WWDC Banner Revealed: One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead

WWDC 2009 - One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead

Adam Jackson (via MacRumors) caught the first shot of WWDC 2009's first banner and it's one near and dear to TiPb's heart. Check out the hero shot above, and Adam's Flickr page for more Moscone center goodness.

Obviously, the App Store, with 45,000+ apps and over 1 billion downloads, was the mobile success story of 2008 -- if not one of the great software platform success stories of all time. That Apple is keeping it front and center might also just mean we ain't seen nothing yet.

We won't quibble about the date (App Store launched July 11, 2008 while WWDC 2009 launches June 8 with Phil Schiller at the helm), and we won't bring up those still stupefying rejections -- this time.

There's less than a week to go, after all...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

WWDC Banner Revealed: One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead


Well, they can say that now only! Seeing that we getting MMS, copy and paste, etc. Catching up on the basics that other phones can do.

MMS again???? I guess that now the iPhone will have MMS means that they'll finally sell iPhones in volume. And in other countries too! And no more people having to ask for refunds from Apple because of no MMS. Yes, having MMS is going to open huge new doors for Apple because there's no way that their product could have ever been considered advanced or a success without MMS. And more importantly, maybe the company will begin to turn a profit now that the iPhone has MMS.

seems to me that in the UK at least they have missed the boat on MMS. A couple of years ago it would have been useful, but now pretty much all the photos I get sent are via email, FB, Twitter or similar - not sure MMS will see much use especially I imagine it won't be covered by the all you can eat data plan?

Mms is so yesterday anyway if someone can't do email on their phone now I don't even bother sending them pics.

MMS! Blah, How about out with the old and in with the new. Mms is like a bad habit and I finally kicked it! Thanks Apple!
"Light years ahead" with a banner like that I now expect OLED screen AND IChat all in a new casing made of some exotic METAL.

I hate MMS. It's really costly and ineffective.
If I want my friends to see a picture I upload it to facebook. MMS is totally unneeded.

I said the same stuff until i got my Bold now i use copy an paste and MMS daily i can't wait to use them on my iphone.

Can I go? Someone please take me to WWDC? Just come and rescue me from work, it'll be like a pilgrimage.....Please?

Will they mention a new review system and method for cleaning out the 40,000 useless crApps so that we can find the 5000 that are useful?

@sting7k I couldn't agree more. I find it so hard to find the good apps. I'm searching for hours. Sooooooo much junk out there. At least make the searching a little easier.

Regarding MMS, this is useful if your at the grocery store and and are unsure which nutrition shake your wife wanted. You take a picture of the selections, send via mms, and BOOM, she texts back which on she wants.
This actual scenario happened last week and sending the pic over email took FOREVER to go through gmail.
PS. I'm thoroughly embarrassed for this post.

No doubt the iPhone changed the landscape. But I don't think it is an invalid argument to mention the limitations. The phone IS missing some well established basics, whether deemed important to some or not. Other less expensive phones have copy/cut/paste and MMS. If you were used to that, like I was, it feels like a tangible gap.
3.0 represents a bit of course correction as well as a newly blazed trail.
WWDC can not come soon enough to make that happen.

@rena beat, yea the search is pretty weak as well. I search and get mostly apps that are totally un-related. It appears to just search by name of apps or maybe category, not by being relevant to my search.
If you want an example of what is wrong with the app store go to the "news" section. And on the second page of apps sorted by date you will then see 8 pages of the exact same app but for about 300 different regions in the USA for local news. Honestly why did Apple allow those into the store? Someone just released hundreds of versions of the same app, how is that useful to anyone?

Wow. Banner is the subject. Great change to MMS. Anyway, MMS is really costly and inefficient. But having one more feature is better than having one lesa, agree with me? And, MMS is a very basic feature.

I think you can pretty much guarantee some kind of play on words with "light-years". Just like their event releasing Macbook Air they said "there's something in the air". But what could it be!?!

Light years behind you mean. Everything they are including in 3.0 should have been there from the start.

@Truth: They didn't need it. Year One had multitouch and interface. Year Two had App Store. Everyone else spent 2007-2009 simply catching up (instead of pointing out -- hey, no MMS! -- cause 17 million people didn't care).
Now, Year Three, they round out the base features, add to App Store, and intro accessory access.
Game plan was pure Sun Tzu and worked like a charm. Now the challenge will be if Palm Pre, Storm 2, WinPho 7, etc. can actually take the initiative in 2010.
Good thing is we may finally get a competitive smartphone market, and that's a win for everybody, including Apple, especially consumers.
Be a lover, not a hater :)

I'm not being a hater. I like my Iphone but I am not going to act like its some God phone. There are still major issues I have with it: no ability to multitask, lack of memory, terrible camera, ridiculous data plan.

I'm glad no one has pointed out that light-years are a measure of distance but one year is a measure of time, and that somehow the banner doesn't make sense.
Because it does, and I don't care about MMS so I want to make the comments weight more on the 'about the banner' side.

An idiom is a phrase whose meaning cannot be determined by the literal definition of the phrase itself, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is known only through common use. In linguistics, idioms are widely assumed to be figures of speech that contradict the principle of compositionality; however, this has shown to be a subject of debate.

@Truth... you're too smart for your own good, and too quick! I was going to say the similar but with less big words :P
All in all, whatever WWDC brings, Im excited to see what comes out of it! New OS? New Hardware? New... who knows. But it's exciting.

@Rene I don't know if 17 million didn't "care"...
I see what you are saying, but don't you think some elements were missing? Yeah, Apple didn't need all the basic features for the iPhone to be a huge success...but I kind of did. 
Overall, Lover, not a Hater.

Mms and 3.0 can't wait. Had the iPhone since 1.1.1 it gets. Better every update I just hope it comes out on the 6/8/09

well now, let's hear all the comments on the fact we getting copy and paste, or even better, SMS forwarding...

Just got off "cultofmac"website. They're showing a convincing pic of the new iPhone with...wait for it...IChat!

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