WWDC 2009 Scheduled for May... or June?

In 2008, Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) heralded our first look at the iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 2.0, Mobile Me, and the App Store. In 2007 it was... WebApps. Okay, scaling, we get it. But that means 2009 should be gangbusters, right? iPhone hardware rev 2,1? iPhone OS 3.0? And... only Jobs knows for sure, but we're sure it will warrant at least a couple Booms! (Where by "sure" we mean "hope").

First things last, however, we need a date, and so far we have two possible candidates according to Apple Insider: May 16-22 or June 6-12.

If it's May, Steve Jobs will not have returned yet from his leave of absence and Macworld Final Keynoter Phil Schiller will likely take center stage. June... could be great timing for a triumphant return. Apple has historically held the event as late as August, but June seems the favorite. Of course, we're also hoping for a pre-WWDC sneak beta peek this month (on the 24th?!) so developers have the time to adapt any changes Apple may be planning to hardware or OS.

Anyone placing any bets on when -- and more importantly -- what we'll be seeing?

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Reader comments

WWDC 2009 Scheduled for May... or June?


I hope for some form of multi-tasking, even if it's limited in software (so will apply to current iPhones)
For hardware, I only want better battery life. Being thinner would be kinds cool, but not necessary.

I think we'll see iCal ToDos with sync, a file system with search, Notes sync, Mail search, and some big improvements between apps and MobileMe (Photo, iDisk).
Of course, I think well see a lot more than that, but those are the basic things that seem the most likely to me.
I don't think well see a new iPhone.

I don't think there will be a hardware upgrade because of the recession. Apple makes it's money by selling a LOT of units. The cost to make an iPhone and the low cost they now sell them at means they need to sell millions to make a large profit, and since the iPhone 3G is very complete in terms of hardware it's unlikely we'll see a new iPhone until 2010 if AT&T can get their LTE network up by then.
If AT&T can't get the LTE(4G) network by 2010, there will probably be an iPhone pro type phone, with better hardware features like more ram, 1ghz processor and/or expandable memory.

I don't think phil will announce anything iphone related. The iphone is steve's baby and nobody can hype it like he can. We will see new software for sure but nothing mind blowing.

@Sam I think Apple still gets the full price of the iPhone it's AT&T that is subsidizing it to get the low price. Right?

Memory bump, MMS (both send AND receive), native video cam would all be nice. If they hit those, I'm gassed.

Apple is a very symmetrical company though so if we're going to see any huge iPhone 3G updates it should be coming in June. If you pay close attention, you will see that they try to update their products at the same time of the year as previous years. But I'm hoping for a huge software update like customizeable themes and as previously mentioned native video recorder, mms send/recieve, multitasking for apps, improved syncing and minor bug fixes.

you guys really think there will be no hardware upgrades? i just find that hard to believe... most of the iphone compeditors have already announced there upgrades for this year.... ominia hd, htc pro 2, htc diomond 2, n97 , palm pre, all these phones have better screen resolution and most have bigger screeens aswell.. idk about you guys but i want a bigger screeen with higher resolution, poss thinner, with more memory option. besides adding 3g last year the iphones hardware is basically the same... thats 2 year old technology , i want an update

Those companies you mentioned only make phones. Apple makes lots of other products and never upgrades any of them to new models every year. However, since mobile phone technology does moves so much faster, it's fair to argue that the iPhone could possibly be upgraded far more often than Apple's other products. But a new iPhone every year? I just don't see it happening. I hope I'm wrong and you're right. I'd love it if they make a new model every year.

Apple is smart. They know when to upgrade obviously. I'm pretty sure they have done their homework. Steve Jobs is a visionary which is one who claims to experience a vision or apparition connected to the supernatural. At times this involves seeing into the future. He's not some guy who just listens to people and changes his mind on when to upgrade. Apple are one of the best marketers in the world and know they exactly what their doing. Upgrade or no upgrade, you know it's for the best.

When u make the iPhone screen bigger it's no longer considered a mobile phone but rather an oversized box with a screen. Sure who wouldn't like a bigger screen but do you really want to carry it with you all the time. Now higher resulution on the other hand sure that's always good to have but think of all the apps built on a 480 by 320 res. format all have to be reformated to fit the higher res. screen. Sure it would be nice to have but there would have to be a lot of communication between apple and developers.

Edit: there would have to be a lot of communication between Apple and developers that most likely would have been leaked or will be leaked.

@ Steve
iPod hardware is updated nearly every year. I would expect the same from the iphone. Recession or not, a new iPhone has a great chance in June. Hopefully, we get to see something awesome.

Apple doesn't need a major update this June. The Pre? They should ignore em and let Palm/Sprint struggle to launch it. Apple shouldn't give them a mention in the least directly or indirectly. That only serves to give em PR.
Speculation has it that next year we'll be on the bounce from the recession. That would be best for a major major upgrade. Apple has nothing to worry about this year if they just do minor changes. Certainly not from the likes of an Omnia or Touch Pro2 or Diamond2. Who cares if they improved specs? It's still the same WM OS and platform.