Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

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Reader comments

Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!



For christmas i would like the iphone. The reason i chose this device is because i've never had a iphone anythinng, and i'd think it would be really cool to have a high tech device. It's silly i know. It would be really amazing though if I won. Who knows?, it might happen. Beside that though, Thank you for this opportunity.

I love the Iphone 4S! The iPhone 4S has an identical design to the iPhone 4, but its guts are all new. Although that might be a disappointment to some people (no larger display, no slimmer body, no tear-shape game-friendly design), I am actually pretty happy with it. I really like the iPhone 4 design: It's still the thinnest smartphone available and it has a stylish, premium look thanks to the glass face and back. Thanks imore!

I love the Iphone 4S! The iPhone 4S has an identical design to the iPhone 4, but its guts are all new. Although that might be a disappointment to some people (no larger display, no slimmer body, no tear-shape game-friendly design), I am actually pretty happy with it. I really like the iPhone 4 design: It's still the thinnest smartphone available and it has a stylish, premium look thanks to the glass face and back. Thanks imore!

I would really really really really really really really really really really really like an I phone of any genertation . Please please please

Can I please have an iPod 5 because I have an iPod touch 4 and I really want to get an iPod 5 because I can't get iOS 7 so pretty please with a cherry on top that would make me so happy

I would love an iphone 5! Have never had an apple product and would really like an iphone, as there is so much you can do with them!

I would love a iPhone 5 because that's my dream went I was a little boy I wish for an iPhone thats is my number one wish of my life went Christmas come I wish it will come to me in December 11 2013

I would love an iPhone 5 for Christmas please that's my number one wish went I was a little boy I wish for an iPhone it not came true I wish I more you will give me an iPhone please in December 11 2013

I'm not going to beg, for anything, but I would like to win something it would be the first for me both with having a iPod and winning a contest, I no the odds are not really in my favor and that their are others who i'm sure would love to win as well, so that's why i;m not asking or begging you to give me a iPod, But what I am asking is for the chance, to win how ever small.

I would love to win a iPhone and a ipad because I would use the ipad for my coursework and the iPhone to get hold of my mum or my family in a emergency

The prize I would like to win would be an iphone 5s because I think they are awesome and I love all apple products! Please and Thank You!
Kristy S

i would like to have the ipod touch or the ipod because i love listening to music and apple's ipod provide the best music experience . i had an ipod but i lost it ! ;(
now can get that much funds to get a new one !

My mom's iPad has been giving her trouble lately and she does so much for our family so I decided whats a better present than a new iPad to show my appreciation for her :)

I'm 16 and quite an admire of technology
my comment is da 4272nd, I might have a very little chance of winning any thing
I would like to have any product with an ios in it.
ios fascinates me would be very happy if I actually win sum tin
marry christmas to all

I plan on giving my girlfriend the new ipad. Shes expecting an engagement ring. Once she opens this and is slightly disappointed, I plan on having a picture of the ring on the screen when she turns it on... then then when she looks up, ill be holding the real thing!

dear:reader i would love an ipod touch 5th generation. i desire this very badly am a single child with no social life i need this am bored all the time help me by giving me this ipod touch be my santa this Christmas plz plz i beg u

i would like to have an IPHONE 5S .. you know it's just the best phone on earth .. it has got everything a goog camera , fast processor , very good OS .. i mean in whole it's the best phone on EARTH ..

i will be happy if i can get any of the ios device.
but ipod 5 can be a great addition to me.

I would really like an iPod 5 I didn't get anything for Christmas so this would be great thanks Imore I really appreciate it!!:)

I wouldnt mind any of the apple products as ive wanted one for so long all my friends have ipods and iphones but not me, theyv always been too expensive and i cant afford it. I really want a iphone 5s they look really cool.

I truely would love and I pad, but really any apple product would help my family out. Im a single mom and as a paramedic I have long shift and now share my daughter with my fantastic parent who are always there to help. I was able to buy her an ipad this Christmas and she spend a great amount of time on facetime with her dad and brother who live in another time. I find my self almost jealous cause it would be so great to have an apple product so when just at the hall I could face time my daughter and I would feel as if I missing such a huge part of her life at times. I am a back up unit chief and work up to 16 hour days, she is an 11 yr old principle list skip of her curling team perfect anglethat is pre teen and I would love to spend as much time while she still normal before a teenager come out in her lol. Thank you andrea

The iPhone 5 please with 36GB's its for my sisters B-day she has been dying to get one and i have tried everything to get her one so please help me get one for her birthday it would really make my day. thanks for offering this great opportunity.

I would like to own an iphone5
I am very interested in it
i am starving to get one of an iphone5
not to have it but to own an apple iphone5

The Ipod touch 5th generation would make a great thing for me because I am a teen obsessed with music and my singing career and want to get out there but there's no way I can get out there without an Ipod or phone that I dont have. So please can I have one? Plus I will never be able to afford one since my mom's only funded by the state with no extra money. So please <3 Thanks .

one, and love it! But as to why you in particular should or should get one, it all just depends on your priorities. I had a friend who scorned it, and then finally got one and became a huge fan, but then again it has its downsides like any other cellular. If you're looking for a sales pitch, hit up Apple's website. It does have a killer camera and runs pretty smoothly, but some people hate the touchscreen (personally I find the tiny mini keyboards impossible on BlackBerrys and such, so I love it). Do I think it's overpriced? Probably. Do I think it's a good phone as far as smartphones go? Definitely. Good luck!

i really want to get an iphone 4 an white iphone for my granddaughter for her birthday june 1 please she really want this iphone please thank you so much.

could you please get me 2 iphone 5c please because my best friend well she saved my life it happened 2 weeks ago i was late to school and i wasn't looking where i was going and i ran across the road and i almost got hit by a truck but she tackled me and we both fell on the path and i've been trying to return the favour and then i your website and i know this will be enough to repay her for saving my life and if she wasn't there i wouldn't be here right now and im just soo thankful

I want iphone 5 bec. It is very useful done other...bec. other phones broken bec. it is fake,,,iphone 5 is very good brand of cellphone,,,,and wonderful application,,,,very good for signals,,,,

A apple ipod touch 5th generation don't matter the color the reason I want this device because imore has convinced me to open to the world with this device and stop thinking about myself all the time thank you Imore .......I hope I'm a winner

I would love to win an iPhone 5. I always wanted an iphone ever since iphones came out but never got one because I could never afford it I love Apple. It would be an absolute dream come true if I won an iPhone 5 thank you for listening :)

I would love to win an iPhone 5c for many reasons. One of the reasons is that I always wanted an iPhone 5c also I love the brand Apple so it would make my dream come true if I would win an iPhone 5c.

i am so glad to see this special offer .i want a iphone 5 my friend is so poor i want to give him a gift of this phone

I would really love to have a mac book air because my old pc is very worn out and I would love to get a new pc please.

hi I am 9 years old and my mom dosnt have any money to buy me a ipod touch and she wants one to so I would like to get a white itouch or a pink itouch please I am seriously begging you I have been wanting one of these things since the 1 generation came out so please if I am the winner I would be very very happy

I have a YouTube channel with some friends and i bought an iMac to work faster... and it's reeeally fast! but i have a lumia 920, i don't like it, no apps, no sincro with apple, a lot of bugs and other things... for my work as a youtuber it would be extremely helpful having only apple devices... we work a lot and every second is important... an iPhone 5 would be one of the best presents now :) thanks for what you do i wish you a very good day :)

i want this cause believe it or not when it was released, till now i had 37 dreams about this ipad air. But just for financial problems i couldn't effort it. that's why i want it so desperately......

Really I need iPhone 5s my parents cannot buy to me one ! And I can't buy one it s so expensive I have just Samsung Galaxy tab 3 and I'm 14 I don't have a phone hope u can pick me cuz that s make me so so happy I will pray to win :)

Dear imore I really want a apple iPhone 5s in white so badly.please pick my name because I never had anything from apple I feel like I need one.

Dear imore I really want a apple iPhone 5s in white so badly.please pick my name because I never had anything from apple I feel like I need one.

i had a karbonn k75 which is the worst mobile in the world i wish if i have a apple iphone because my dad can't fullfill my demand i cant buy a phone of 6000 because of less money so please give me a iphone

i want iPod because during my workout time my cell phone doesn't comfort me n secondly the voice quality is also not good...as i m a student not able to buy this gadget....so i would love to win an iPod so that i could be more comforting to me....thank you imore for this reward winning competition...i really appreciate that.....
thank you.

I want an iphone5 because it would help in my everyday life because the so easy to use and I think the design of the phone is very nice.

I am an IT Manager of a company.I am just mad for technology.I just want to learn about apple.I am not as much financially strong to get an apple.So i want to get an IPhone for my learning .Thats It.

It would be an honor to get it so i can know about the big and innovative thought of Late Mr.Steve Jobs.(R.I.P.)

I would like to have an iPhone 5 please!!! Because iPhone is the best company and iPhone looks very beautiful and it has many features and benefits and it would be my pleasure to have iPhone 5

i really want a iphone 4s coz i am twelve and never had a phone in me entire life and plus i wanna take pictures with my mam before she goes in the lights xx so please can i have a iphone 4s for christams please xx

hey i really wanna i iphone 4s please because i am twelve and never had a phone in my entire life and all my friends are getting iphones 5 and 6 plus i wanna take pics with my mam for memories for went she dies so please can i have a nicely wrapped black iphone 4s for christmas xx

I really want an iPhone 5 s because I don't have a phone and I think the iPhone 5s is the best phone out there to get from apple and I would really appreciate it if I won an iPhone 5s thank you

I need a new iphone5 because mine is severely shattered and I whenever I scroll up or down I get cut because of all the glass shards please I need one so bad

I would love to win and iPhone 5c because I really need a new phone all my friends have one and I feel left out and I would love to contact peop contact peoplelwhen Im out as well plzz pick me xxxx

I would like an I phone 5 or 6 because I have never in my life had a phone because mom says im not responsible and I am now 14years old.

I would like an iPhone 5s Christmas because i have always wished for one please this is my only hope and a once in a lifetime chance for me

Hi ,i would like to have iphone 5s its my dream but my father is not thay worthy to buy me so i'm waiting for chrismas......wish ua very happy mary crishmas

I would like iPad 5 … its thinner, faster with improved camera.
I would taking pictures and with iPad 5 I am a winner!!!

I don't have any electronic devices. When I see others using them I feel very sad. I am writing this comment from my mother's mobile phone. I don't have the money to buy one. So, in this Christmas I really want an ipad4.Please.

I would love to have the iPhone I have no money and need a phone to call my family please let me have the iPhone I do not care what kind of iPhone I get

I would really like a iPod touch 5th generation because I would like to contact my family that live quite far away from me and then I can speak to them when ever I would like. They went away because they could not find a place to live and I wanted to stay in school to study catering. This meant that I wouldn't see them for ages. So getting this iPod would mean that I could speak to them.

I would like to have an iPod 5, as I am too young for a phone and the iPod camera is awesome. Plus, I have heard that the song quality is amazing and I love listening to songs! This apple product would be perfect for my little needs!!!!!!! :)
Happy New Year!

hi i would love to get the iphone 6 or or the iphone 5c wich ever one i want to win because i want to fit in school cause people bully me alot plzz pick me thank you

I am a student . My father don't have too much income . He is unable to buy me the iPhone . It would be great if you guys give me the iPhone. I do need it. Please.

Iphone 6 or 6 Plus, an other world from the real world. Such an amazing features, amazing design and an amazing apps in it. No one can't say "No" to that phone. love it.. :)

it could be really awesome if i won an iphone 6s. because i currently dont have a phone. i hope you will grant my birthday wish

Hello ,I need a iphone because I love photography and love to travel in remote place I can't see other phone as iPhone in navigation.I like you dear engineers and respect your clean work.

I would like to win my kindle fire works good but I would like to play game with them but that price is what kills me so if I win cool if not cool too

Hi , My best friend got an Apple iphone 6+ today as a gift from his brother. He is teasing me. It would be good if I get at least an iphone 5.

I would very much like to have an iPhone 5. I have been using phones like Android, and Samsung for years now. Its Time to try something new!

well i would like an iPhone 5s in red and black or space grey because people say that it has new apps new stuff like siri, it has touch id, it has more cameras setting and in video you can put slow motion and that cool, because it bigger, it has external buttons and connectors, power and battery5, iPhone 5s is not compatible with existing micro-SIM cards, it has so many language that i can speak, and it has a pretty box that why i want an iPhone 5s please!

Hi. I really want the iPhone 5 because almost everyone in my family has apple products except my mom. I actually was going to give it to her as her birthday . present for her soon to become birthday. :) also I'm noticing that the iPhone has better features then Android and I'm tired of Android. IPhone for me or my mom please.

i would like a i phone 5 bc i wish for a i phone5 and i did not get it. i need one bc i need to call and i naver got a i phone 5. i want one bc i have a old phone that is not working id have mony to buy one.

Its true that iOS device is a dream for many people like me ..
Its a symbol of high society peoples , and for other people its really a dream ..

I have read that iOS devices are best and they have many exciting features ...

I would love ❤ to touch iOS device

Ok well my husband and I have no income right now and we have just around two hundred bucks to pay bills, well my girls birthday s are coming up Kaylee 9 and Nicole 7. Two months apart and all though kaylee has a nook from 2 Christmas s ago, Nicole doesn't and really wants one but no can do so I thought just maybe I can try to win one. I've never win anything so maybe I can. And if we do have to move in with family because we cannot pay bills. Then hopefully Nicole will have an ipad or even something cheaper just thought I should try. Thanks and good luck to all!

I would really like an iPhone 5s it would mean the world to me because everybody else in my family has one except me and I feel a little left out so if I got one I will feel more even with everybody else THANKS!!!!!!!!

Hey Yashab Memon! What's your take? Leave a comment. i wil take apple iphone 6 because i am not rich to get it but its my dream to have it this blog is like a chance for me to get apple iphone 6 so i have a hope from this blog or forum to have iphone 6 or ipad of apple

I would love and appericate if you guys gave me the iPhone 6 because 1. I really want it 2. I been wanting it forever 3. I will take excellent care of it 4. I need my own phone 5. If I do get I would be so grateful so can you guys please pick me I would truly love it thanks!

I wat apple iphone 5s bcse the screen size is too gud to use in regular nd the specifications are more than enough for a clg boy soo plz give it to me

Dear sir,
I would like to have an iPad. Please if you would give me that then I would be the most grateful portion to u. Please I want an apple iPad air. Please give me that.

i need an ipod cuzz my birthday is comin up on 12 june and i m really exited for it.
i always wanted it hope i get it


I love all apple devices because these are perfect like sir STEVE JOBS and most innovative technology like the mind of Sir STEVE

i want an ipad because my great grandma needs something she can read on and she deserves it because she does everything for everyone and never gets anything back.

Ever since Netflix came out in Australia my sisters been watching it heaps... on my dads iPad which makes him really grumpy so its no fun. its my sisters birthday coming up and I would love to get a beautiful, shiny, new iPad for her because it would really make her day. I've been trying soooo hard to win won for her online so please would you give my sister an iPad for her birthday!

I would really love to have the ipad because all I got is a android. Plus I can't do anything on the thing so I'd say that the ipad would be 100% better than the tablet I have now.

I would really want to win 1 of the iPad and 1 of the iPhone because my cousin birthday is coming and it is on July 4,2015 and I really want to surprise her with this iPad and iPhone for her birthday this Saturday!!!!Thanks!!!!!

Ever since I turned 9 i always my parents don't have the money and I really want one I would love a I phone 5 plz i really want one all my friends are always on them and i have a little cheap phone plz thank you

Hi I'm phoenix Davy I'm 14 on the 24 of July and I really would liked a iPad mini for my bday but unlike all the rich people in this world some people like me just can't afford it so I ask you I hope I get one

I'd love to win an iPad mini! I don't really care which color. My dad lives on the other side of the country, so we only get to see each other once per year. I think it would be cool to FaceTime with him, so I'd like to get him some sort of iOS device. Keep up the good work!

I want a iPad mini because I've always wanted one be cause my dad couldn't afford to buy one and we have no electronics please give it to me

Okay, so my sister and I both got an iPod 4 ( each ) a few years ago, but my sisters got a crack in it about a week after we got them. Now I have an iPod 5 and she still has the same one she got then. Hers is a little messed up and I wanted to get her one for her birthday. So I would like an iPod 5 for my sister. I would buy one myself but I don't have money and my parents can't afford it either. Thank you for this chance to get one:)