The wrong yellow gradient

When Steve Jobs called up Google's Vic Gundotra on a Sunday morning to get an urgent fix These are the eyes, and the attention to detail, Apple needs to fight to keep in place moving forward.

[+Vic Gundotra, MacRumors]

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The wrong yellow gradient


This is what building an iconic brand is about, a strong, unwavering image and Steve Jobs is the best at maintaining, promoting and building that image. A variance in the Google logo may seem small on the surface but to someone as sharp as Steve Jobs it's a chink in the armor, a ripple in an otherwise smooth and refined finish. Many people won't understand, some will even make ignorant comments like "Whatta prick" but those people will never understand or achieve excellence but rather try to cheapen it and tear it down. It's never easy seeing innovative and iconic leaders move on, especially in today's world where there are fewer and fewer prepared to fill the void they're leaving. I wish Steve Jobs only the best!

Haha I just saw that comment by "slut" and I couldn't agree with you more. You don't get to be the CEO of the biggest tech company in the world by not emphasizing the smallest details or "being a prick"

Exactly my thoughts. You've expressed it perfectly. When you look at an iPhone it just seems to fit together. Unless Jailbreak themes have auto icons creation, they look wrong and it's because they detail to something as innocuous as the icon is scrutinized. This is why iPhone is such a cohesive brand and why it's so damned pretty. Everything, even the gradient on the O on an icon a few hundred pixels square absolutely matters and is considered.

under what circumstances does the icon in the screenshot, with the full word "google," appear on the desktop?
when one saves to the desktop from mobile safari, the icon is white with a large, blue "g."

This is news? File this under "Who cares?" Is it just me or is this blog posting a lot of useless "fluff" around the news. I've never seen a blog spam itself before. Lol

How about some Jobs-like attention to detail, and give us a report button to stop these "My girlfriend bought an iPad for $3 blah blah blah" comment spam?

Look for the little flag next to the number of minutes ago the post was entered. That's how you report those.

One chink in the armor or one detracting icon, will weaken the whole and encourage more to appear. Before you think this is needless micro-management, think about how Android can look. I think this is NEEDED micromanagement. Something tells me Jobs will still be involved like this as long as he has a breath in him.

Well, yes and no. This is the sort of micromanagement that can utterly backfire, and create a level of resentment among creative employees that drains them of their ability to do their best work.
The genius of Jobs is his ability to hover like that without deflating and demotivating employees. Some of that is undoubtedly in picking the right employees - a related separate skill he has - but a good deal of it is in the day-to-day handling.
Anybody can micromanage. To simultaneously micromanage and inspire - that is exceedingly rare.

The fact that he would call someone about that says to me that he is willing to work along beside anybody. That if he saw a problem with the smallest thing he'd go and help whoever needed help. Or make sure that they had some help. Nothing was above him. And he didn't let anything slip by. He loved it! He loved it! that's what you have to understand. He got into every detail because he loved what he did. Not because he wanted to be an asshole. Because he cared. He loved it! And for that, I love him!

What icon is that? My Google icon looks nothing like that.
Props though on that attention to detail. Some of my favorite apps have been banished from the first screen up until recently because of bad icons and lack of retina display graphics. Drives me crazy!