Wired's "We Really Hope Apple's Making an iTablet!" Interface Concept

How badly does Wired's publisher, Condé Nast, want to get their content on the still-mythical Apple iTablet? Badly enough that they're working with Adobe to mock up their old content for this new (and still hypothetical!) medium. See the video above. (Warning! turn down your volume first!)

Now, we understand when movies started they were just filmed stage productions, and so it makes some sense that this looks a lot like scanned magazine pages made slideshow -- with a nice interactive map thrown in. The good news is that Apple's iTablet is still unreal, so there's plenty of time for content providers to play around with ideas on how to better present it dynamically, not quite like the web or even iPhone apps or iTunes LP/Extras, but a hybrid of all the above and more. Something next.

[Wired via Gizmodo]

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Wired's "We Really Hope Apple's Making an iTablet!" Interface Concept


LOL, thank you for the warning to turn the volume down. It still blew out my ears but could have been worse.

So the rumors are that Apple is releasing a really expensive e-book reader, rather than a tablet "computer".