Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

Ray Zaimi says:

i want ipad mini beacoase i love and i need it

miglrah says:

Would love an iPad mini - everything that makes the iPad so great, but in a one-handed, comfortable package!

benjamin.a.j says:

iPad mini would be nice...for my wife for Christmas I think!

Datalux says:

I need an iPhone 5 for my wife. I just got the Galaxy Note 2 and while she's been really good about it, saying her phone is fine, I know she's jealous of my upgrade and really wants the iPhone 5. She is constantly asking it the new iPhone does this or that...

bustermin says:

I would love an iPhone 5. Thanks for another great contest!

kwright817 says:

iPad to get a tast of the Apple juice that I may be missing.

Dustoff-00 says:

Come on big wishes......win win win

eleeba4 says:

Id really love a 7th gen ipod nano thankyou.

kylek127 says:

Hi I'm Kyle Krause I would LOVE too win the ipad, I would love too win one because I was recently in a really bad car wreck leaving me not able too walk for 3 months too a year, an Ipad would be WONDERFUL because I'm in bed most of the day and this would help me keep from staring at the walls! Also I'm trying too start online schooling so it would be a big help ! I would appreciate this so much and be very thankful. I hope everyone has a SAFE and happy holiday.

munhbayar says:

GREAT!!! Iphone 5 for me

Horselover1331 says:

I would like the new iPad... My dad lives on the other side of the world and I would love to be able to skype and email him!

DiegoR189 says:

I would love to have that new iPad all I've been able to do is read on how great the battery is and that retina display. WoW!
It would be great to actually have one in my hands to call my own and it not be the apple store's.

adelemac says:

iPad 4 is on my wishlist

Madseman says:

Ooh an iPhone 5 from Santa would be really nice <3

SinisterDuck says:

I'd be interested in the iPhone 5 to replace my 4S. Thanks!

steve.truong says:

I would love to win an iPhone 5! I've been DREAMING about owning an iPhone since literally FOREVER. I would like to have an iPhone because I've been using Android for so long that I'm ready to make the switch to smooth and suave from buggy and slow!

TheBiggmann says:

I would like the new iPad for the Retina display. Merry Christmas!

Jonelew says:

I would love a new iPhone 5! I have been a good boy all year!

h0ck3ydad says:

Would like to try the iPad mini. Have the iPad 3rd gen so wanted to see if the smaller screen is better.

KzooScott says:

The new iPad. The wife and kids are on the Mac all the time and we only have the one. So iPad would be a big help! lol!

pooples says:

I would like an iPhone 4S with retina display for my disabled cousin that lives in Miami so we can keep in touch... I live in California .it would be the best Christmas present ever! PLEASE!!!!!

pooples says:

IPhone 4S for my daughter please! She's on food stamps and can barely afford to feed her kids. I want to get her something nice.

bocarocker0729 says:

I would appreciate any of them. I want to get one for my sister. She just turned 16 on december 9th and I thought it would be perfect for the holidays and her birthday.

extol4000 says:

I would love an iPad Mini to play games & watch videos. Thank you for posting this contest.


anabanana0714 says:

A Verizon iPhone 5, please!

hakuroji says:

I love Apple products so I would be happy with any gift, but if I have choose I would go with the iPad Mini for its portability and features. Thank you, and have a wonderful Christmas.

ZkiZZoiD says:

iPhone 5 Black and Slate.. happy Holidays!

lucky4meman says:

I would like the iPad Mini

310mike says:

lets do it!!!! :) Ipad retina!

YoJan Dhakal says:

I think it's time for a change...i've always wanted an iphone but never had the chance or luck...always low on cash...it's price is over Rs 95000 from where i am..that's a big deal..so if you'd be kind enough...an iphone5 please.......

johnson6fw says:

I would love an iPhone 5. My current iPhone has a broken screen and I don't have the money to fix it right now. If I was to get a new phone for free, I could give my old one with the cracked screen to my 11 year old daughter would love like to FaceTime her best friend who moved to Montana (and has an iPod Touch). Would make for a great Christmas and a win-win for our family.

weztimonial says:

iPad mini for my parents!

CED1100 says:

I would like a new ipad mini

Bobbell69 says:

I would love the new iPad to sit next to my iPhone 5

Jubin Sammoni says:

Can i please have an iphone 4

PilotConway says:

iPad mini, it's the perfect sized iPad.

Jubin Sammoni says:

I would like an iphone 5 please

Pooja Bhansali says:

iPhone 5 is my dream..i just want it..but dad says..first my brother and then me..but i want it first..so please 1 iPhone 5 for me

demetriwayne says:

I would really an iPad mini.. I don't need the big iPad but the mini would be just right, fits in one hand easily, great to travel with, awesome for the gym to use my workout apps, great for Doctors appointments while in waiting area and finally, awesome for work while on break. Please, Pleas..the iPad mini would be perfect for me.

Arezoo Sh says:

I would like iPhone 4 merry chrismas

dgorth says:

Would love an iPad mini...

breen64 says:

I would love an iPhone 5 for Christmas!

supernewfie67 says:

I think an iPad mini would make everything complete! iMore is awesome!!!

ls108 says:

ipad mini lte thank you

Chargersjr37 says:

Like to win ipad mini be a great Christmas gift for my son. Thanks

Adam Eltoukhy says:

i really like iphone because its exactly like an ipod but it has a phone which makes the iphone the best.

markcasson says:

Would make a good Christmas great!

Guodnplenty says:

Mini....my ipad wants a baby brother.

Firewal says:

The iPad mini, please.

flyfabu says:

mini dream about ipad mini!

Gasmeter10 says:

I'd love to win and iphone 5, I can upgrade soon but my wife can't, I'd give it to her as a Xmas present

JosephVirus2 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini. I need a device at home that has the screen of a mini for Netflix, reading, and school. I hope you read my message and i wish you a merry Christmas

marjofraz says:

Would love the iPhone5. Apple products are awesome!

rebel5fx says:

iPad mini or iphone 5. Thanks and Merry Christmas

giantthumb says:

Since I already have iPhone 5, I would like the updated iPad 4. iPad mini is not an choice because it has no retina display.

intuicity says:

I would like to win an iPhone 5. thanks.

.45man says:

I would to ditch my playbook and have an iPad!

rrblouin says:

I would like an iphne 5. Thank you.

kajira says:

iPhone 5 please - Merry Christmas

rfg969 says:

I would love a new iPad Mini!

doveink says:

Would love to have the new iPad in black. Thank you :)

iTazz says:

iPad 4th Generation, please.

ravi teja j says:

i would like to win the iPhone 5.. tried a few "flagship" android devices -galaxy note n galaxy s3, and am not satisfied, was a iphone 4 user before ,would like to get back to the iPhone.

TxAgs00 says:

An iPad for my husband who is about to graduate from college.

murphycoverdot2001 says:

I'd like an iPad mini, cuz I've got an iPad and I won't pay the big bucks for an iPhone plan...

Munale says:

would love the iphone 5 since im still rocking the 3GS

koolguy442 says:

I would like one, please.

koolguy442 says:

I would like one of them iPads, please, because it's hard to walk around holding my MacBook Pro with one hand.

brettbarthlow says:

Over here! Merry Christmas!

Melissa Jo1 says:

An iPad would be fabulous to take with me when I'm traveling so I can leave my mac book at home!

elguapodave says:

I would love to have an iPhone 5! I have regular 4, and dying to upgrade, but I'm not able to upgrade for months from now. I love my iPhone, and would love to have a iPhone 5. Thank you!

Joel Hammond says:

I would love an iPad mini. I would actually give it to my children for learning purposes. I love how Apple has wonderful learning apps! It would be a great way for the kids to get a head start in school. Hopefully an win!

darianv says:

Iphone 5 please. Why? Its the greatest productivity tool ever.thank you

karmafreq says:

I would like to win an iPAD Mini. Would like to give it to my boys for Christmas this year. They would love it! Thanks for the chance to win.

Friday Mark says:

Id like an new white iPad please fro christmas!

Gizmocivic says:

I'd love to win the iPad mini in black 16gb because of the compact size

Ninjahero21 says:

i'd like an iPhone 5. I am buying a white one very soon, and my little brother often gets my leftovers while even our younger sister gets fancy things like her new Lumia. So I'd definitely give him the phone if i win it. He's a cool brother and an awesome friend and i honestly couldnt be more proud of him. He deserves much more than what he gets.

bquigly says:

Shiny new iPhone 5 would be pretty neat!

Ash Nicole says:

Never had an luck with hand me down or used phones, and could never afford brand new ! Would be an amazing Christmas to have something reliable :) Iphone 5 !

slalomskie says:


timscottbennett says:

I'd love to get one of the new iPads. I'd pass my old iPad on to my twin daughters and enjoy the retina display for myself!

Terry Benavidez says:

An ipad mini with cellular would be an awesome addition to my Apple collection.

iarv68 says:

IPad mini, I fell in love with it.

Hiba Sati says:

i love have to go for an iPad because i needed in my job

tacrita0 says:

I would love a new iPad Mini!

chriswicke says:

New iPad. The wife needs her own so I can get mine back! :)

vpm2 says:

64GB iPad Mini, just because...

jetjackson says:

Wow, I would love to win the iPhone 5 Black. What an awesome, beautiful piece of art, and it also makes phone calls. Wow.

dphillippi says:

ipad mini, why my kids have taken my ipad and i can never use it. ipad mini is small and i can hide it. so when it comes time to use it, i won't have to charge it. Thanks

fury says:

Probably too late, but if not, I'll take an iPad mini. 64 gb, because that's how I roll. Too many photos and apps to choose just a few...

flyersfan76 says:

Kids keep steeling my Playbook and iPads and now our phones. Really need a mini now so I can hid it easier. :)

Sophos says:

I would love a iPhone 5. The home button on my girls iPhone 4 just went out and this would make a GREAT up great for her.

JSEPhD says:

I would love a new iPad. My kids spend more time on my iPad 2 than I do, and I use it for work...

zuned says:

iPad 4, I've never owned an iPad before.

Pop2U says:

iPad 4 because I want to have both sizes for different occasions.

Purple4 says:

iPhone 5 for the larger screen. Oh Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nthn says:

I would love a 64 Gig black iPad mini for my wife's home business.

marcoaoa says:

i would love to have a 64gb black iphone5! i like the design and future!! but i dont have much money to buy a brand new iphone5:(

TonetAbrilla says:

i would like to have all but i know i can't, so i wish to have the new iPhone 5 :)

SinGaK1D says:

I would like to get an iPad for my mother on her birthday. She's been a deserving mother, and a gift of such kindness would be out of this world.

tjstray88 says:

I've been trying to win an Ipad going on 3 years now! Never had any luck. Imore, I want an Ipad please and hopefully thank you.

hacheh says:

iPad mini would be a great Christmas gift

alanksu says:

Would absolutely LOVE an iPhone 5!!!! Looks way better! Thanks so much!

TWINKerbell521 says:

i would like the iphone 5 because all my freinds have one and its awesome Merry Christmas

JPMM says:

The new iPad, thank you!!

shyhermit says:

iPhone 5, of course! Because it is a phone, an iPod, and an internet communicator!

Cobalt217 says:

Either a new black and slate iPod touch 5 or and ipad for the family would be amazing!
( (_CRAYOLA_( ( >

Ehubb says:

The iPhone 5 Please? I have never had an iPhone before. Also good luck to the winner. Whoever won must have wanted just as bad as anybody else. Merry Christmas!!!

allthingspixel says:

I'd upgrade my iPad 2 with a new iPad because I have ppi envy.

beach_J says:

I'm ready to go shopping for an iPad upgrade. Happy Christmas.

Hoosier says:

Just got an Iphone 5, now I need the New Ipad to match

kieeraaa says:

I really woild love the new iphone5. Its a great phone and i wish i had one of my own. Right now i dont even have a phone. Im tryin to save money but i would pay for a plan just cant afford the phone right now so it would be a really nice christmas present to me to one. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

Al Widjaja says:

IPhone 5 for the wife would be great for Christmas!

adeboest says:

Hoping to win an Ipad mini -- Merry Christmas!!!

Odayle14 says:

I would love a white iPad mini

Odayle14 says:

i would love a white iPad mini because they look so awesome and super portable

drewmarasco says:

A 4th generation ipad to take to my college classes with me so that I may do better in school than ever before!

shaolinali17 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 please. I've always liked iOS and iPhones, but haven't been able to buy one. As of late, I have an Android phone, as an iPhone has yet to reach T-Mobile, and really hate it. I'd thought to try something different before committing to an iPhone. I really have enjoyed my encounters with the iPhone and wish I were able to enjoy one of my own. This would be an exceptional gift. Regardless of the outcome, thank you.

Louismassey says:

Got a ipad and loving it. Would love a ipad mini or ipad or even iphone 5( present for my whife who uses blackberry, this WILL correct her mestake she made)
Ps. She loves MY ipad

Edward Chan says:

I love my ipad 4, would like to have the iPhone 5

darshan12 says:

iphone 5. Serious piece of equipment. great for work and play.

Sergey Ivanov says:

I would like the iPod 5. I study at the IT faculty and I want to develop applications for iOS 6. I think that iPod is good device for that purpose. It is portative and good for applications testing. But now I haven't device for that and money for buy Apple's devices also . What's a pity! More over few days ago my mp3-player is broke and when I choose my new MP3 player I had saw that Apple device will can good replacement for my old player... I want to try this device and rate their advantages by my own. Thank you for attention.

mariah bishop says:

I would love to finally have an i phone:)
Marry chrismahanaquanzaka.

elmanu88 says:

I would like to have the iphone 5! Thanks!

Tigr2003 says:

iPad 4th gen because of the Lightning connector. Already enjoying my iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd gen.

Dernier96 says:

I REALLY need the new Apple iPad for my wife. She says she can't live without it!

sweckman says:

It would be nice with the new iPad mini...

ibbyj says:

I could use an iPad Mini!

acegi1983 says:

Either a new iPad or an iPhone5

Delrahim69 says:

i would like the iPad Mini, I checked it out at Best Buy and love the look and feel. Retina would be better but its still a great tablet. I love that I can take it with me w/o a bulky case.

yakimaray says:

i want the iPhone 5! Its the best smart phone out, Apple has been slow adapting the larger screen but they still lead the way.

Thanks imore for the great giveaways and good luck to everyone.

ryanwleach says:

I would like the iPad mini. It's the perfect size. Thanks.

Natalie Mullholand says:

I would love an iPad! i am a teacher and would like the opportunity to explore ways to use the iPad in my classroom, as well as to work with my 5-year-old to enhance his learning :)

nchoksi says:

I would like to win New iPAD

Art Tuazon says:

Well, its the iPhone5 of course, simply because I just want to prove myself why it's believed to be the best smartphone among the competing devices in the market. Besides, I'm tired of using that sluggish android (Samsung) and making me switch will definitely throw my current phone... :)

mcatz says:

iphone 5 please. b/c it's awesome

Githungu says:

i really need an iphone 5 because i've always dreamed of owning one but i don't have the money to buy. if i got a chance to win i would be the happiest girl and i would really appreciate.

Slothbot says:

I would LOVE an iPhone 5 (AT&T) since my 3G is on it's last leg! I'm not up for an upgrade for a long time, and I'd hate to be forced to bust out the old Nokia, though I do love the game Snake.

vasanth12 says:

iphone 5. super phone to work and connect. thanks

smuch738 says:

I really would like an iPhone 5 because I've wanted one for sooooooooo long. Thanks

Kevin Gent says:

I'd enjoy an iPhone 5 for my wife. Her old iPhone 4 has a speaker problem that doesn't allow her to use Facetime or record anything with sound anymore (and we just had a baby boy 2 months ago). In order to get it fixed we have to replace the phone all together :( and we can't afford it.

kamlian says:

I want iPhone for voice call,
Web browsing,
Social networks,
Digital diary,
Personal account keeping, with exportable format,
For accessing bank account.

prewanabe says:

An iPad mini would suit me well. Thank you!

espaco99 says:

Without any doubt the iPhone 5, I've had Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc. but honestly, "The mobile phone" is the iPhone. It's time to get one! Does iMore that will put one on my Christmas tree?

Wendy Greenham says:

iPad :) It'd be great for University!!

Ezrieda Hakimi says:

i really admire to apple product especially the new ipad / ipad mini..please..please..please..make my dream come true...the features was the best among the best..go apple go!!!

panhiaxiong2012 says:

I really want an iPhone 5 because I want it for my Christmas present!!!! Please!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! Thank you thank you!!!! Oh and I would like the white one please:)

anantj says:

I'd like the iPhone 5 to replace my aging crackberry. It's past EOL and I'm struggling along with it. The only phone worth replacing it (not comparing ;) ) with is the iPhone 5

bulvine420 says:

Got an ipad 2 for cheap and sold my nexus 7 still love Android over iphones any day but this i pad is freaking amazing!

bulvine420 says:

Got an ipad 2 for cheap and sold my nexus 7 still love Android over iphones any day but this i pad is freaking amazing! i want the new ipad please.

wthwaites says:

I want an iPhone 5 so i can FINALLY get be rid of my struggleberry life! (Blackberry Problems)

Snowy737 says:

I dream about the iPhone 5.

Jppc says:

iPad Mini would be perfect...

Lisacj says:

I really want an iPad.....I don't care if it's a 2 or newer!!

27tattoos says:

I want an iPhone 5 because My phone is broken and barely works, so I need a new one, but we can't afford a new phone. I've been begging for and iPhone for about a year and a half. Please pick me! <3

vall_n says:

ipad for me. bigger the better to work.

dragonfly888 says:

Love to win an iPhone 5... dragoolas !

Nicholas Steele says:

I would like an iPod Touch 5th Generation.

kolen says:

That would nice towards a new iMac.

Cherie Montorio says:

I would just love an Ipad Mini....

johnbartlett says:

I want the iphone5 because my phone is totally out of date.

chaoticsuck says:

I really hope to get the iPhone 5 because I really want to use it as my creative medium through photography and videography features possessed by the iPhone 5, I hope to have the work of stunning photography and videography using the iPhone 5

skipbarker says:

iPhone5 because I really want the bigger screen and LTE speed.

XangeloX says:

I'd like a white iPhone 5, because my 3g is so old and slow. I need a new and better phone.

Guang Li says:

Ipad mini please, my son is going to love it

Esert Sto Domingo says:

i want an iphone5 as a gift for my birthday on december 24 and it would probably be a perfect replacement to my old phone :)

sabarig says:

Would love the ipad mini cos of the form factor.

spidermanroach says:

I would love an iPad Mini. I have never owned any of the iPads so I this this would be perfect.

Vipin Jain says:

if i get a free iphone 5 this will be the best site i have ever logged in :)

Niels Dam says:

I'd love the iPad mini!. I work as an intern in medicine and its size is a perfect fit for my lab coat's pocket. No more heavy books to carry around

Hiba Sati says:

I would like the ipad for me woke

anuk says:

iphone 5 for me. great device to own.

patriciaspiras says:

iphone5 please! its very convenient and it would really make me happy

droopy_kat says:

I would Love to be the new owner of an I Pad and if i can't win that i can always settle for an I Pad mini ;-)

Olsi Bicaku says:

I would like an Ipad mini because it would be very helpful in my school studies! Merry Christmas!

betsyrajan says:

Hello! I would like to receive an IPad so that I can gift it to my Mom because she's been wanting it for a while!
Thanks much!

jwhettingsteel says:

I would love one please :) iPhone :)

Joshua Martinez says:

It would be an honor to win an iPad mini. Being stationed in japan in the military really sucks. I can never get my hands on anything iPad or iPhone, its always sold out. For once I would like to enjoy a wonderful Christmas present in substitute for not being able to be with my family. :)

jeremyocampo69 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 cuz I only have a iPod 2nd gen:(

gaileileen says:

My (step) son just dropped his iPod touch....I would LOVE to be able to surprise him with a brand new one for Christmas....can't afford one, and the one he broke, was a gift from his mother years ago.

ricbmw says:

ipad mini because its amazing

someone3353 says:

An iPad Mini to share with my whole family and it would be soooo WONDERFUL if I got it! So the new iPad please!!!!!

someone3353 says:


adlpp says:

I'll love an iPhone 5 so I can work productively with my clients. Thanks for asking.

Rozell Swanson says:


chhsballer22 says:

I would love a new ipad :). Thanks for doing the contest guys and merry Christmas.

girish bhari says:

please please give me an iphone 5 .iam waiting for it to arrive on the christmas eve

okiewarner says:

An iPhone 5 please. I really need a smartphone!

S_AlphaBoss says:

iPhone 5 - The best or no stuff !

Lucy Puii says:

I would love an iPhone 5 because I heard all the amazing story of it. I never owned one & it's my biggest dream to have one. Merry Christmas.

Jamie Reese says:

I would love an iphone 5 because i would use the iphone all day everyday! and because i'm bout to throw my droid out the window!

Rianda Evans says:

I would love a iPod or a iPad. Because I would love to give It to my mother for Christmas. She has been wanting one for a while and I have been trying to save up for it but haven't gotten very far.

Michael McCormack says:

I would like an iPad mini, please.

Krista McDaniel says:

I would love and ipad mini, I am a teacher and could use many of the apps and functions to bring technology into the classroom.

abcglynn03 says:

I would like an iPad Mini to use in my classroom!

pino-chet says:

Would love an ios device in my life. Best of luck to all.

Grace Lumbog says:

I would like the iPhone 5 please - Merry Christmas!

Quantic says:

iPad (4th Generation): I need for make music and read.

Merry Christmas for all!!!.

jfpascua says:

The new iPad because of its slick A6X processor.

providco says:

An iPhone 5 please, black/slate. Or an iPad 4 (Retina). iMore Rocks !

saurabh chhabra says:

i would love to get the ipad 4th generation because of high performance of A6X chip and retina display

jayhum says:

iPad because all the cool kids have one

Helen Westbrook says:

I would like the new IPad because it is something my husband really wants for christmas.

charlesdk says:

Would love any iPad — we had to sell our home computer after recession down-sizing, could use an iPad to get internet access back and a means for my partner to revitalize a struggling writing career.

Hiddensecret2010 says:

I would like an iPad Mini,
I'd like to see if it fits in my jean/coat pocket

autoy says:

I'd love an iPad as a present for my wife :)

sandytoc says:

i would like an iPhone please....because i have no device right now, and I have no money to get any. please, i would really appreciate if i win this iPhone for Christmas. thank you

senor_1 says:

Cash is a little tight and winning an iPad is the only way its going to happen for me this year.

antovius says:

I want a white iPhone 5 on verizon so I can finally have the best of both worlds with my nexus 7 tablet. :3

slyles says:

ipod mini for the win..

Neda11 says:

I'd love a new iPad , because it's the best working and looking tablet out there!

Dave Harrison says:

Definitely mini to complete the family.

iKNS says:

I would love an iPad4 to gift it to my wife.

Huzaifa Suri says:

I'm luvin' the ipad black....an ipad for everything <3
I need it 4 every moment of my life, everything <3

llohia18 says:

I would like to have an iPad mini to complete my IOS Device Line up. I am a Big Fan of Apple's product and have been using iPhone 4 & 5, iPad 2, Apple TV and MacBook Pro.

Reviews of iPad Mini has enticed me to have one. If I have it i will give me total mobility carrying the least weight in my pocket and beside I would be able to do my work seamlessly anywhere wherever I am. Merry ChristMAS

Constantinescu Andreea says:

One iPhone 5 for Christmas would make me extremely happy, because my old phone is no longer efficient. Thank you! Kind regards!

kniuma says:

iPhone 5 please, because I would like to use it for work and take lots of photos and listen to music all the time! :) thank you thank you thank you :)

General ripper says:

iPad mini please because it's the perfect size to carry with me wherever I go. Happy Holidays!

Kelly Tan says:

I would like to have an iphone 5.Please choose me to be the winner.I love apple gadgets very much,I will always support apple gadgets,please give me a chance to win iphone 5,thanks.Happy holidays and merry christmas to everybody.

siddhut says:

My choice is an iPad. Being a student I think iPad will be more useful to me. Also I want to develop apps for iPad.

Fluerasdavid says:

I never had a mobile with touch screen display.. so i really want an Iphone :)

SiG03 says:

I would really like an iPad Mini, because my wife keeps taking mine!

realitycheckbcs1 says:

One iPhone 5 would be great.

iphone22 says:

Pick me please please please please pleaseeeeee

Alex Wilson2 says:

I would really appreciate an iPad mini. Thanks very much and Merry Christmas!

maskedpete says:

I would just die to have the new 64 gig or even 32 gig iPod touch, blue and white because I've never really had the experience in owning something i really want because of such a high cost. Plus it's a beautiful creation.

Roxanna Diaz says:

I would like to win an ipad. It's been my uncles wish to have one for quite a while and i would love to give one to him these holidays.

Robbie Pritchard says:

iPad mini, they are minificent!