Win a new iPod touch from iMore! Leave a comment now to enter!

Leave up to three comments below for up to three chances to win a brand new iPod touch from iMore!!

Apple has just updated the iPod touch lineup to bring colors and a camera down to $199 and 32GB and 64GB down to $249 and $299 respectively. So now the perfect entry-level iOS device for kids, schools, travelers, developers, and anyone else who wants something small and unencumbered by phone parts is more affordable, and more attractive, than ever. So, to celebrate, iMore is giving one away! (Technically an Apple Store gift certificate!)

All you have to do to enter is login to iMore and leave up to three comments for up to three chances to win!

Why three chances? Because there are three models — 16, 32, and 64GB! So which one are we giving away? Well, that's up to you. The more comments we get, the bigger the iPod touch we'll give away! If we hit 3200 comments, we'll go to 32GB. If we hit 6400 comments, we'll go to 64GB. So tell your family, your colleagues, your friends. Tell everyone!

If you're not yet a member of iMore, you can still login with Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, or Google. It takes only a few seconds but the feeling of winning lasts a life-time!

The contest is open worldwide, and will run right until midnight PST on July 6th (Sunday night). Usual iMore contest rules apply!

Enter NOW!

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Win a new iPod touch from iMore! Leave a comment now to enter!



Little old lady. (Waits for other it begin yodeling in five, four, three, two, ....

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please give me one iphone or i pad as your wish i try alot for this but idont success i donknow please help me i am student from hyderabad

I would really like to win a free ipod touch they are the coolest i hope i win one i hope i am one of the people to win one because it would be nice to listen to your own music that you like and love and just pretty much do anything on it and take pictures and videos i hope i get one soon because ipod touches are the coolest electronic ever

If I win it'll be my first Apple product. I'll see if the hype is valid.

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If there are not many entrees, then we could have a higher chance of winning.

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This is my second comment.

"Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have you're a slut. It's a trap. You want to but you can't, and when you do you wish you didn't, right?" - Allison

This is my third comment.

"Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?" - John Bender

Also, I'd really like to win since my wife lost her iPod.. This would be a great replacement.

I like music a lot but can't afford apple products. So I hope I get to win one.

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Yep, about time to lower the price, easier for first timers to decide on buying one.

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Rene I put USA vs Germany on hold to leave this comment. Plus, I'm a Canadian like you! Hopefully I win that iPod Touch...I want a piece of history.

My wife has her own iPhone, but she misplaces it often and steals mine, so I really really need to win this. Thanks.

comment #3: Wait a minute, The contest is open worldwide, and will run right until midnight PST on June 8th? Yet it was posted this morning

This would be a cool (AND FREE) gift I could give my little brother who is heading off to college in August! Good luck to everyone!

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"Apple has just updated the iPod touch lineup to bring colors and a camera down to $299 and 32GB and 64GB down to $249 and $299 respectively."

I think the first $ figure should be $199

This contest and all the commenting has gotten me so pumped up...AND I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD MY COFFEE YET!! lol

..oh comment #2

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I would love to win this iPod as I am a developer, both web and iOS. Having an extra iOS device to test beta software on would be wonderful.

Comment #3 - Current other score - Portugal 1 - 0 Ghana (Portugal still need to score a lot more goals to put USA out)

Did I ever mention how absolutely lovely and beautiful the editors of Mobile Nations are?!? Well if I haven't, its true!!! These people should be runway models in Milan

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I really like the iPod Touch's ability to attach a strap to the device. I wish they'd do something similar for the iPhone, or at least get some case manufacturers to add a provision for attaching a strap.

I dont know man, with that strap you're more likely to bump it against a table or something...

3rd post... i got this...

Hate to be picky, but I think you meant to say that the new price is $199, $249, and $299 :) Currently is says $299 for the entry level. Anyway, could really use a new iPod Touch for Dad, I think his is about 5 years old (which is Vintage in Apple land).

Keep on being awesome Georgia!