPhone 5 64gb version if you're just passing them out!

jayman1201 says:

Oh it would be so nice to actually win. Always end up with old "I" stuff. Be awesome to get something for a change. BRING IT ON

Solja says:

I would love an iPad mini. I've been waiting for Apple to make a tablet this size!

Lui says:

iPhone 5 por favor! Verizon streams my iTunes match songs so sloooooow, so would love the 4g radio in the 5

Rob13 says:

Ipad Mini! Please pick me!

macmuchmore says:

I would LOVE an iPad Mini so that I could read books with one hand!

shinkidousenki says:

Would really like a the new White iPad. Always wanted one.

merlin87 says:

A new iPod Touch would be nice. Then I can retire my 30 gb Firewire 3rd generation iPod (yes, it still works).

Nickviana says:

iPhone 5 black, please...

Josue Fonseca Rivera says:

iPad Mini. Perfect form factor and will help a lot to keep in touch with my girfriend via Facetime.

graphiccraze4 says:

A chance to win any one of the iOS devices is a dream come true! I would have to let my greed not take over on this one. Winning an iPhone 5 would be the pick as a gift to my girlfriend. The gift of giving is great. Thanks for the opportunities. .

Dargobyl says:

If Santa is fair, this iPhone will by mine
And if they come, i´ll believe in Santa again

big9erfan says:

I want an iPad or iPad mini. We're starting a family and it would be a great learning device for the little one.

CooperS84 says:

Please, please, please.. ipad mini! =)

ameen100 says:

Hello my name is ameen from a long time I wished to have iPhone I really wish to win.

kapilnabar says:

iPhone 5 is made by Intellegience for smart people youse there Intellegience.

That's why it's true

If you don't have it u don't have it.

kapilnabar says:

iPhone 5 is made by Intellegience for smart people to use there Intellegience.
That's why it's true
If you don't have it , u don't have it.

kapilnabar says:

iPhone 5 is made by Intellegience for smart people to use there Intellegience.
That's why it's true
If you don't have it , u don't have it.

kapilnabar says:

iPhone 5 is made by Intellegience for smart people to use there Intellegience.
That's why it's true
If you don't have it , u don't have it.

SiG03 says:

An iPad Mini would be awesome!

kacabrown06 says:

I want an iphone 5! I would probably give it to my wife so she can stop using my 5 all the time.

samchkgo says:

Any would work for me... chicago present!!!

Bennettfamily says:

Christmas would be absolutely magical if I were to win an ipad mini for our family. As a mother of two cute kids, an ipad would be an amazing resource!!! If I were to win an ipad mini, you would not only be providing me with an awesome gift for Christmas, but each of my children as well, and not to mention my husband! Your products are so wonderful that any age can benefit from them. I just recently graduated, gave birth to my second, and moved from one side of the country to the other, all within the time period of one month. We are struggling to become established, recover from the stress and gaining job experience and such. This Christmas would be memorable if we were to receive such a gracious gift. Thank you!

providco says:

A black/slate iPhone Five. Hurry up before the iPhone 5S comes out. Thanks !

anon5460510 says:

An iPad. For my father. Who can't see the text on his Samsung Galaxy screen. -_-

mdub311 says:

I would like an ipad. I just moved from WebOS to the iphone and I need a new tablet to replace my touchpad. This would make my christmas complete!

Phil Mulholland says:

I'd love an iPad Mini, pretty please. (Due to pain my arms are too weak to hold an iPad-an iPad Mini would be perfect!)

khobia2 says:

I would love an iPhone 5. Four inch screen is perfect imo. I'm just not feeling these 4+ Android phones. Great processor inside and of course iOS. Gotta have one.

EdenEmbers says:

i would like an ipod touch please... I've wanted one for a while now and well I'm deffinitely not one of those people who are loaded with money and can go buy one, i wish though:( so this would by far be the best thing I've ever gotten and i would greatly appreciate it. Merry Christmas!!!!<3

toreroguysd says:

iPhone 5, cause I love that sleek form factor!

pedzad says:

Hi iMore, my Christmas will become my dream-mas with an iPad. Thanks

ngabear1 says:

I sure am in need of an ipad mini for work
thanks, great website, saw it on mac break weekly , TWIT

alexsimonsays says:

I would love a new iPad 4. It would be a great gadget to tote around with me to classes in place of my clunkier laptop.

Obstreperouss99 says:

All I asked from Santa is the Slate iPad Mini, hope to get it here! Want it to read the paper for those early morning train rides. Hold the mini in one hand an hold on with the other

leocapot says:

Please pick me! Thank you!

Devin Lofton1 says:

Having an iphone5 would really help me in school with keeping updated with my teachers emails and submitting papers while I'm on the go. It would also help me keep in touch with family back home with the video chat features while Im on sports trips. My electronics are outdated and an iphone5 will eliminate the need to carry around 3 different devices. Thank you

czhDavid says:

iPhone 5. I have got ordered WP8 phone. Only you can change my opinion which device is going to by for my daily use (and i will post windwos vs. iOS reaction )

khijah says:

iPhone5! great for a Christmas gift! would give it to someone special. . :)

cwaturner says:

I'd love a black iPad mini! Perfect for being on the road.

antheauxny says:

iPad please. It would be so much more convenient to carry around to class and take notes on than a laptop!

Madhav Pande says:

I want a black iPhone 5. Please pick me to win because my parents won't buy me one so please pick me this is my only chance!

jrlbruins says:

I want an Ipad never used one before

ashliobrien says:

Would love a new iPad for when I start my student teaching this January!

David Wilh says:

A IPhone 5 would be great... Never had a iPhone before.. Thank you.